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Top 10 Space Strategy Games for PC

Updated on March 31, 2016

Best Space Strategy Games

Space Strategy Games have their own dedicated fan bases. These types of gamers like to use their brain more than just shooting around virtual enemy soldiers. The Science Fiction fans are always prefer to play such games. I know that you are a fan of space strategies. You want to play these games more, but you want to know which among these are in our top ten list. Making such a list of top ten games is not an easy task. If you ask around, then you will find that there is a special most likable game for everyone. After discussing the matter with some real space strategy fans, I have succeeded to make this list. I know this top ten list will not be liked by everyone. I know that it is actually impossible to please everyone, but I have tried my best. There is no no.1 or no.10 in my list. The first game is not the number one. The games are just randomly listed.

According to my opinion poll, the best game among this ten "Star Wars Empire at Work" with 18% votes. "Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion" is a close second with 16% votes. "Homeworld" is the 3rd choice of my readers (13%) votes. "StarDrive" and "Master of Orions" have not many fans.

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri is a very attractive game. It is highly praised by the critics. This space strategy game also follows the basic principles of exploring, building, discovering and conquering. “Alpha Centauri” is more or less like another strategy game Civilization II made by the same coders.

The game play is very interesting. The game’s AI is also very commendable. You can autopilot everything by electing governors. The game play is not very easy and so there is a comprehensive tutorial. There are seven other computer controlled races to compete with. You can win after winning over all those races.

Alpha Centauri game screen shot
Alpha Centauri game screen shot | Source

Rate Starcraft2 Game

4.6 out of 5 stars from 9 ratings of starcraft2 game

Starcraft2: Wings of Liberty

The Starcraft games are one of the most successful space strategy games. There are three species on this sci-fi game: Terran exiled human beings, a super species named Zerg and an advanced intelligence species named Protoss.

You will play as the hero Jim Raynor, the rebel who wants to change the autocratic government. The graphics quality of this game is excellent. The sound is also great. Check this game and see if you like it or not.

Gameplay Video: Homeworld


“Homeworld” is one of those games which are highly praised by most of the critics. The people of a world has discovered a spaceship from which they have learnt that their ancestors have come from some another world, a world which is too far away. They have built hyper drives to seek their ancient home world. The player has to take control these fleets. The aim is to find out that world. To carry on the journey they will have to encounter many alien races. Some aliens will give helpful clues and some will try to destroy your armada. You have to grow your materials and wealth to keep your people alive

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

The strategy game lovers like the “Sins of a Solar Empire” series. The third incarnation of “Sins” Rebellion is a huge game. There are lots of contents in it. You have to be very active to be successful in this game. You shall collect resources and make huge ships to destroy enemies. You shall have devastating power across the galaxies. The graphic engine is smooth. It produces good looking images of epic space battles. In short, playing “Rebellion” is an amazing experience.

Master of Orion series is one of the best among the available Space Strategy Games.
Master of Orion series is one of the best among the available Space Strategy Games.

Master of Orion

The game “Master of Orion” series is abbreviated as MOO. It is a space strategy game. You have to build an empire for a race. You shall start with a home world with only a large colony ship and two smaller explorer starships. After that you have to develop your nation technologically and financially. For that reason the player have to search for minerals and other things from nearby star systems. The game play is complex. You have to produce many things, manage materials, make friends and win wars.

The MOO series includes three games. The latest one, MOO III, has disappointed most of the critics. MSO1 and 2 are awesome game. If you are a fan of space opera strategies then this game series is best suited for you.

Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords

This game is popularly known as GalCiv II. This is the one of the most well known space strategy games. It is a classic 4x game. You need to use your resources to generate wealth, technology and army. You need to conquer worlds. You have to make friends, seek help and destroy the enemies.

Gameplay: Endless Space

Endless Space

No top ten space strategy game list is uncompleted without including Endless Space. The game is all about flexibility and variations. You can change everything; the main character, the galaxy, the races and many other things. That is why the replay value of this game is very high. You can make custom races too with your own choice of traits.

The game play is addictive and a bit complex. There are many choices to make. The learning curve is a bit stiff. It is not a simple pick up and play type of game. Endless Space demands intelligence and it for the persons who want to use their brains.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown

“Xcom” is not exactly a space strategy game in the real sense. But it is a strategy game which deals with alien invasion. The player is a member of the secret high tech soldiers’ team named “Xcom”. You have to command a team to eliminate enemy threats. The aliens are here ruthless. There will be no communication, only extermination.


StarDrive is a real time space strategy game. In this game, there are eight races. Those alien races are quite well thought of. The game play is quiet difficult. You have to learn many things before mastering “StarDrive”. Your objective is, everybody knows, building a galactic empire by using economy, technology, diplomacy and war. There is an online video tutorial for this game by the developers which might be a good help for you if you unable to figure out things.

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Star Wars Empire at War

There are many “Star Wars” themed games. But “Empire at War” is the best Star Wars strategy game till date. It is a real time strategy game with superb game play. The action takes place on the planet surfaces and in the space. You can play as a servant of the empire or as a rebel. You can also play as a character to take part in a space or land battle. Overall, this game is a fun to play.

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