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Top 10 Champions for Newbies in League of Legends: LOL’s Best Champions for Beginners

Updated on January 15, 2015

Top 10 Champions for Newbies in League of Legends: LOL’s Best Champions for Beginners

There are a lot of different champions in League of Legends – just to give you an idea, there are over 100 champions in LOL – so new players, newbies and overall beginners can feel daunted when it comes to picking their heroes in order to win at the fields of justice.

I tend to think that the best champions for beginners are good at farming and can give out some CC (also known as Crowd Control) which is definitely OP (overpowered) on lower ELOs (low leagues, like Bronze League, Silver League and Unranked).

On the other hand, I also considered champions who damage insanely with not much reliance on skill shots in order to determine the Top 10 best champions for beginners, because killing stuff fast is fun!

Ryze: Weak Farmer, Strong Fighter

Ryze is a good champion for the newbie in LOL as it balances high damage with quite a nice sustain and durability. You don’t have to worry about hitting skill shots with this one because his abilities are on target.

Ryze’s stun is also a great addition, especially if you’re facing someone without a gap closer as you’ll be able to stun and hit before they even think of engaging.

His late game is a beast too, and if you use your Ultimate with his “E” then you can quickly clear minion waves.

Spell vamp bonus makes it so that you can stay in lane for a great deal of time, and you won’t run out of mana since you’ll be stacking it.

The reason why Ryze is a good noob friendly champion:

  • No Skill Shots
  • HP Sustain
  • Mana Sustain
  • Option to be Tanky
  • Option to be damaging

Final Note: You should always try to farm, but it can be hard to last-hit minions with Ryze, so if you see yourself struggling, pick another champion on this list because last hits and gold are essential to be a good LOL player.

Galio: Keeps Distance and Damages while Tanking

At first I thought about skipping this one because it isn’t one of the most powerful champions right now, but then I considered that Galio is actually a pretty decent choice for those new to League of Legends.

Firstly, you can farm from a distance and you can farm quickly with your AoE (area of effect) abilities. Secondly, you are also a bit tankier than most mages, which makes mistakes less punishable, and lastly you are still a great damage dealing champion.

You get damage, durability and farming power, so I should consider Galio a good champion for beginners.

These are the good things about this LOL Champion:

  • Durable
  • Inherently Tanky
  • Good Farmer
  • AoE Ultimate (R)
  • Reliable Damage Output

Final Note: Galio is a pretty fun champion to play at lower ELOs because you’re Ultimate will pretty much always hit with its full force, as players usually neglect it and surround you when it is up.

Fiddlesticks: Great at Lane, Godly Late Game

Fiddlesticks is a great champion for the newbie at League of Legends because he can stay in lane for a long time thanks to his drain ability, and he can push his opponent out because of his massive level of harass.

You can struggle to get minion gold at early levels, although you easily stack up on it once your “E” does enough damage.

His ultimate ability can win team fights alone, especially if you’re playing against fellow LOL rookies.

The Best About Fiddle:

  • Drains Life
  • Pushes Lane Opponent Out
  • Fear is great CC
  • AoE Ultimate kills the enemy team!

Final Note: This is a great champion for new players to carry with since his team fighting abilities are golden and he can take out a whole team if he managed to snowball early.

Garen: A Free Win for Demacia!

Garen is great because no matter how you build him he manages to stay a threat. People always talk about how Garen is a free win at lower ELO and low skill level play because of his high base damage and inherent durability.

He can be tanky and yet deal tons of damage. His ultimate is a great execution move and if you buy Infinity Edge on him together with a Brutalizer you’ll do so much spinning damage you can insta-gib their carries!

Benefits of Playing Garen:

  • Tank
  • High Base Damage
  • Mobile
  • Execution Ultimate
  • Versatility
  • Sustain
  • Lane Bully

Final Note: People usually think about building full tank with Garen, but I found out the best thing is building a Brutalizer and an Infinity Edge, going full tank only after those items – unless you build Brutalizer and start losing, in that case get items that counter your opponent.

Don’t play Garen against Pantheon.

Warwick: Lifesteal and Great Duelist

Warwick is great for LOL beginners because he damages while staying alive. If you play him right you can reach late game with such a power that you win 1on1 against everyone that crosses your path.

He is great at surviving but not so good at farming, so if you like to focus on fighting other champions, he is a great pick.

Warwick’s Pros:

  • Good Chaser
  • Great Sustain and Lifesteal
  • Can be a Jungler
  • Durable
  • Good Dueler

Final Note: You can feel immortal after you start snowballing, but remember even Warwick loses fights if outnumbered, so don’t let the enemy team get the shut down gold.

Jax: Easy Fighter, Hard Results!

Jax is a fighter and a duelist at heart, and he was one of my first main champions, so I have something of a puppy love for the guy. He is great in lane and yet his kit is pretty easy to dominate. If you happen to get a good start, you’ll get so fed that you’ll be hyper carrying the game by yourself, getting kill after kill with no chance for the enemy team.

Jax is one of those champions that, if out of control, will end a game single handily.

Some of Jax’s best features:

  • Can gap close or escape
  • Easy to learn
  • Can carry games hard
  • Unbeatable if Fed

Final Note: If you are behind, you still can pick up the pace with one or two kills or a greater farming focus. Even if all else fails, you can still split push decently, so Jax is pretty reliable and versatile.

Amumu: If you ever need to Jungle

League of Legends’ beginners will be fodder for a good Amumu, and he is currently one of the best junglers in the game because of all of his skills and how useful he is for the team.

He has a lot of damage, but his focuses is on tanking and in dishing out crowd control abilities to let your allies pound the enemy in team fights while you laugh.

Easy and Fun!

Good things about Amumu:

  • CC by the Bucketloads;
  • High Damage Output (with percent damage);
  • Tank and Durable
  • His ultimate wins team fights.

Final Note: If you happen to have Malphite on your team, then your two ultimate abilities can combo in a way that the enemy can’t even start attacking during team fights.

Darius: Dunk them for Noxus!

This is a champion League of Legends beginners just need to have. The thing that makes Darius such a good champion for new players is the fact that he deals so much damage and yet is so hard to kill.

His ultimate ability is an executioner skill and it refreshes if you kill someone so you can even do some cool pentakills.

He deals true damage and his passive is damage over time that scales with Attack Damage.

Some things about Darius:

  • High Damage
  • High Durability
  • True Damage Ultimate
  • Can Pentakill – everyone loves that!

Final Note: A Darius player gets flamed, like a Teemo player gets flamed. People hate Darius because he is a “noob champ” or so they like to say. Meh, what does it matter, as long as you’re winning!

Tryndamere: Auto Attack and Profit

Tryndamere is one of the best LOL Champions for beginners simply because he doesn't require a lot of skill to master. His auto-attacks are what makes him so strong, because he has an in-built critical chance passive and can use his rage to dish out some serious damage via critical hits - or spend it to heal.

Tryndamere is great for split pushing techniques and is an amazing duelist since he can pretty much win any fight against all but those who specifically counter him.

The Best About Tryndamere:

  • Auto-Attack Based;
  • Huge Damage;
  • Can Jungle;
  • Good Duelist;
  • Good Split Pusher

Final Note: You should always build items that give you critical chance, critical damage, attack speed and raw Attack Damage.

Be sure to use his ultimate to cheat death and kill your target instead.

Master Yi: The Assassin for the Newbie

Master Yi has to be one of the most user-friendly champions in League of Legends. He is simple to use and yet has the potential to carry games.

Typically, Master Yi starts out weak, but as he farms and gets attack speed, critical chance and attack damage items, he really scales to become a late game beast!

When left unchecked, Master Yi will snowball into a position in which he will be able to carry a game alone by winning team fights or split pushing.

The best thing about Yi is that Auto-Attacks are what make him strong, and you don't have to worry about hitting difficult skill shots.

Master Yi's Strong Points:

  • Auto Attack Based;
  • Snowballs Hard;
  • Easy to farm with;
  • Mobile;
  • High Damage;
  • Split Pusher;
  • Good Jungler;

Final Note: With Master Yi, you shouldn't get behind because he is very item reliant. Focus on farming if you're not having luck with kills and make sure you gear up for late game.

Notice that his Ultimate Ability makes you immune to most CC - use it to go for their carries or marksmen.

Another Voice: Someone else's Picks

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    • profile image

      MonkeyWriter17 19 months ago

      nice article, however I disagree, Fiddle is so squishy that if your a newbie your going to feed. I feel like teemo and heimer should be up there as well. Since they are probably the two best newbie champs.

    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 2 years ago from Torres Novas

      I included Darius, it's right there on the list and definitely a good champion for Newbies in the League.

    • Blavion Wolfane profile image

      Dylan Parado 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      How about Darius though?

    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 3 years ago from Torres Novas

      Well thank you very much DDE! See you around!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      A brilliantly produced hub. Voted up, interesting and useful