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Toy Mailbox

Updated on August 9, 2013

Mailboxes for Role Playing Fun!

Take a look at an adorable toy mailbox to include in your child's play set! Encourage your child to role play and have fun pretending as if she's the mail person delivering mail.

When I was little, I had a toy mailbox. It was the cutest thing and I had tons of fun playing store or post office with my little sister. It's a special time to use the imagination and be creative as well as teach kids to be resourceful!

Kids can have fun sorting mail, adding mail to the boxes and remove letters from mail boxes to practice those fine motor skills and enjoy playing.

Toy Mailbox for Children - View the sales below..

Childhood is such a special time for kids. They have an opportunity to learn more about how things work and they get to play with friends and pretend.

Now is as good a time as any to encourage your child to play make believe and get her involved in role playing. Provide a fun mailbox toy that she can use as a prop to pretend like she is working for the post office.

Return To Sender Sticker

I totally love this sticker. It's from It might be fun to provide some of these for your child to stamp on her envelopes to mail her important packages.

Melissa & Doug My Own Wooden Mailbox Activity Set and Educational Toy
Melissa & Doug My Own Wooden Mailbox Activity Set and Educational Toy

What a fun set this will be? Get your child excited to play mailman/mail-lady with this complete toy that allows him or her to drop off and pick up that mail.

Melissa & Doug Stamp and Sort Wooden Mailbox Activity and Toy
Melissa & Doug Stamp and Sort Wooden Mailbox Activity and Toy

Here's a classic little mail box that will do the job. It will let your child drop off and retrieve the mail like a real mail man would.

Everythingland Mailbox
Everythingland Mailbox

This fun realistic looking mailbox is perfect for imaginary play time. Your child can play alone or with friends.


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Why do you think kids love to play make believe and participate in role playing games? Children are incredibly creative and their young minds can come up with so many fun, fantasy worlds that they alone create. It's a wonderful time for them to learn more about themselves and learn to solve problems. It's through playtime with others that they learn even more!

Mailboxes and Other Fun Mail Related Toys for Kids.. - See What's for Sale..

Postal Service Kid's Toy Truck
Postal Service Kid's Toy Truck

You can't forget that trusty toy mail truck. Even if your child is too little to handle toy mail, he may enjoy pushing this little truck around for kicks.


Play Mailman or Mailwoman With Your Child - Help kids learn to sort items..

You can choose a simple toy or you can also create your own! Get some envelopes and make them look colorful and make some "fake stamps" out of stickers that look like stamps or just make some out of construction paper. Turn a shoe box into a small mailbox by either painting it or covering it with some construction or wrapping paper!

More Fun Toys Kids Will Enjoy... - Mail box fun for rainy days!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Letters Mailbox
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Letters Mailbox

Now your child can laugh and learn all at once with this complete mail toy. Let him/her practice her hand eye coordination and have fun too.


Mailboxes for Playtime - Time for some sorting fun!

This is also a fun toy that you can use to teach children about counting, recognizing colors and even learning the ABC's! You can sit and work with your child as he pulls out all of the letters. To customize a toy add your own cards to them with a letter of the alphabet on each one along with envelopes that are different colors. He can then identify the colors and letters for you!

See More Sales on Mail Toys - Buy a mail toy your child will enjoy!

Did you find a cute mailbox for your child to play with? If not, don't worry! There's always a way to make your own easily. If you have some cardboard boxes and blue craft paint then make your own homemade box! The kids won't even know the difference.

Melissa & Doug Stamp and Sort Wooden Mailbox Activity and Toy
Melissa & Doug Stamp and Sort Wooden Mailbox Activity and Toy

Sorting can be a lot of fun with this cool realistic looking mailbox. I love how it's blue just like the ones we drop the mail off in!


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