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Top 3 Assassins Creed Trailer To Watch

Updated on May 22, 2016

1. Assassins Creed Revelations E3 Trailer

The Assassins Creed E3 Trailer features a great element of Ezio's life that how he traveled miles to reach his destination and be welcome by a painful arrow.The music featured in the trailer really suited the environment,the situation and everything. And if we come to the graphics we can't tell that whether we are watching a video game trailer or a movie trailer. Well the graphics are amazing in all assassins creed games. The fighting part of the trailer is just awesome. After the arrow strike at Ezio's shoulder he stand up breaks the arrow,run and start the fight. In the fighting part we also notice that how the speed suddenly changes from fast to slow and slow to fast that is a very good element in the trailer. Oh yeah! We also watch the face of Ezio in trailer in the end.In the end we think Ezio is going to die but after that bald guy tightens the collar suddenly Ezio strike back at him and the trailer ends. This part makes the suspense. This part make us to buy the game cause we all wanted to know what happened next. So below is the points which makes this trailer at no. 1

1.Multiple Environments

2.Best Fighting Cinematics

3.Very Interesting Trailer Plot

4.Face Of Ezio

5.Suspance At The End

6.Very Nice Music

7.Good Action Sequence

2.Assassins Creed Unity E3 2014 World Premiere Cinematic Trailer

This trailer is my favourite trailer among these five trailers.The part I like about this trailer is its encouraging music. In the beginning we watch the hawk, we watch the soldiers,we watch people dying, But the interesting part comes after the four assassins come. The music starts becoming revolutionary after that.After some moments, when the soldiers fire at the civilians and the music starts to drop,it indicates a loss of hope. But suddenly after that the four assassins and all the civilians begin to fight with the soldiers and at this time the music is at its best. And after that, one assassin throws a smoke bomb and the assassins kills the rest of the soldiers.The commander try to light the explosives. At this time assassin come close to him and the commander thinks that he is going to kill him also. But he just stop the fire and gone with the rest of the assassins. While the commander was thinking why he didn't killed him, the civilians came and punished him. At the end, we see all the assassins standing on the rooftop. I love this trailer. This trailer encourage me to do something. The best part of tthis trailer is its music. Okay so, below are points which make it clear why this trailer is at no. 2

1.It's Revolutionary Theme

2.It's Encouraging Music

3.It's Good Nature

4.Four Strong Assassins

5.Encouraging Concept Of Trailer

6.The Cinematics

3.Assassins Creed E3 Trailer 2015

This trailer seems to be very new. Of course, it is. In this trailer all the elements are new. We can see many new things like a train, a crow, new concept new generation and everything new. So, i talked much of new and now i should jump into some details of this trailer. So, this trailer's beginning starts with a fighting moment but after that it becomes silent for a few seconds which makes this part a little boring. The interesting part starts after the chase and after that we also listen some good music. The most interesting part of the trailer comes at the after the crow appears. And at the time when the protagonist come out of that bar,the which starts at the background was very cool.And this time the clothes of the protagonist are very cool And by watching this trailer you can observe that how many new things will be featured in the game. Below are the points which makes it clear why this trailer is at no. 3

1.Many Things Are New

2.Looks Of The Protagonist Are Very Cool

3.Clothes Of The Protagonist Makes Him Dashing

4.The Plot Is New And Interesting


So, this is the top 3 trailers of assassins creed trailers. I really think that these are the trailers which should come in the top 3 list. So, if you guys want give your opinion don't hesitate to tell it in the comments and if liked or disliked my article please tell it in the comments.

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