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Toy Dishwasher Sets Kids Love

Updated on May 15, 2014

Dishwasher Toys for Kids

Does your child need a toy diswasher to complete her kitchen set? Playtime in the kitchen is even more fun when your child gets to learn at the same time!

Teach her how to clean up after herself in the kitchen and help her develop good habits while still young. These are fun toys that allow kids to play and also learn life skills at the same time.

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Children can learn valuable lessons from having toys that are smaller versions of the real thing! A toy dishwasher is ideal if you want to start teaching your child how to help clean and what it takes to be tidy. Yes, it's never too soon to encourage a good habit and cleaning up is something that they will need to learn for the rest of their life.

A Sturdy Pick

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Featured above is the Guidecraft Bright Color Kitchen Dishwasher. It's available in a bright blue color that children will love. This toy kitchen accessory is made from wood so it's going to be very sturdy and durable enough to withstand even the toughest of play sessions with your child. It includes a rack for placing plates as well as pots and pans your child has in his collection. The handle on this toy is fairly large which will make it easy for your little one to open and close the door and load up those "dirty" dishes!

More Cute Dish Washing Toys - Make role playing fun!

Colorful and Cute! - Colors that kids love...

Featured above is the PlanToys Dish Washer Set. This lively little kitchen toy accessory is made of wood and is durable enough for kids. It's painted in a bright and happy color that kids might love because it just looks friendly. This is a more eco-friendly toy because it's made out of rubber tree wood! The sink looks very real and it even has a cute little spout your child can pretend she's rinsing dishes with. The dishwashing part also opens and closes so your child can have fun loading up her own dishes!

Toy Dishes to Add with Your Dishwasher Set

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This is a very nice model that is all natural and doesn't have a finish. It features rounded corners and even has some fun knobs for your child to turn and play with. The cute dishwasher has a door that opens and closes easily so your little one gets a good chance to practice using her gross motor skills while having fun. The rack inside is also removable and she can use it to place all her toy pots and pans.

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