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Tomb Raider Skill Upgrade Level Up Guide

Updated on March 18, 2013

Tomb Raider Upgrade Level Up Guide

Tomb Raider Upgrade Level Up Guide - get the basic skills first and then the tier 3 skills later to become the ultimate tomb raider
Tomb Raider Upgrade Level Up Guide - get the basic skills first and then the tier 3 skills later to become the ultimate tomb raider

Tomb Raider Skill Upgrade Level Up Guide

In Tomb Raider, Lara Croft must distribute skill points and upgrade her skills. As Lara defeats enemies and recover secrets, archaeological knowledge and relics, she will gain experience points. This is the way that Lara levels up in Tomb Raider. As Lara upgrades her skills, she will become better and better at three things – being a hunter, being a brawler and being a survivor. This will give a synopsis of the skills in each of these three categories, and provide a brief guide on which ones to level up first and then later.

Tomb Raider Survivor Skills Upgrades

The tomb raider survivor skills upgrades include the following -

  • Animal Instincts – allows Lara to detect and find animals and food sources that are hard to find.
  • Survivalist – allows Lara to earn extra rewards when looting animal corpses and food caches.
  • Advanced Salvaging – allows Lara to get extra salvage from search crates and caches.
  • Bone Collector – allows Lara to loot animal corpses and recover extra salvage.
  • Arrow Retrieval – allows Lara to recover arrows from bodies of enemies.
  • Scavenging – spots hidden pockets on enemy corpses to reward Lara with extra ammunition.
  • Climber’s Agility – (tier 2) increase Lara’s climbing skills to scale up-slope or vertical obstacles with more speed; when Lara falls, damage is reduced or resisted.
  • Orienteering – (tier 2) increases Lara’s keen perception to find hidden rewards in the environment.
  • Cartography – (tier 3) reveals all tomb entrances and map locations on Lara’s map.

Tomb Raider Hunter Skills Upgrades

The tomb raider hunter upgrades include the following -

  • Steady Shot – Lara’s mind is focused, allowing her more time to aim shots with her bow.
  • Ammo Capacity – allows Lara to carry more ammunition.
  • Heavy Lifter – (tier 2) allows Lara to carry the maximum amount of ammunition.
  • Accomplished Killer – (tier 2) Lara’s enemies are put down with finesse allow her to earn greater rewards.
  • Bow Expert – (tier 3) Lara uses arrows to stab enemies for extra rewards. Lara can also aim with a headshot reticle.
  • Pistol Expert – (tier 3) – eliminate enemies at point blank range for more rewards.
  • Rifle Expert – (tier 3) – unload rifles at close range to finish off enemies brutally and earn bonus rewards.
  • Shotgun Expert – (tier 3) blast enemies with shotgun at close range to stop them in their tracks and earn extra rewards.

Tomb Raider Brawler Skills Upgrades

Pain Tolerance – allows Lara to withstand more punishment in combat and live to fight another day.

Dirty Tricks – allows Lara to blind her enemies and leave them vulnerable to attacks.

Axe Strikes – (tier 2) allows Lara to deliver two strikes with her climbing axe to stun the enemies.

Axe Expert – (tier 2) allows Lara to use the climbing axe to deliver a deadly stunning bow to enemies.

Dodge Counter – (tier 2) dodge an enemy and then stab them in the knee with an arrow; enemies are then vulnerable to be taken down whilst crippled.

Dodge Kill – (tier 2) skillfully dodge lightly armored opponents and then strike and take them down instantly at close range.

Dodge Kill Mastery – (tier 3) strike after dodging allows Lara to take down just about any enemy.

The key to survival initially is to get more salvage and then upgrade weapons. Thus, Lara should get the Advanced Salvaging skill. Later, Lara will have to deal with enemies - a steady shot and pain tolerance will help a lot. As one moves up the skill tiers, the dodge kill mastery and cartography combo will make Lara into the ultimate tomb raider.


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