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Toy Telescopes for Children

Updated on October 3, 2012

Choosing Toy Telescopes for Children

Are you looking for the best toy telescopes for children available in the US and UK? This guide covers both pretend telescopes and fully-functioning toy telescopes, showcasing the best options available.

Toy telescopes can stimulate imaginative play and even inspire a future interest in science and astronomy. Browse the products available and find a handy checklist of things to consider when purchasing a great telescope for your children!

This work is the copyright of the author (25 January 2012). Please DO NOT copy this elsewhere either in print or online. Photos are Creative Commons or licensed from Fotolia unless otherwise stated.

This page covers toy telescopes for children. These include both pretend telescopes, and those with some magnification, If you are looking for proper starter telescopes for older children interested in astronomy, visit Telescopes for Children.

Toy Telescopes for Children - UK

Buying Telescopes for Children from - Price Range £1-30

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Toyrific Working Toy Telescope

* Explore the Stars with this Toy Telescope Set

* Diagonal Mirror through eyepiece for good viewing

* Attaches to a tripod (included)

* Magnification 20-40 x Power 30mm

* Easy Assembly

Terra Kids Telescope

* Magnifies 10x125

* Includes neoprene bag, mini compass and alumninium snap link

* Used successfully in accredited UK primary schools and nurseries

* Suitable for 36 months +

Natural History Museum Pocket Monocular

* Like binoculars, but with one lens

* Compact, fits in pocket or has wrist-strap

* Spherical lens for high magnification (5x)

* No image distortion

* Protective casing

* Cleaning cloth

Mini Telescope

* Retractable mini toy telescope

* Fits in pocket when closed

* Colour may vary

* Measures 5 cm when closed

Explorer Telescope

* Colourful telescope extends from 20-35cm

* Lens with x 15 magnification

* Suitable from 36 months

Learning Resources GeoSafari Talking Telescope

* Detachable telescope (3x magnification)

* Features beautiful images from NASA

* Built in storage for all 20 slides

* Two motivating game modes speak 200 fun facts or press letter buttons for questions with realistic sound effects

Toy Telescopes for Children - USA

Buying Telescopes for Children from

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Terra Kids Telescope Monocular

* Magnifies 10x125

* Includes neoprene bag, mini compass and alumninium snap link

* Suitable for 36 months +

Pirate Telescope

* Fun toy telescope that actually magnifies!

* Jolly Roger pirate design

* 8 x magnification with focus twist adjustment

* Extends 11"

* For ages 3 and over

Creative Playthings Telescope

* Pretend telescope

* Helps stimulate a young child's mind

* Mounts to any wooden swing set

* Pulls in and out of stand easily

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope

* Detachable telescope (3x magnification)

* Beautiful NASA images

* Built in storage for 20 slides

* Two game modes

* 200 fun facts

* Letter buttons for questions, realistic sound effects

Telescope in Wooden Box

* Enclosed in wooden box

* Beautiful Brass Finish

* Suitable for older children

* Old fashioned style for role-playing either the astronomer or pirate!

Safari Science Telescope

* Precision-polished lenses for crisp images

* x15 magnification

* Colors vary: blue, red, yellow or green

* Measures 13.5" extended

* Aimed at age 5+

Toy Telescopes for Children: Key Features

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Toy telescopes for children are great for stimulating the imagination! Choose from pretend telescopes for imaginative play, or functioning ones to serve as an introduction to the world of telescopes. Toy telescopes can:

  • Stimulate imagination and creative role-play
  • Serve as a fun accessory to dressing up, castle forts, spy games, pirate games and much more
  • Introduce children to the concept of astronomy and studying nature
  • Be used for looking at distant objects, the sky, or studying nature, plants and more up close

Buying Toy Telescopes for Children

Things to Consider

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Here is a checklist of things to think about when choosing toy telescopes for children.

Consider the following:

  • Pretend telescope or functioning telescope? Bear in mind that some toy telescopes are only designed for play rather than actual magnification. Little ones will be happy with present toys but older children will want something they can actually use.
  • Make sure you check the recommended age, as some will have small parts unsuitable for toddlers.
  • Look for a durable toy if it is going to be used in boisterous play!
  • Although some toy telescopes feature magnification up to x15, don't expect spectacular quality as they are only toys. If you want an actual starter telescope for your kids, take a look at my Telescopes for Children guide
  • If you want to introduce your child to astronomy and the night sky, look for a telescope that comes with accompanying educational tools

Toy telescopes may be just that - toys - but they can stimulate wonderful creative play, and even inspire interest and enthusiasm for astronomy, science and more

in the future!

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