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Transformers Prime Toys

Updated on April 15, 2013

TV Show Tie-In

The first Transformers Prime toys came in time for Christmas 2011. The Transformers Prime TV show has been very popular and kids will love the tie in toys (I am Mum to two fans.)

There are various difficulty levels in these toys. The deluxe and voyager ranges are more complex while the cyberverse ranges are smaller and easier.

The range was announced at 2011 NYCC and some special edition versions were only available at the conference.

We look at some of the first TV show tie-in models. These first edition versions are now collectible.

Let's take a look at the range.

Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising

@ Amazon


An animated TV show for kids. It features well-known transformers like Optimus Prime and Megatron and also human characters. The teens who star in the show are Jack and Miko with whizz kid Raf.

The show is very popular with kids who are too young for the Transformers movies but love the genre.

The first Transformers Prime DVD is available for preorder. And we're getting lots of Transformers Prime toys in time for Christmas.

Deluxe and Voyager Toys

Bigger more complex transformers.

Will these be compatible with the MechTech range? Not sure yet.

First Edition Models

Transformers Prime Deluxe Arcee First Edition
Transformers Prime Deluxe Arcee First Edition

There's a lot of excitement about getting a Deluxe Arcee. She's the only female autobot in Transformers Prime. She's very popular with girl fans of the show. And boys love her motorbike form too.

Transformers Prime, Deluxe Class, Starscream (First Edition)
Transformers Prime, Deluxe Class, Starscream (First Edition)

Starscream is one of the Decepticons featured in Transformers prime. Starscream transforms from his robot form into a jet plane. This transformer is very menacing in robot form!

Starscream is tall in robot mode and compact in Jet mode. The transformation is very neat.

Transformers Prime Action Figure First Edition Bumblebee
Transformers Prime Action Figure First Edition Bumblebee

Bumblebee is an autobot and a favorite character in Transformers Prime.We're getting a Deluxe Bumblebee in the range.


First Edition Deluxe Range on eBay - Used or unopened

You might be able to find unopened versions of these toys, or choose a used one to add to your collection.

Release Date

The first wave was available in time for Christmas 2011.

Video Review of the 2011 NYCC Exclusive - Bumblebee, Arcee, Jack and Raf

NYCC 2011 Bumblebee, Arcee and Jack - Exclusive Special Edition

Can you find these exclusive special edition versions available to buy? Let's take a look:

SDCC 2011 San Diego ComicCon Exclusive Action Figure Optimus Prime

If you can't wait, then there is one Transformers Prime available now.

SDCC 2011 San Diego ComicCon Exclusive Action Figure Optimus Prime

@ Amazon


You can see this special edition SDCC 2011 San Diego ComicCon Exclusive Action Figure in the video below. There are collectors editions of this toy around.

SDCC 2011 Video Review


Cyberverse transformers are small collectible transformers, typically rated Level 1 - Easy.


The Transformers Prime toys were previewed at Toy Fair 2011. Let's take a look:

Commander Class Ironhide


The Cyberverse transformers range are small and collectible. They are typically easy to transform.

Ironhide is one of the autobots and transforms into a black TopKick pickup.

Commander Class Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime is the autobot leader - the main good transformer. The Commander Class Cyberverse toys are bigger or have more features than others in the Cyberverse range.

Legion Class Arcee


Oh wow, a Legion Class Arcee for the Cyberverse transformers range. Arcee is a female autobot. She transforms into a motorcycle. In Transformers Prime she is blue with some pink detail. (She had previously been mostly pink, and sometimes purple.)

Legion Class Bumblebee

A new Cyberverse Legion Class Bumblebee for the collection.

Legion Class Wheeljack

Wheeljack is an autobot who turns into a white car with red and green stripes.

Wheeljack's Ship

Wheeljack travelled space in a ship. This action set features Wheeljack's ship.

Starscream Preview Video

An excellent detailed preview video that shows Starscream being transformed from robot to jet form.

Voyager Class Optimus Prime

The Voyager Class toys have more features or are bigger and a little more expensive than the deluxe range. No surprise that autobot leader Optimus Prime comes as a Voyager Class toy.

MechTech Voyager Class BulkHead

MechTech Toys

Bulkhead one of the autobots and he's big, so it makes sense that he's a Voyager Class transformer. Bulkhead transforms into a green armored truck.

Entertainment Pack

Optimus Prime and Megatron Transformers

3 Human PVC Figures

Entertainment Pack Video

The first half of this video shows close up of the Entertainment Pack toys.

You get to see both the robot and vehicle forms of Optimus Prime and Megatron (who looks very shiny!) plus the PVC figures of the kids from the show.

Entertainment Pack

The Entertainment Pack is rumored to contain 3 human figures plus Optimus Prime and Megatron transformers.

Human Action Figures

Entertainment Pack

The new Human Action Figures will include Jack, Miko and Raf. These are PVC figurines for acting out scenes from the TV show and creating your own adventures with other transformers prime toys.

You can get a sneak peak of these action figures in the video above (about 20 seconds in for a close up.)

Entertainment Pack Optimus Prime

This Entertainment Pack Optimus Prime is to scale with the PVC figures of Jack, Miko and Raf. Optimus Prime is the Autobot leader and transforms into a truck cab. He's the main good guy in the Transformers Prime TV show.

You get a good view of the Entertainment Pack Optimus Prime around 30 seconds in to the above video.

Entertainment Pack Megatron

This Entertainment Pack Megatron is to scale with the PVC figures of Jack, Miko and Raf. Megatron is the evil decepticon leader and transforms into a Mack Truck. He's the main bad guy in the Transformers Prime TV show.

You get a good close-up view of Entertainment Pack Megatron about 1 minute into the video above.

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Transformers Prime Toys

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