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Top 5 Best Baby Bouncer Reviews

Updated on April 21, 2013

A Baby Bouncer Keeps Baby Safe

Using a baby bouncer is a great way to entertain baby and keep them safe at the same time. Baby can play with toys that turn and spin and exercise their legs while bouncing on a springy pad. My son (pictured left in his) loved this bouncer and didn't want to give it up even after he had grown too big for it. He used this bouncer up until he turned a year old and got to where he could lean over the side, we had to put it away for safety. We bought it when he was 4 months old and he loved it. All the bright colors and toys to play with. His favorite is the frog spinner.

This is my son, Aiden in his Bright Starts Bounce-About Activity Center

Why I Love This Baby Bouncer

Jumpers and bouncers are fun play equipment for babies from age 4 months to 12 months. They can reach for toys and grab objects in their fingers which help to build their hand-eye coordination. These toys are meant to entertain your baby with bright colors and activities to develop finger dexterity and the skills needed to pinch the fingers to pick up objects off the floor.

My little boy loved his baby bouncer, in fact he still wanted to play in it even when he became too big for it. His favorite toy on the bouncer was the spinning frog. When we first bought it, he was only 4 months old and could really do much on it. It took him a while to get the idea to turn, twist or push the items to make them move and spin. He loved the ratcheted ladybug, the spinning ball and the overhead bar for attaching his favorite keyrings and stuffed animals. he could reach and grab for his toys and spent hours playing it when he got a bit older. he hated it when we had to retire it to the storage room.


As a parent and a consumer I loved this toy as well. I inspected it routinely for any signs of wear that would compromise his safety and there was none. He had a safe place to play where I could keep an eye on him and he could watch me as I did the household chores and cooking meals.

This toy has a height adjustment that can be moved 3 times so it grows with the baby. It was easy to put together and only took a few minutes to assemble out of the box. The pieces are heavy duty plastic that is steady and secure to hold babies up to 25 pounds.


The seat pad is removable for easy cleaning, just throw it in the washer. The top is easy to clean with a damp cloth or wet wipes. My son would eat his snacks in it so I was glad all I had to do was wipe it off. Cookies, cheetos and other crumbly, gooey snacks wipes right off.


After looking at various other baby products similar to this, I chose this one because it was reasonably priced compared to some of the others and did not have too many activities to where the top was too crowded.

Bright Starts Baby Bouncer

Baby toys that help hand-eye coordination

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