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Toy Lawn Mower for Kids

Updated on June 17, 2014

Find a Fun Toy Lawn Mower for Kids, Including My Son's Favorite Bubble Mower!

Toy lawn mowers make great gifts for kids. Little boys love to emulate their daddies and what better way than to mow the lawn? A bubble mower.

Bubble Lawn Mower - Toy bubble mower

As a mom, I know all to well how we buy our kids toy after toy only to see them sit around forever without being played with. Well, not this bubble mower! My son received this as a birthday gift on his 2nd birthday. He is four years old now and still plays with this toy mower every day that the weather is nice. He loves it. One day he worked hard pushing his mower all over the lawn and when my husband got home from work my son looked up at him and said, "Daddy, you don't have to work in the yard today because I cut the grass for you." It was so sweet.

My 2 year old and fiveyear old daughters love it too. In fact, they fight over it so much we're going to buy the pink one for the girls. It's a great toy. My son even enjoys pushing it around when it runs out of bubbles.

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

All-terrain tires for tougher traction on grass and other surfaces. The faster your child pushes, the more bubbles it blows!


Find a Toy Lawn Mower for Kids - Fun toys lawn mowers for kids

Here are even more fun toy mowers for tons of outdoor imaginative play. Your little boy will have hours of fun in the backyard with any of these fun toy mowers.

Toy Lawn Mowers for Kids - Toy mowers for little boys

These make great outdoor toys for kids. They promote creative pretend play and keep kids active, encouraging exercise.

Why I Recommend a Toy Mower - What I love about toy lawn mowers for kids

I've watched my kids have tons of fun with our bubble mower.

  1. They don't require batteries, which saves money and is good for the environment.
  2. They encourage role play, which is an important part of the growing and learning process.
  3. They are active toys, which gives your little one exercise.
  4. They are sturdy. We've left ours outside to weather the elements for over a year now and even though it's been handled roughly by three toddlers it's still going strong.

All three of my kids have a blast playing with toy lawn mowers. They make great toys during the warm Spring and Summer months.

Does Your Little Boy Want a Toy Lawn Mower for Kids? - Thanks for visiting

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