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Best Toys & Gifts for 6 Year old Boys in 2013 - Top Picks for Christmas, Birthday and 6-7 Year Olds

Updated on November 24, 2013
Top Toys & Gifts For 6 to 7 Year Old Boys
Top Toys & Gifts For 6 to 7 Year Old Boys

What are the best gifts and toys for a 6 year old girl?

So you wonder what gift to give to a 6 year old boy either for his birthday or any other day. This hand selected & tried and true list will help you out in picking just the right thing or at least get the idea what kids at this age want the most.

At this age boys can be a bit picky as they already know what they want and see what their peers have so picking out that one (or two or three) toy is a must.

Browse through some of the hottest new toy releases of this year and most asked for toys both kids and parents approve.

Get Crayola Marker Maker

This is super-popular in 2013

This is one of the hottest gifts of this year and rightly so. This fun device will let your kids make their own markers - they will be inventing their own colors and maybe even giving them new names.

Crayola Marker Maker provides fun while creating new markers as well as when using them to draw or color their favourite coloring pages.

Kids enjoy this one greatly (both boys and girls), they enjoy the process of creation and some even trade their new markers with their friends.

This set lets you create 16 different markers, if they really like creating them refill packs are also available.

Marker Maker Commercial

Top Toys? Building Blocks Are Always A Safe Bet

Check Lego City Sets on Amazon

LEGO sets for 6 Year old boys

LEGO City is the most appropriate line for 6 year olds (in my honest opinion) as most of the sets in this line are recommended for this group (whereas other lines have some sets appropriate for 6 year olds but also have sets that are not appropriate).

Instructions on how to build the structures are easy enough to follow a six year old shouldn't have trouble assembling them.

There are many different sets in this line (one for each budget) so they are really easy to be upgraded.

My recommendation is to get one set from the LEGO City line plus a set of basic building blocks which will allow them to build beyond of what the set has to offer.

It's time to race!

A perfect gift for a 6 year old
A perfect gift for a 6 year old

What 6 Year Old Doesn't Love Cars?

To really make those two eyes spark you'll have to bring in something more than just a set of new cars... Why not a racetrack?

Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem Trackset is something they will like as it provides hours of fun play.

They Love Anything Remote Controlled

They get a real kick out of remote controlled things so that's a great toy to go with... Cars, trucks, even dinosaurs - everything will bring a smile to their face.

Kid Galaxy RC Bump 'n Chuck Bumper Cars bring something extra to the table as it's not only about controlling a remote controlled car it's also about bumping the other car and kicking the driver out of their car.

NERF Guns - 6 Year Olds Love Them!

These are great! Unlike many other play guns these don't have a realistic look (and I think this is a huge plus) and they shoot foam ammo which makes them safe for small kids even if they accidentally shoot each other in the head.

This is one of the most asked for toys in this age group amongst boys and it's parent approved as it encourages active play and we all like to see our children to be fit.

It's To Call The Heroes

Action figures are great for imaginative role play and they make a great gift as boys at this age already have their favourite heroes (and will love playing with them).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are making a comeback and are currently one of the most popular action heroes. If your kid has a thing for them this is a great pick.

Other heroes to consider are any of the Avengers, Batman, Spider-Man, Transformers...

Are Video Games Appropriate for & Year Olds?

Yes! Kids learn a great deal from playing video games - naturally the ones that are made for their age.

At this age the best console to get them is Nintendo Wii (or Wii U) as this is the console the whole family can enjoy playing games on and as it's controlled by motion it will keep your kids fit.

There's a huge variety of exercise and dancing games the whole family will enjoy as well as a whole lot of learning games to help them with their maths and reading.

And when the kids go to bed you and your partner can enjoy playing other more challenging games across many game genres.

One of the Wii U Commercials


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