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Top 10 Monster High Dolls 2013

Updated on December 18, 2013

Most popular monster high dolls 2013

These dolls are going viral right now. Every girl want it and every father (like me) needs more information on what is the most popular doll right now. Here you will find the top 10 monster high dolls and I hope it will help you decide what doll to buy for your daughter.

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Monster High Travel Scaris Jinafire Long Doll
Monster High Travel Scaris Jinafire Long Doll

#1 Monster High Travel Scaris Jinafire Long Doll

I wasn't expecting Jinafire to be my favorite in this line but she has quickly become just that. The photos on the website make her look good, but they do not come close to doing her justice.

The detail on her is amazing and there were tons of little surprises. First off, I did not realize how her skin tone would be. It is a very heavily metallic gold. She sparkles. Her dark maroon lipstick and eye shadow contrast beautifully with her skin. There are scales embossed on her arms and legs. Her hair is both a fantastic color and the style is beyond compare. I love the hair chopstick and the side bun. I was worried about her tail falling off (as I had a serious problem with Toralei's tail) but so far I have had no issues. The tail did not fall off through de-boxing or putting her on the stand. It is kind of in an awkward place to put her on the stand so I kind of had to twist her waist so her tail went next to the rod on the stand, but its okay.

I am an adult collector though, so I don't know how it would stay on through rigorous play, but it seems pretty secure to me. Her luggage is awesome. There are actually little rolling wheels on the bottom and an ornate raised dragon design on the front. The booklet that comes with her is a combination diary/sketchbook. In the booklet she talks about her "gilin" which appears to be some kind of pet. I noticed that neither Jinifire or Skelita came with pets. It would have been nice if they had them. Her shoes are really cute. They feature a detailed heel, and the soles are ball and claw feet....such a cute idea!! Really there is nothing that I can say bad about this doll. I love her and I really hope we see another version of Jinafire in the future!!

Review By shopaholic mom

Monster High Travel Scaris Skelita Calaveras Doll
Monster High Travel Scaris Skelita Calaveras Doll

#2 Monster High Travel Scaris Skelita Calaveras Doll

Skelita Calaveras the skeleton girl is one of the most beautiful Monster High dolls I have ever seen. It might not seem like a skull could be cute or sweet, but her expression and markings are completely charming.

Skelita has a different body than the other dolls, a true skeleton body. If you look at the posted review photos you can see she comes with a clear plastic body overlay under her clothes that helps keep her on her doll stand and gives her more of a figure under her dress. Her clothes are festive and fit her perfectly. If you look at the heels of her shoes and her belt you can see tiny impressions of skulls and flowers. Like the other deluxe Scaris dolls Skelita comes with a travel case - hers is bright pink with a skull on the front.

Skelita has a delicate quality, figuratively and literally. The tiny bones on her hands are a little bit flexible to help keep them from breaking. My doll came with one elbow bent into a pose, and the other arm does not want to bend - I do not want to force it. Her knees also are not bending for me, but I can overlook this as the lower legs rotate in the knee sockets and can achieve some neat poses.

Review By Gingerbreadforest

Monster High Dance Class Lagoona Blue Doll
Monster High Dance Class Lagoona Blue Doll

#3 Monster High Dance Class Lagoona Blue Doll

Since fish swim so gracefully, it is fitting that Lagoona be made into a ballerina! She has flowing hair with only one hair elastic in the front holding back the hair from her beautiful face. Her makeup and freckles were done well, featuring blue hues that suit her. The outfit, a black leotard with bright pink coral print, has a Velcro closure in the back. The unattached tutu has an elastic waist so it can be pulled on or off easily. Lagoona's shoes are amazing! They have a starfish on the front and seaweed-like tendrils that wrap around her legs.

This is my favorite Lagoona Blue doll, so far. Whether you like Monster High, ballet, or just the beauty of the ocean, I think this doll will be a treasure in your collection.

Review By TNStacie

Monster High Dance Class Howleen Wolf Doll
Monster High Dance Class Howleen Wolf Doll

#4 Monster High Dance Class Howleen Wolf Doll

It's nice to see that Mattel has listened to fans requests for another Howleen doll. With the difficulties of finding (and the expense of a two pack) of her original doll, it's nice to see that they introduced her in a second (budget) release.

First off, the doll is adorable, she comes in with extremely soft hair as she was manufactured in China, and lacks the problematic glue that has haunted Mattel's Indonesian made releases. The articulation for my doll was tight, but not overly so. The plastic used for the hands for this release, however, is quite different. It is much more soft and pliable, so much so that the rubber bands holding her hands in place have left indentions in the mold. The hands seem to be the same material as the shoes she is wearing (which are also adorable), but it's a different quality than what Mattel previously used. I feel that moving forward, these pieces may discolor or stain easier because they seem to lack a "finish" that is normally seen on these dolls. For example, these pieces have a dull finish while previously releases have had a soft gloss finish.

In case you are not aware, this line of releases lack stands and brushes. The lack of stands is a disappointment, since the cost of the Monster High budget lines has risen approxiamately $4-5 since they were first released. It is also disappointing if you enjoy collecting the dolls and putting them on display. I hope that Mattel will decide to include them again in future budget lines, but I don't see it happening.

Overall, aside from the indentions in her hands (and the potential future worry over discoloration) and the lack of a stand, Dance Class Howleen is simply too adorable to pass up, especially if you missed her the first time around.

Review By John M Chapman

Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll
Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll

#5 Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll

This Monster High doll is very mature-looking and taller compared to the other dolls. And it is such a great detail, since she is the older sister of Cleo. Nefera is named after Nefertiti, ancient Egyptian King Akhenaten's wife. The name roughly translates to "the beauty has come," which is yet another wonderful detail because this diva doll is indeed beautiful! She takes command of everyone's attention in the Monster High webisodes, and so does her doll. Her cold expression oozes the "B" word, yet the boys at school would go ga-ga over her, and girls would secretly wish to be her... all the while hating her;)

Her outfit is made to look like a mummy's wrappings; Nefera's leg warmers and shirt are printed in this theme. The blues used for her hair, lips and accessories are reflective of the Egyptian-favored stones lapis lazuli and turquoise. Nefera has a pet scarab (which is actually a dung beetle, yuck!), and snake (which is an Egyptian cobra, called the asp, which is venomous~ just like her!) jewelry.

As you can see, I absolutely adore these innuendos woven into the design of these dolls. So clever and intriguing. My young daughter merely loves this doll because she can act out such a different personality through her. She also loves how the regular Monster High girls get comical revenge on Nefera. All of these dolls are great for reinacting the webisodes. I also encourage older girls to study up on the characters and relate the history they infer. Love love love these!

Review By 3Girls

Monster High Picture Day Draculaura Doll
Monster High Picture Day Draculaura Doll

#6 Monster High Picture Day Draculaura Doll

Picture Day is my favorite Draculaura doll so far. I think this doll has a lot of appeal, with a very sweet gothloli style that suits her character. You can't tell from the picture, but her black and pink hair is styled into two cute little buns on top of her head behind her removable plastic pink bow headband. This pulled back hairstyle also gives a good view of her slightly pointed ears. Draculaura's make-up is a little more vampy than it has been for recent releases - she has hot pink and dark grey eye shadow and hot pink lips that show her fangs.

Draculaura's pink flared skirt has a small net ruffle that peeks out and a black print on the bottom that includes little bats. She wears a lace print black and white blouse with a black collar trimmed in micro lace. She is wearing dangle earrings with a tiny skull and crossbones Monster High Logo. Her black shoes are like mary-janes on the bottom half with little bows on the back of her legs at the top of criss-cross straps. Her opening purse is heart shaped and also shows little bats.

Draculaura's accessories include a stand and brush, a pink plastic portfolio, and her "Fearbook" that has pictures of students and faculty. The student pictures are included on a loose sheet of stickers and the back of the book has been autographed by her friends.

Like other Monster High Dolls, she is highly posable, but has delicate joints and hands that are a little fragile for young collectors.

Review By Gingerbreadforest

Monster High Travel Scaris Rochelle Goyle Doll
Monster High Travel Scaris Rochelle Goyle Doll

#7 Monster High Travel Scaris Rochelle Goyle Doll

It's so nice to get another Rochelle Goyle doll and it makes sense it would be in the Scaris line. She's adorable, with one of the cutest outfits of the girls in this line.

Even if it is a bit cliche' and I doubt a native of Scaris would wear, I love the pink sleeve-less mini-dress with the Eiffel Tower screen on the skirt. The black wrought iron pattern over the pink top is very pretty as well. The grey/dark grey stockings go surprisingly great with her granite "skin". As with most of the other dolls in the line, the shoes are charming, with a "wrought iron"-styled design. The grey hat is fun and looks nice against her pink and light blue hair. The rolling suitcase carries through with the wrought iron theme.

After Jinafire Long, Rochelle is one of the Must Owns for Scaris. The attention to detail Mattel's people show for Monster High is amazing. I can't wait to see what else they dream up for the Rochelle Goyle character in future lines.

Review By T. Owens

Monster High Doll Venus McFlytrap Daughter of the Plant Monster
Monster High Doll Venus McFlytrap Daughter of the Plant Monster

#8 Monster High Doll Venus McFlytrap Daughter of the Plant Monster

Well, that should've been her name, IMHO. I'm an "older" collector of the Monster High doll line and I wasn't planning to invest in Venus after I saw pictures of her a few months ago. But when I saw more of her "personality" and that her style was decidedly punk, I had to add her to my collection. I watched online for a while and ran into the same problems as most of the other popular dolls in the MH line - overpricing. Just happened to be online, wishing I could get her at retail when - miracle of miracles! - she was listed on Amazon for $21.99. Grabbed her fast and received her two days ago.

This doll is much more attractive in person than in the photos, something else that made me happy I decided to buy her. I had no trouble removing her from the box, which I rarely do with my MH dolls, but she had to be displayed and posed. As with my other dolls I've displayed, I had no trouble repositioning her limbs, attaching her to the stand or issues with bits coming off. The vines along her arms and legs are removable. It's a nice option, since they make her overall already ostentatious look appear too busy. The shoes are adorable, with little teeth at her toes, and laces made of vines! The hairstyle is great, but as half of her head is "shaved", styling can be a bit difficult, with the hair naturally wanting to fall over the "shaved" side. I found a few small dashes of styling spritz combed through keeps it in place nicely.

I rated the doll as a five in educational value simply because of her diary. I'm by no means an eco/green freak, but I do appreciate Mattel attempting to impress upon children (and adults!) that it's not a bad idea to do what you can for earth conservation. Venus's diary includes a few cute stories about what she does to help the environment and how she must be careful to not "influence" other monsters with her special plant-powered pheromones to get them to want to contribute to the cause. It's always the bigger victory to win people to your way of thinking by having a good pitch. And it also helps Venus with making ghoulfriends at school, too.

Review By T. Owens

Monster High Travel Scaris Clawdeen Wolf Doll
Monster High Travel Scaris Clawdeen Wolf Doll

#9 Monster High Travel Scaris Clawdeen Wolf Doll

This release of Clawdeen is one of my favorite MH dolls and my favorite Scaris doll and here's why.

For starters, there is a significant lack of that eye-jarring lime green Mattel been slappin' on her lately so now instead of looking like a grape she looks like sassy Clawdeen again! Her hair is fabulous as she sports a braid on one side of her head why the rest of her hair falls into long curls. She sports a trendy fur vest and a lacey pencil skirt-like dress with a pretty snazzy gold belt around her waist. Her heels are kick-ass and her assecories and studded and gold and one of her earrings is in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

She comes with a black stand, a black brush, her own suitcause, her travel journal (in the form of her designs journal) and then a lil' mini-version of her design journal for her to carry around. The product photo implies that she can hold it in her hand but I've yet to accomplish this feet, sadly. lol

Review By Frosted Butts

Monster High Picture Day Cleo De Nile Doll
Monster High Picture Day Cleo De Nile Doll

#10 Monster High Picture Day Cleo De Nile Doll

This is probably the prettiest Cleo to date. Her hair isn't as flat as in the product pic; it's full and very long, with the turquoise under layer. It has gold threads in the black part too.

Her outfit is vibrant blue, rather than the aqua-ish color she typically sports. And the clothes aren't tricky to keep looking nice on the doll (We have the Dawn of the Dance Cleo, and the outfit is attrocious, once played with.) This Picture Day outfit is fairly demure for Cleo.

Love the deep blue lips. Her accessories are awesome (yes, there is a stand;). The clear plastic purse actually opens, and there is a folder. The Fear Book comes with stickers of her classmates. My daughter is over the moon with this version because of all of these aspects.

Review By 3Girls


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