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Top 10 Coolest Star Wars Collectibles

Updated on February 10, 2012

Top 10 Coolest Star Wars Collectibles

So many Star Wars collectibles exist out there, that it can be difficult for any avid collector to figure which items are a must-have item for your mantle, and which items can wait until later. This list gives you 10 of the coolest items that every Star Wars collector to have.

Wampa Rug
Wampa Rug

10. Hoth Wampa Rug

Get to Wampa Slaying!

Who could forget the opening scenes on Hoth from The Empire Strikes back? The young Luke Skywalker, commissioned to an imperative scouting mission, is blindsided by a giant snow beast! Only through summoning the Force is Luke able to reach his lightsaber and escape. The Wampa rug recreates the giant creature as a slain trophy rug that you can place anywhere. This item makes the list for being an out of the ordinary item that makes any collection stand out. Besides, who doesn't want to sink their bare feet into Wampa fur?

Imperial Guard Outfit
Imperial Guard Outfit

9. Authentic Imperial Guard Outfit

Guarding Sith Lords Since 1983

Nothing says true Star Wars fan like having an authentic costume of one of the minor characters from Return of the Jedi! Although the Imperial Guard members were only in a few scenes of the movie, this costume just proves how much effort was put into even the minor supporting characters that had no lines. This imposing figure brings the true ambience of a Star Wars geek to any collection and is evidence that concludes that you're no novice Star War fan. The only thing that keeps this from being higher on the list is its lack of a replica force pike.

Obi-Wan FX Lightsaber
Obi-Wan FX Lightsaber

8. Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX Lightsaber

Better than Flashlight Battles

From the first time Luke activates his father's old lightsaber in the original Star Wars: A New Hope movie, everyone wanted to have their own lightsaber. The Force FX series brings a line of solid lightsaber replicas that feature everything from movie sounds and light up action. Obi-Wan Kenobi's first fight with Darth Vader marks the beginning of lightsaber duels for the series, so it is only fitting that Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber makes the list. Anyone who doubts the awesome quality of this collectible, need only light this bad boy up in the dark to understand why this lightsaber is more than just your average toy.

Slave I Lego Ship
Slave I Lego Ship

7. Slave I Lego Set

Lego Bounty Hunter Goodness

Tracking down the deadliest bounties in the galaxy is hard…unless you have a rockin' ship to get them with! Boba Fett goes down as one of the best bad guys in sci-fi history, even if he only had a few scenes of screen time and a couple of scenes in the movies and this Lego set recreates the Mandalorian bounty hunter's signature ship. The Lego incarnation may be a little on the cute side, but he gets the job done. It even comes with Han Solo frozen in carbonite and missiles that fire. What else could you need?

Yoda Backpack
Yoda Backpack

6. Yoda Backpack

How Feel You?

You must unlearn what you have learned! The Empire Strikes Back introduced the lovable character and trained Luke on his journey to become a true Jedi Knight. The Yoda backpack is one awesome collectible because it delivers the favorite sagacious Star Wars Muppet in backpack form. This collectible gets some bonus appeal because it’s functional and a little bit weird. The plush backpack looks eerily like the little green guy and he can fit all kinds of things inside him. Wearing it makes you feel just like a Jedi in training on Dagobah. And with Jedi Master Yoda protecting your goods, you know they’ll be safe!

Replica Stormtrooper Uniform
Replica Stormtrooper Uniform

5. Authentic Stormtrooper Costume

These ARE the Droids!

Few uniforms are more iconic than the classic Stormtrooper suit! And why shouldn’t it be? The Stormtrooper suit pulls together all the qualities you could possibly want in a militant special operative. It has a helmet that not only looks functional, but like that of a deadly commando with a breathing apparatus and dark visor and polished, almost luminescent battle armor from head to toe. If modern day U.S. soldiers wore Stormtrooper outfits, no one would mess with them! The replica outfit recreates the Stormtrooper suit perfectly, so much so that you’ll feel much more inclined to root for the Empire when you see it.

Movie Quality Chewbacca Mask
Movie Quality Chewbacca Mask

4. Chewbacca Mask


George Lucas created a whole plethora of wild species and crazy aliens that spark the imagination, but none more lovable than Chewbacca. Chewbacca may have sounded like a bear and looked a bit like a mix breed mutt, but there he was always there by Han’s side, through thick and thin. This authentic mask has movie quality detail, so it looks like Chewbacca is staring right back at you!

Darth Vader FX Lightsaber
Darth Vader FX Lightsaber

3. Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber

Red is Better than Blue

The dark side holds unimaginable power for those who chose to wield it! Before the emo Anakin Skywalker from the prequels, before childish hi-jinks and pod racing, before midi-chlorians, we all knew him as Darth Vader. That cold mechanical breathing and deep metallic voice, his slow ominous movements carrying more weight and intimidation than fast paced combat—he was the kind of villain that would haunt your nightmares. Bringing back the chilling feel of the galactic villain is the authentic Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber. This item had to make the list simply because it’s an exact replica of the deadly foe’s weapon. Everyone can remember pretending to cross blows with this saber when they were a kid, so now that it’s available as a real collectible presents a strange sense of power over the classic villain. Classic movie sounds, an ominous luminescent red blade that lights up, and a deluxe display stand for when you’re not recklessly swinging it around the living room all make this item one of the coolest Star Wars collectibles anyone can own.

Millennium Falcon Lego Set
Millennium Falcon Lego Set

2. Lego Millennium Falcon

Up for a Kessel Run?

Everyone wants to be Han Solo. His best friend is a Wookiee, he gets the babe and he owns the fastest ship in the galaxy! The Millennium Falcon may hold the title of coolest space ship ever conceived, and it was supposedly inspired by a hamburger George Lucas ate. So now that it’s available in the form of the coolest toys ever created should make any fan excited. If you were never a fan of Legos as a child, you’re about to become one. This 1,254 piece Lego set recreates Han’s heavily modified YT-1300 from the movies with stunning detail and even includes a Lego Han Solo, Luke, Chewbacca, Leia, Darth Vader and Obi-Wan. Fully constructed this piece makes for the ultimate display piece, but display is only half the fun. The best part is reliving the days of childhood putting the giant Lego set together!

Star Wars Legos

Looking for a sweet spot to score some Star Wars Legos? You can find many of the best sets around like the Millennium Falcon, Slave I and more at

Replica Luke Skywalker Jedi Robes
Replica Luke Skywalker Jedi Robes

1. Authentic Luke Skywalker Outfit

Return of the Jedi Perfection

Here it is; the number one coolest item for any Star Wars collector to own, the authentic Luke Skywalker outfit. No other scene exhibits the culmination of change inside Luke like Mark Hamill’s first scenes in Return of the Jedi. Luke’s black Jedi outfit symbolizes the young man’s transformation from brash young boy, to true Jedi Knight, and this outfit replicates the garb that Luke donned to fight the Rancor in Jabba’s palace, restore his father’s rightful place on the light side and defeat the Emperor’s evil schemes. It even comes with a lightsaber holster!

Star Wars News

Check out the latest news on Star Wars! From The Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network, to Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can find the latest skinny one some of these sites.

Star Wars on Amazon

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