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Baby Toys From 0 -: 12 Months Old

Updated on September 1, 2011

Toys 0 12 months can be a bit of a puzzle for those looking to buy them. There's such a wide range available it's a little bewildering knowing which one/s to buy. Plus you can never be sure as to whether your little one will even play with or be interested in their toys, as babies are notoriously fickle!

On top of that, there's also the fact that babies tend to grow and develop at such a rapid rate that it's a bit disheartening to think that what you may buy now - may well be of no use a couple of months down the line. Most parents don't have big enough bank accounts to warrant spending lots of money on toys that will soon become outgrown.

Fortunately, many of the baby toys are relatively inexpensive, plus it's highly likely that much of what your little one will play with in the first 12 months may well be given as a gift from a friend or relative.

Toys 0 12 months can be educational, comforting, purely for play value and ... let's make it more difficult ... bought according to gender.

No wonder parents, friends and grandparents often feel a little unsure as to which toy is best for a baby under 12 months.

Much like fashion, toys also seem to trend but your money will be better spent on classical playthings than the hottest latest 'must have'.

And let's be honest here; babies don't understand what's hot, nor do they care.

Many are too busy (generally) making sense of their world and who hasn't heard of a baby that loves to chew ... everything?!

Babies are easy to please, love color, light and sound - plus texture.

So if you factor in the different developmental stages, you should be halfway towards choosing the correct toys for 0-12 months. Honest!

Toys 0 6 months encompass color, sound and most of all chew-ability. If a toy isn't up to a really good gumming session, it's of no use.

All babies soon discover their ability to co-ordinate hand to mouth movements and invariably, everything that they grasp will end up in their mouths.

Many of the toys on the market are aimed at helping a young baby develop their hand co-ordination, as well as their ability to grasp and control their arm movements in general.

It's amazing to realise that toy manufactures have built in 'learning through play' for such a tender age group.

But - babies toys encourage just that. Plus a lot of the toys are designed for hanging - above the crib or on the stroller.

This is where color comes into play, as well as sound. Babies are attracted by colors and will always turn their head to an interesting noise.

Another thing that toy designers have factored into many of today's toys for 0 6 month old babies.


Baby teethers are more than just a babies toy - they're designed to help a young baby through the teething process. They're developed in a way that makes them safe to chew, non-toxic and without small parts.

As previously mentioned, all babies chew whatever their hands come into contact with and partly it's due to their developing co.ordination and in part simply because they will start to cut teeth within a few months of being born.

Many are just for the chewing aspect, though others are also created to give comfort, such as a cooling gels being inserted into the toy or the teether can be taken from the freezer and given to a baby that's experiencing teething pain.

Any teethers that are gum soothing are a wonderful little invention and not only will they entertain a baby, they'll also give them respite from their sore gums. Thankfully, such toys are rigorously tested and are deemed safe for the purpose for which they were designed for - teething.

Toys 6 12 months are designed for babies that have better co-ordination. There's shape sorter toys, soft play-sets full of noises and texture and books - both board and soft-touch ones.

Once a baby has grasped (no pun intended) the ability to reach out and 'pick up' at will, plus entered the sitting stage, such toys will further aid their development.

Each one is intended to encourage them to explore and discover the world around them. And a child is never too young to be introduced to books.

Even though they have no defined linguistic skills at 6 12 months, books aimed at babies tend to reflect colors and shapes and allow interactivity between parent and child.

Shape sorters are particularly good for helping a child's growing co-ordination and bearing in mind the fact that they're always painted in various colors, they're also an early learning toy.

Children love to learn - even when they don't realise that they're doing it and babies are no exception.

There's a whole world of discovery at their fingertips and what parent wouldn't want to encourage their baby with such a wide range of 0 12 months toys at their fingertips.

The biggest problem is ... which one?!


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