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Toys That Help Baby Sit Up

Updated on September 24, 2014

Baby Sit Up Seats That Many Parents Love

There are many milestones for babies that we parents get excited about and one of them is when they first try to sit up. This is always an exciting time and I tell you, one of the things you will no doubt start to look for are the best toys that help baby sit up.

You will probably try to first prop them up on the sofa or the corner of a wall with lots of cushions and pillows around them but sooner or later, you'll want something a bit more sturdy. Luckily, there are some toys and gadgets that can help you with this.

The Seat That Sits Baby Up

Many parents would consider the seats that help baby sit up by themselves a godsend. These seats are usually ergonomically designed so that the little ones can be propped up on the seat very easily.

Some of these seats start are recommended for children about 3 months old while some are for 4-6 months old.

The Floor Seat To Get Baby To Sit Up

The products mentioned above are the floor seats that we see many parents use. It's a good way for babies to sit especially if you don't want to be holding them all the time.

Remember though that they still need to be watched and looked after. Don't leave the baby all to himself just because he's on on eof these seats.

We used Bumbo seats with our kids. However, this was just recently recalled due to safety concerns.

Not to worry, there are a lot of other alternatives with more safer precautions, particularly a safety belt or harness that keeps the baby in place.

How To Help Babies Sit Up

It's understandable that we want our babies to sit up as early as possible. The normal age for babies to reach this milestone is from 6-9 months. But remember that like many other things in babies life, there are babies who sit up earlier or later than this.

It requires a lot of strength for babies to sit up. Frankly, if you just left him figure this out on her own, she will eventually learn to sit-up. But there are also other things that you can do to help your baby sit up. Here are some ideas:

  • Crawling and turning over are important actions to strengthen a baby's muscle. Get them to do this every day. Put them on the bed or on the floor and just get them to try to roll around.
  • Don't leave them to stay on the seat all the time. Again, the clue is practicing those muscles!
  • Get your babies to look up.

Movement is An Important Part In Learning To Seat

The more movement a baby does, the more her muscles get stronger. This means she will be sitting up quicker as well.

Get your child on her stomach or her back on the floor and just let her be. It's a good idea to have toys not quite within her reach so she will try to inch her way towards it. This effectively strenthens the muscles she needs for properly sitting up.

Brightly colored toys will always be of interest to babies so have some available around her. Jungle gyms are also very useful.

Bright Toys

Don't forget to have all his favorite toys around when your teaching your baby to sit. It's a good motivation for him and he wouldn't get bored so quickly.

Use any of the toys you have at home. You can also have a special toy that he can only play with during this time so the interest will be for much longer than a toy that he sees all the time.

Nursing Pillows To Support Babies To Sit Up

Nursing pillows are already a big help as they are.. And the good news is that there are now many of these nursing pillows that can grow with your child.

And yes, that includes as a support for the child to help learn how to sit.

Cushions All Around

When you're just teaching your baby to sit, make sure that there are cushions all around him/her for protection in case she falls.

Pillows and sofa cushions are perfectly fine as long as they provide adequate soft cushion.

You can also sit behind him while supporting him.

Do It Yourself Baby Seat

And if you don't want to buy the seats, you can easily make one for her much like the video below but remember that if you use this, you need to be right there with him all the time in case she falls over.

Exercises To Help Your Baby Start To Sit

I love this video by MommyTya showing all the different exercises she did every day to get her baby to sit just short of 5 months.

Obviously, as I have mentioned above, every child will have different developmental growth, but at any rate, it's a good idea to do some daily exercises to get their sitting muscles strong enough for "the sit"

Exercise To Help Your Baby Sit

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