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Top 10 must buy Xbox 360 games for Christmas 2011

Updated on November 26, 2011

Must buy Xbox 360 games For Christmas 2011

Are you not sure what games there are to buy for Christmas? Are you looking for games to buy your relatives and give them a great Christmas?

I know that It Is a bit early to be thinking about Christmas but you need to know the best and must buy games for your kids or for yourself and the sooner you buy your presents the quicker it is out the way. In this lens I will show you the Top 10 games to buy for Christmas and will give you links in case you make your mind up that you do really want too buy them.

1. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3

This sequel to the amazing modern warfare 2, would make the perfect gift for your army intrigued child or even a middle aged husband.

Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

2. Battlefield 3

Much like Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 this is an army like game with the most destructible online environment allowing you to blow a hole in your enemies cover, say goodbye to campers. And for the same price as most other normal games you can buy the limited edition.

Battlefield 3 Trailer

3. Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

Elder Scrolls games have been at the for front of the RPG genre and It definitely Isn't going to let all of its fans down. Even If you haven't played an Elder Scrolls games this Is going to have to be your first, It has amazing open worlds and a lot of customization for your character.

Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

4. Gears of War 3

Also a sequel but this one to Gears of War 2 and this might have a lot of interesting twists of the story so make sure you get your hands on this.

Gears of War 3 Trailer

5. Fifa 12

The sequel to the really popular Fifa 11 this games keeps all original features and also brings many new ones like even more realistic tackling animations and much more.

Fifa 12 Trailer

6. Assassins Creed Revelations

Assassins creed revelations is the next game in the very successful and popular series. This games follows Ezio an assassin who you played in previous games but this time he is retracing his ancestor Altair's steps. With it's unique multiplayer this is definitely a game that you should all check out.

Assassains Creed Revelations

7. Batman Arkham City

With all of Batman's enemies that you can imagine put in this game, you are sure that you are going to have fun and a surprise every time one is introduced. Whether you are a massive Batman fan or someone just wanting to play a great game this is one you defiantly a game to check out.

Batman Arkham City Trailer

8. Saints Row : The Third

Saints Row games have always been known as a game you can mess around on and generally have fun because of the range of things they allow you to do. Now imagine everything cool from jets to octopus rocket launchers and if it was all put in a game it would be called Saints Row : The Third, this game is going to bring a whole new meaning to being able to do anything you want to in a game so make sure you play it.

Saints Row : The Third Trailer

9. Lord of the Rings : War in the North

Last time we saw a game with a Lord of the Rings title for Xbox 360 It was Lord of the Rings : Conquest and that was very different from previous games and this new one is also very different, It Is going for a very RPG based game with character customization, leveling, and incredible graphics.

Lord Of The Rings : War In The North

10. Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary

Halo Combat Evolved was the first of a very popular and successful series and now that Halo reach (the prequel) is finished you just want to carry on into with the series and Bungie have decided to bring a new revamped version of Combat Evolved with new graphics and multiplayer maps from both the first and second game you can have even more fun playing this time round than the first.

Halo : Combat Evolved - Anniversary

Another 5 games you should buy for Christmas

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    • profile image

      lbfchunter 5 years ago

      All great games, good recommendations!

    • profile image

      GraceKing 6 years ago

      It's fun that having so many interesting games on Xmas, lol :)

    • colleenw1 profile image

      colleenw1 6 years ago

      My daughter is hooked on the Skyrim game right now... We will see what the New Year brings... lol Great lens!!!

    • karelito profile image

      karelito 6 years ago

      Nice list. Fifa 12, Skyrim, Rage and Gears of War 3 are definitely worth trying!

    • profile image

      paulalex 6 years ago

      Nice List. I think my son will be happy with Fifa 12 :)

    • profile image

      JoshK47 6 years ago

      Definitely a great collection of games you have featured here!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Go with your games review and go on and be a game creator!

      Pwd: Innovative