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Toy Musical Instruments

Updated on September 30, 2013

Children Love Toy Musical Instruments!

Do your young children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews have toy musical instruments? If not, why not? Toy musical instruments are a must-have in my opinion!

I received my first real toy musical instrument for Christmas when I was five years old. It was a beautiful toy grand piano, resembling the one in this picture. I was in love with it! I would sit for an hour at a time and pretend to play, listen to each individual note, and try to create my own songs. I'm sure I drove my parent's crazy!

I attribute my life-long love of music to the receipt of this gift. I later took piano lessons on a real piano, and then took up the clarinet in elementary school. I'm currently trying to learn to play the guitar!

Add something special to your child's life by giving them toy musical instruments!

(Photo Source:

Toy Musical Instruments
Toy Musical Instruments
Toy Musical Instruments
Toy Musical Instruments

Why Toy Musical Instruments?

At a young age, even babies and toddlers can start learning musical skills through use of xylophones, toy drums, and other rhythmic instruments. Even at this early age your child will start to learn about rhythm, and will develop their motor skills as they hold onto the instrument or the sticks required to play it. They'll also come to realize that hitting an instrument in a certain way creates a specific sound.

As your child grows, you can try out a number of more advanced toy instruments on them. This helps to develop their rhythmic skills even further, and to test out a range of instruments before potentially deciding on an instrument that they'd like to play for real.

Experts also agree that toy musical instruments are vital in developing your child's social skills. In many cases children will start to sing or play music with their friends at school. If they're still too young for that, why not think about taking your baby to a musical group?

Poll - Musical Toy Instruments
Poll - Musical Toy Instruments

Do Your Kids Have Toy Musical Instruments?

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Toy Musical Instruments
Toy Musical Instruments

Are There Any Drawbacks to Toy Musical Instruments?

Parents need to prepare themselves for the possibility that letting their children learn how to play music can be loud and, at times, annoying! Younger kids love bashing away at instruments without much thought for making a tune, and older children will often need to repeat, and repeat, songs until they can get them right.

If your child is really getting into the toy musical instruments you give them then it's well worth moving on to the real thing. However, to understand proper technique, and move forward past the basics, you may need to set up individual lessons. These can be expensive, given the fact that the tuition is usually one-to-one. And don't forget about the cost of the instrument itself!

Whatever you do, try to take things naturally. If your child loves toy musical instruments then they'll probably enjoy lessons, too, but they should never feel pressured into it. Every child is different, and some may prefer one creative outlet over another.

Do You Like Musical Instrument Toys? - Tell Us About It!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I think all kids like to make a noise whether it's banging a drum or blowing a whistle. I've always regretted not learning to play an instrument, so I think a child should be encouraged to learn if they show any inclination to play with musical toys.

    • dsr485 profile image


      5 years ago

      Yes for sure. I think it is a great way to introduce music to a young child. They can then either play for fun as with any other toy or it can help develop a love of music and then they can progress to some more serious instruments as they grow older.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      These are great! My kids love musical toys :)

    • yourselfempowered profile image

      Odille Rault 

      6 years ago from Gloucester

      Great selection of musical instrument toys! :)


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