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Top 10 Pranks to Pull on Your Roommate

Updated on September 9, 2011

Simple but Fun Pranks to Pull on Friends and Family

Everyone loves a good prank! When I was in college, these were some of the pranks that I pulled on one of my roommates, some of which he pulled on me. The top five are ones we actually did. The others are good ideas we never got to. We just had one rule: no monetary or bodily damage. Just keep it safe and fun! Intro photo taken from:

Prank #1

Chair Alteration

This was my personal favorite during the pranking tenure. We were both in college dorms, so we had those office chairs with wheels. Well, on these chairs you can alter the height. For about three weeks, everyday I went into his room and lowered the chair to as low as it could go. He never said anything until the school staff shows up to replace his broken chair! Apparently, it was confusing him the whole time! Once he found out, all he could do was laugh...

Prank #2

Locked In

This was one that my roommate actually did to me, so I naturally do not find it as funny as the others. I was in my room watching tv, and when I went to leave, my door would not open. I instantly knew what he did because it was on my to do list. He ran several bungee cords from my door handle to a closet door handle. This kept the door from being able to be opened. I did not want to give him the satisfaction, so I jumped out of my window (luckily I was on the first floor) and ran around through the front door. I quickly and quietly removed the cables and walked into his room and casually asked what he was doing that night. He ran out of the room as soon as he saw me, and he was confused until he saw my open window. I wish I would have remembered to close it, so I could see how long I could have played it off.


Prank #3

Interior Design

For this prank, I had to get the help of a friend. I am going to start with the end result here. My roommate comes back from his classes, walks through the dorm, and sees nothing but his bed in his room. We moved his desk with all of its contents into the shower stall and his night stand in the actual shower. His tv and tv stand were placed in a closet. His dresser and other odds and ends were placed in the bathroom. This prank was a lot of fun, and of course, I helped him move it all back. This is the one picture from the pranking war. I wish now that I had taken more!

Prank #4

Ice Shower

So, this one might be the oldest prank in the book. My roommate hopped in the shower, and I quickly grabbed a bucket and sprinted to our ice machine. I filled it about three quarters of the way full and then filled the rest with water. I let it sit a minute to get good and cold before it was dumped over the shower onto an unsuspecting roommate. The yelp made the whole experience worth it!

Prank #5

Cold as Ice, Bro

This I guess is not technically a prank, but still fun. I am sure many people have heard of the infamous Bros Icing Bros fad. We were no exception. The best one I had came from me buying the biggest size of the nastiest flavor. I then left the not so tasty beverage in my car, so that it would get nice and warm. I knew there was going to be a party in this one room, so I went there early in the afternoon and planted the drink in the pantry. That night I asked him to grab me a cup out of the pantry. Once he saw it, he had to get on one knee and chug the drink in front of everyone. No worries, he returned the favor at a later date.

Prank #6

Bouquet of Flour

Now we are getting into the pranks that I never got around to doing but were on my list. This one involves the accordion style file folders and flour. Very simple ingredients. This idea came from a brainstorming session with a friend when I was getting frustrated that my roommate started locking his door when he left (I have no idea why! haha). So the idea is that you stick flour at the front of the file, while the back is filled with air. You slip the edge under the door and stomp on it. I think we all know what happens next. I really wish I would have tried this prank. I would love to see how effectively it worked, if it worked at all.

Prank #7

Got Water?

This next idea was very plausible, but I will not try to fool anyone...I was just too lazy to do it. The premise of this prank was to get a ton of those small dixie cups and fill them all with water. You start at the far wall of the victims room and cover every inch of his floor working backwards until you reach the door. I would have loved to see the shock on his face. He would have had to remove each one individually to avoid a huge mess. This prank would have been double work for me because after I placed them, I would have felt bad and then helped him remove the cups.

Prank #8


This is another relatively simple prank, but requires a trip to the arts and crafts store. You need the following ingredients: large sheet of paper, confetti(can be cut up paper, glitter, etc), and tape. At night, while your roommate is sleeping, you tape the paper up on the two sides and the bottom edge. You then fill the recently made pocket with all of your confetti. I would have used some glitter because it is nearly impossible to remove. When he swings the door open the contents should go flying! I never tried this prank because I did not know if he would open the door quickly enough, so that the contents did not merely fall to the ground.

Prank #9

What time is it?

This prank just involves a cheap watch with an alarm on it. I am sure you could find one for very cheap. The idea was to set the alarm for a time around 3 am, and hide the watch somewhere in his room. This would have forced him to get up in the middle of the night and try to find it. Of course, if I did this prank I probably would have gotten three separate watches and set them an hour apart starting at 2 am. I would have hid them in different locations, so he would have to search each time. I actually tried this prank (I had several friends with digital watches), but it did not work because I thought of it after he started locking his door. Good call on his part!

Prank #10

The Grass is Always Greener

This was my favorite idea. I will go ahead and say that I did not think of this one, but I cannot remember where the idea came from. I thought of doing this prank just on the sheer ridiculousness of it. While he was away, I would have had to sneak in and lay sod all over the floor throughout his room(our rooms were pretty small). I would then bring a goat and leave it in his room and wait for him to return to find a goat munching on grass in his room. I even had friends that sold sod, and I knew a place that sold all farm animals. The only, and I will repeat the only, reason I did not do this prank is because I did not know what I would do with the goat after the conclusion of the prank. I knew neither of us wanted a goat as a pet, so I resisted the urge for this beautiful prank!

Favorite Prank

Which one of these is your favorite prank?

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Allt the items you need for the pranks above

These exclude the goat and the sod :) Also, please remember that I did not do all of these pranks, so I am not attesting to how well they work or how well these featured products will work.

Share your thoughts on these pranks or any others you have pulled or thought of

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My roommate always keeps a bottle of water by her bed so I replaced it one night with Vlad... her reaction was priceless!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      oh i am going to try everyone of these on my new roommate she is so cocky she would never lock her dorr

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      got some ideas to pull on my little brother, like your lens so much that I gave you a 'thumbs up'!

    • joeldgreat profile image


      7 years ago

      ice shower. I think we've done that oven my buddy during my college years.


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