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Top Christmas Toys 2013 - Predicted Bestsellers!

Updated on July 22, 2013

Top Toys for Christmas 2013 List

The Toy Retailers Association announces its Top Toys for Christmas 2013 list each year. Hamleys also have a Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2013 list. If your kids want one of the top toys on the list then buy as early as possible while they're still available. Our guide includes information on each of the hot toys and we'll show you were to buy them.

I'm a Mum to two boys who will be 5 and 7 this year and I also have two nephews and two nieces who are all elementary school age. We've often got a houseful of children too - my kids seem to choose friends from big families! We have lots of fun finding out about the new toys for the year, looking forward to them and deciding which ones to get. I also volunteer at my local school and get to hear all about what the children want for Christmas.

This page will be updated as new top toys lists are released for 2013. And I'll be featuring the toys that have made the lists and are already available on this page together with my own predictions.

You can also check the current best-selling toys - updated daily.

We'll also include our own predictions for the best-selling toys of 2013 throughout the year.

Image: LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Learning Tablet

Christmas 2013 Top Toys

What are the cool toys this Christmas?

Each year the Toy Retailers Association publishes a list of top toys for that Christmas. It recommends that toy retailers stock up on these as it predicts they will be best sellers. Hamleys and other toy stores also make their predictions. So we thought we'd have a go at our own list. Our list includes a mix of toys for boys and girls and a range of ages.

Furby Boom - Furby is Back

Remember Furby? Well Furby is back came back with Furby 2012 a more high tech version. This Furby has personality and learns as a child plays with it. You can feed and tickle Furby and there's an optional Furby app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The girls at the school where I volunteer tell me all about their electronic pets.

In 2013 there's a new product called Furby Boom with brightly colored patterns and lots more app content. I predict that this toy will be very popular this Christmas, especially with girls.

We also expect the current Furby models to continue to be popular including the new Furby Rocker which came out earlier this year.

Furby Boom Figure (Peacock)
Furby Boom Figure (Peacock)

Furby Boom is an electronic pet that kids can interact with through sensors and play games with on an app. Through the app the Furby Boom can have baby Furblings that need to be taken care of.


Robot Dogs

Do you remember Tekno the robot dog (or Teksta in the UK.) Well he's back and updated. The new robot dog will have an iPad app and light up eyes and lots of sensors and tricks.

There's also Zoomer the robot dog from Spin Master who can play dead, play ball and even ahem, raise his leg!

Zoomer Interactive Puppy
Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Zoomer is a robotic puppy with a wide range of sensors and motions. Kids can teach to roll over and lots of other tricks.


Flutterbye Flying Fairies

There have been lots of popular flying toys for boys, but this year we have one for girls.

LeapPad and InnoTab

Age 3-9

Tablets for kids were very popular last year and this year we see the VTech InnoTab 3 and 3S and LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra. These are the third generation versions of these tablets with updated specifications.

You can read our LeapPad vs InnoTab comparison to decide which brand is the better one for your child.

Toys for Video Games

Toys that work with video games are a big theme for this year. Skylanders is already successful and is launching the new Swap Force version. Disney Infinity is a newcomer. For young kids there's the Transformers Rescue Bots Beam box and toys. And Angry Birds Star Wars has teamed up with Hasbro to create the new Telepods technology that transports physical toys into the Angry Birds Star Wars II app.

Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack - Nintendo Wii
Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack - Nintendo Wii

Swap Force is the new version of then popular video game with toys. You do need a new portal for this one. There are special SWAP Force figures that have a top and bottom that can be mixed and matched to create even more new characters.


Nintendo 3DS XL - Red/Black

@ Amazon


The 3DS is the current generation handheld games console from Nintendo. The Nintendo 3DS XL was new for 2012 and has larger screens that the original version. The Nintendo 3DS is very popular with kids. The 3DS XL will be the main Christmas gift of choice for many kids aged around 7+ for Christmas 2013.

App Toys for Tablets

App Toys that interact with a tablet are going to be popular for Christmas 2013.

App Toys for iPad Tablets
App Toys that interact with tablets are a hot toy this year. Find out about the top app toys and how they work. Most of these toys are designed to work with...

Crayola Light Designer

This was a hugely popular toy last year and got very hard to find. If you know a girl who was too young for it last year or missed out then it's still a good choice.

Crayola Light Designer,(74-7033)
Crayola Light Designer,(74-7033)

The Crayola Light Designer is a new creative toy for kids aged 6 - 15. Kids create designs that light up using a stylus to make LEDs light up on a conical surface.

This is something rather new and has made it onto quite a few top toys lists. It offers something a bit different for preteen and teen girls for whom it can be tricky to find a gift that's cool but not overly grown up.

The Crayola Light Designer has got hard to find in stock at a reasonable price.


VTech Switch & Go Dinosaurs

We're rather fond of dinosaurs. And tech toys too for that matter. The VTech Switch & Go Dinosaurs were new for 2012 and have new additions to the range for 2013. They are brightly colored and interactive. They are appearing on top Christmas toys list for this year and will be popular with young boys.

VTech Switch & Go Dinos
VTech Switch & Go Dinos are a new tech dinosaur toy for 2012. These dinosaurs are two in one transforming toys. They can switch from their dinosaur form ...

Hamleys Reveal Top Toys for 2013

From the world famous Hamley's toy shop in London.

Actual Bestselling Toys Christmas 2013 | Amazon UK

Thanks for Visiting

Top Christmas Toys 2013

Will your children be getting any of these bestselling toys this Christmas. Do you have a favorite that you think should have been on the list. Let us know what you think - any Merry Christmas!


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    • FionaWalters profile image

      FionaWalters 4 years ago

      I'm thinking of getting a Furby for a favorite child (my neighbor's little boy) - and am seeing it highly recommended on so many people's Christmas toys list.

    • avigarret profile image

      avigarret 5 years ago

      That Batman The Dark Knight Rises looks wicked, thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I can't seem to find the Doc Mcstuffins time for your

      checkup doll anywhere... i can't believe it is not in the

      Top ten.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      What about Furbies? I heard they were going to be big sellers this year.

    • thewebbler profile image

      thewebbler 5 years ago

      I have the pirate barrel toy and it is great. Just don't misplace the swords.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @Irrevocable: my cousin realy likes batman and spiderman too

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @D_L_Harbin: i thik they are stupid

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: na the are just a dancing and singing toy

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      hey is furby worth putting on my list?

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Have you heard about Raa Raa Talking Lion already?

      Should be a hit for this Christmas!

    • activeonlineaus profile image

      activeonlineaus 5 years ago

      I shoudn't have let my son see this. Now he wants one of everything! Great page!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm not sure if they know this but the new Tickle Me Elmo LOL doll is going to be a huge hit with the little one's. This toy is currently moving off the shelves in all stores and was featured on ABC news as one of the predicted big sellers in 2012.

    • HannahnMe LM profile image

      HannahnMe LM 5 years ago

      You sure put a lot of work into this, good job. A Sqid Like for you.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thanks for all the great info...

      Two other great items I have found my kids at school asking for...The Hairmonies Dolls at Toys R Us are adorable and musical. Girls are going crazy for these dolls! Another great gift idea is this adorable iPad holder I also found at Toys R Us. Little Techie iPad Holder - again adorable!

    • profile image

      D_L_Harbin 5 years ago

      Got to love Furby, sure to be a hit this holiday season.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm in love with this site. It just made my x mas shopping soooooo much easyer thank you so much : )

    • barberrela profile image

      barberrela 5 years ago

      Lots of great ideas here for my grandchildren. Thankyou

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I haven't thought much about it yet. I do have a few things put away, but still a lot of time. My son would love the 3DS XL though.

    • profile image

      JadaFuego 5 years ago

      I am just completely floored the furby is back!!!

    • profile image

      mouse1996 lm 5 years ago

      I don't have kids yet, but if I did, I saw some stuff on your list I'd be tempted to buy them.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: you bet, have alresy pre ordered this, these will sell out

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @Irrevocable: Dont know if you have The Early Learning Centre Shops. If so try there.

    • legomanultra profile image

      legomanultra 5 years ago

      They might be, I'm not sure. Thanks for sharing the lens though.

    • Irrevocable profile image

      Irrevocable 5 years ago

      I must admit I am a bit disappointed that Tesco have said the Octonauts Octopod is going to be a best seller this Christmas. I saw it in sale a few months ago for half the price it is now but decided not to buy it - My 4 year old loves the Octonauts. I am totally regretting it now as it seems as the year has gone on people have gone even crazier for Octonauts! So even if I try to find a secondhand one on Ebay they are ridiculously priced. Oh well - lesson learned - Don't Hesitate! That is the one my son will most likely be getting though...although he really loves Spiderman and Batman too.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      skylanders giants