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Toy Coffee Maker

Updated on December 29, 2013

Appliances for Morning Play Coffee

Add a fun little toy coffee maker to your child's kitchen accessory collection and watch him have tons of fun making his morning coffee just like you do.

If you love coffee then the chances are very good your child will adore a coffee maker to play with. He can pretend he's a big boy and preparing his own coffee in the kitchen right before work.

Children learn by imitating their parents. If your child loves to pretend or even if he/she doesn't then add a little prop to her toy kitchen. She can sit at the table right along with you with her own cup of play coffee.

Make Playtime Fun

When I was little, I used to love to play make believe with my younger sister. We had a toy kitchen and played imaginary games like "Chef" or "Cooking Show." Sometimes we'd even pretend that we were on television and showing others how to make a simple egg omelet.

Those are some very fond memories for me.

Add a pot of coffee into the mix and make it fun for the kiddos. It's time for that morning cup of coffee! Find a toy that both boys and girls will enjoy playing with. Take a look at the selection above and find the right one for your child. Many will actually make noises and a few will "brew" pretend coffee with some help from a water.

More Sets

It's now time for your little one to learn the fine art of brewing his own cup of pretend coffee. These little toys are perfect for engaging your child and encouraging him to use his imagination to create.

Pastel Set - Sturdy and strong..

This is a sturdy set that many kids might love. It comes with a pot, cups, sugar bowl, milk box and a spoon for stirring that play beverage. It's durable and will stand up to all your child's imaginary play sessions. Let her make some tasty coffee just for you. She can also have fun pouring some play milk in the cups and stirring with the spoon that's also included.

A Real Looking One!

Theo Klein Braun Toy Coffee Maker
Theo Klein Braun Toy Coffee Maker

I pretty much have chosen this one as my favorite because it looks a lot like my own! Has a play on and off switch, decanter and the top can be lifted and closed.


Another Realistic Set

Here's another one that lets your child have fun making his own play breakfast. The toy coffee maker will actually make brewing sounds and dispense the play coffee! Add water to watch it go to work. It will require batteries to run but your child is very likely to enjoy the sounds of coffee brewing as well as enjoy seeing the "coffee" come out into the container.

Even More Toy Kitchen Accessories - Cups and other toys..

Have you ever watched a child play make believe? It's a really fun sight to behold. Children are so very creative and anything that will encourage them to use their imaginations is a step in the right direction.

An Entire Kitchen Accessory Set with Braun - Fun in the kitchen..

This is the Theo Klein Braun Kitchen Set and it not only includes a brewer but also has several other accessories for the kitchen. It comes with a fun hand mixer, a blender as well as many utensils for cooking up a storm. The play maker will also brew play coffee as well as making fun brewing sounds. All you need are batteries to operate it. Just add some water to watch the action!

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