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Toys For Boys That Love To Collect Bugs

Updated on April 1, 2013

Bug Toys For Boys

If you have a boy that loves to play with bugs you may be looking for toys that will expand his interest in getting away from the TV and going outside to play with the bugs.

There is a world of bugs right outside the door, give him a few tools to get going and he is sure to take off into a discovery of his own.

Boys who love bug can light up with a new bug catcher and bug net. But you can also spike interest in science with a bug science lab or find a interest in books with bug related fact and story books.

Best Boys Boy Collecting Kit - Toys For Boys That Love To Collect Bugs

No boy should go without a bug collecting kit. This is a simple kit of a large and small bug collector, with net, wrist compass and safety squeezers.

Rhode Adventure Planet Bug Catcher, 6-Piece Box Set
Rhode Adventure Planet Bug Catcher, 6-Piece Box Set

I like this kit because it forgos the high tech toys and keeps with the simple things in life. A few toys that boys will need to catch and store bugs.


Ant Farm For Boys Room - Toys For Boys That Love To Collect Bugs

This is not just any ordinary ant farm, it is a gel ant farm that glows in the dark. Not only is it fun for kids to look at but it can also serve as a fun nightlight.

Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue
Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue

A fun and fascinating item to have in a room. My son can look and stare at the gel ant farm for hours. Watching the ants work and make mazes through the gel can be fun for any age.


The first time I saw this was on a TV commercial after a kids cartoon. As my kids saw the owey goey mess and the bugs they all went, MOM we have to have that. While I did not go run to the store they did eventually get one for Christmas.

The first few attempt in make the bug treats was a mess. It seems the gel would not settle right and it just left blobs instead, no one could tell they was bugs.

At first we was very disappointed but after doing a little digging around and experimenting on different directions it finally worked. The biggest change we made that allowed the gew to set was not to add warm water like the directions said but to add room temperature water.

Would I buy it again: My boys say they would, but as a mom I wish the directions was right because it would of saved mess and a lot of time. But I have to say it was fun to watch the kids problem solve to find a solution to their problem.

Doctor Dreadful Zombies Bug Lab
Doctor Dreadful Zombies Bug Lab

If the boy you love loves bug then he will love to make these wiggly edible bugs at home. They will have fun making a little mess with the boys and playing with bugs.


Grass Hopper Bug Robot - Toys For Boys That Love To Collect Bugs

Whats more amazing then a bug crawling on the ground to a boy? A robot bug of coarse. The best thing about these small little robot bugs is that they are fairly cheap and can be a lot of fun if with a few other bug robots.

Bug Containers For Boys Room - Toys For Boys That Love To Collect Bugs

No boys room is complete with out a least one or two bug containers for there bug. They do not have to be big containers. The bugs can be kept in many different clear small containers or bug jars. Some larger bugs may do well in a larger mesh bug container.

My favorite bug container is wood with a wire net like cover. The handle is made of wood and is easy for little hands to hold.

Keeping Your Own Butterflies

Its a spring tradition to catch butterflies. They are so fun to look at for boys that love bugs. One of the big problems about butterflies is if they are not cared for they die very quickly. If kept in a jar or plastic container kids really do not have a chance to release them back.

I found a very light weight butterfly capsule at the dollar store that worked great. Many times all that was needed to do was put what the butterfly was on in the netted area and let the butterfly be observed for a little bit then released. Many times without even being touched.

They are also made where you can order your own butterfly to watch it mature. We have not done that yet but it seems exciting.

Reviews For Bug Toys For Boys

Best Books About Bugs For Boys

Bugs bugs and more bugs. Boys that love to play with bugs may also love to read more about bugs or fictional stories about bugs.

It is always fun to have a big book of bug encyclopedia around to look up bugs found around the yard. I also think it is very educational for kids to learn to research things they are interested in. Even very young kids can help.

What Is Your Favorite Toys For Boys That Love Bugs?

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