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Best games for PSP-The greatest games for your favourite handheld! Be a fat, 2000, 3000 or Go!, you must try out these!

Updated on March 12, 2012

Hello fellow gamers!

Hi everyone! So you want to play with your PSP but you don't know what game to buy for it? Or you just want to buy a PSP and don't know if it's worth the price and are there any good games for the console? I can tell you that yes my friend, there are plenty of awesome games for our favourite handheld. I will show you a few of them, which I consider the must have games for every PSP owner.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

You know this one. And you know that it's your favourite steal car-->drive like mad-->destroy car game. This PSP version is set in Liberty City (You don't say?), where you can discover brand new story lines and complete the new missions (they are really exciting). I started my gaming 'career' with GTA 3, and I still enjoy it now, 7 years later. The freedom and the style is very catchy, it's one of the best games for the PSP!

God of War series

I'm sure you heard this name before. Yes, it's the adventure of Kratos again. It's the most known brand for Sony's consoles, and it has got success on the PSP too. I play it on my device still today, it never gets old. The infinite action and the beautiful zones makes God of War to be on this list. I recommend it to everyone who has a chance to buy it, it's a really exciting and non-repetitive game (not like so many other action games).

Fifa Series

I never thought that I would like soccer games like I do now. The ability to manage a team everywhere you are, on a PSP, is just fantastic. The game works well on the handheld, and it is very challenging if you set it to hard level. I recommend it for every sport game fan. It's a good time killing game when there are no matches on the TV.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

I always wanted to be a paleontologist, i really like big carnivore dinosaurs. I dreamed that I travel back in time with a big minigun and shoot down those creatures with a malevolent smile on my face. When i realized that I can do this on my PSP, i bought this game immediately. You play as a villager with a big weapon (sounds good, huh?) whose favourite hobby is to hunt down rare monsters. The game has really nice graphics and it never gets boring. Try it out, believe me, you will do a rain dance when you defeat a big dinosaur (it's really challenging, those T-rexes are not meant for oneshot). This PlayStation exclusive is a very fun game, I recommend it to every owner of the PSP.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

This game is truly a masterpiece. It has astonishing graphics and a beautiful storyline (It's the prequel of the original FFVII). It's an action game like GoW but here the characters got more focus. There are tons of epic quests to complete and the game gives you answers to every question you had in mind about the future happenings. This is actually a PSP exclusive title, so if you're a Final Fantasy fan don't miss this fantastic episode of the series. The music is fabulous and the in-game videos are the best I have ever seen ( especially the Sephiroth vs Genesis vs Angeal). Give it a try, you will love it!

Sephiroth vs Genesis vs Angael


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