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Top 10 Feng Shui Tips For Career

Updated on December 12, 2010

Feng Shui and Career

Feng shui (pronounced fung-shway) is an ancient Chinese beliefs based on laws of heaven (astronomy) and earth (geography) to influence positive energy (qi) in improving one's life. Feng Shui literally translated as "wind-water" in English.

Traditionally used in orienting building and significant structures such as tomb, feng shui are used to use elements in ensuring future and continuing auspiciousness.

In modern days, feng shui are used in most instances be in luck in seeking love, harmony in life, increasing wealth, maintaining health and in this case, help paving ways towards successful career.

Apart from significant permanent structure, baubles and charms may also be placed in strategic locations towards harnessing the power of feng shui.

Have fun with feng shui!

1. Clear Up Clutters

Clutter represent foul, stagnant and confused energy that drains your positive energy. If clutter is located at the workplace, it would negatively influence your qi in your career. Clutter will completely block, the flow of events in specific area in your life.

Clutter clearing is hard work by itself both mentally and physically. However, by clearing clutter in your workplace, positive qi energy would be able to circulate which will result in heighten energy levels, more clarity and higher sense of well-being.

2. Sit Facing Your Best Feng Shui Direction in The Office

General rule of thumb is not to sit with your back to the door or window. Try moving furniture around to find the best feng shui arrangement to allow flow of energy. Personalize space by introducing vibrant feng shui colour to stimulate creativity. This can be achieved by expressing who you are with your space which will in return support you in your career.

If possible, place the desk with the best overall view of the room and door. Best if the desk is placed in the far left corner which represent wealth.

3. Artwork Towards Successful Career

Hang artworks that portray open views, great potential, energy and drive in your office space to attract qi energy towards success in career. The world map is great feng shui for those confused or without direction in their career path.

Pictures that speaks to you also a great feng shui for career. For example a doctor may hung a picture of a child waiting for the doctor, a fitness instructor of a runner etc.

4. Hang Fame / Career Cures in Your Ba Gua Areas

To attract career success or fame, appropriate cures can be hung in the career Ba Gua area which is almost always in the front centre of your office. Based on the Chinese Five Element Theory, career gua is linked to the water element and black in colour which may include feng shui crystal and black design element. Easy tips to follow includes placing a metal windchime over your kitchen stove, which are said to be able to activate your career as well as hanging a Ying Yang charm right inside your front door.

5. Planters

In addition of purifying the air, lush green plants are also great feng shui for career. Plants to consider include money tree, peace lily, areca, lady or bamboo palms. Growth of the plant symbolises career growth.

6. Wavy Shapes

Career were represents by wavy shapes such as the waves of an ocean which ideally presented by water. A small water fountain can therefore be placed at the office area or the north corner of your home (but not when this area is the bedroom area). The fountain should be sturdy with good flow of water. Ensure that it is kept in good working order.

Soft unstructured cures such as fabrics with wavy shapes are also best feng shui magnets when they are placed haphazardly behind back of chairs and sofas.

7. Print and Frame

It is always better to print and frame the job describtion that you wanted. Place in easy to view area to always remind you of your chosen career path. Better still to incorporate the print with a visual for better impact.

For example, if you would love to be an explorer, maybe a picture of Indiana Jones might do the trick.

8. Lighting

Positive energy also attracted to clear and bright lighting. A desk lamp is a great cure and ideally located on the left (for right handers). For computer users, aim the light directly on the keyboard. If your place is near the bright sunlight, consider using the blinds to dim the room a bit but try to avoid using artificial light altogether.

9. Furniture Arrangement

Arrange chairs and sofa in the office to form a triangle facing your desk mimicking the ba gua shape in feng shui. This arrangement ensures that you be the centre of power in the room which will enhance the positive qi. Seats may also face each other slightly to improve overall positive qi in the office by promoting comfortable information exhange and conversation between work colleagues.

10. Well Organised Filing System

Records and files are proof of your business transaction. Well maintained and organised filing system and storage cabinets are a must. However try to avoid the open shelf if possible that might signify blades or backstabbers especially as it is located at the back of your seat.

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