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The Best Travel Toys for Babies

Updated on August 12, 2014

Baby Travel Toys for Cars, Planes and Trains

I have a 1 year old baby and in his first year we have been on quite a few trips in the car and on an airplane as well as other methods of transport. In this time I have tried out various travel toys for babies and this article gives my suggestions of a few of the best, based on the toys that have occupied my baby during his first year.

I have aimed to give ideas for travel toys for babies of all ages from newborn to older babies.

However, perhaps the babies that need the travel toys the most are those that are on the move, especially when they're on your lap in the airplane or getting restless in the car!!

Read on for lots of ideas of the best travel toys for babies.

My Top Baby Travel Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

My baby has had this toy since he was about 6 months.

When he was about 8 months he really started using it and it has been a great travel toy and a great toy for keeping him occupied in restaurants or friends house.

It's small and lightweight so it east to carry in your bag and for baby to handle and play with.

The toy is almost like a baby mp3 player. It plays several classical tunes including Mozart and Beethoven. There are two sound settings so you can have it on the quiet one if you don't want to disturb people around you.

My son loves listening to the tunes but best of all he loves looking at the lights on the screen.

There is a big button which is easy for baby's small hands to press and changes the tunes. My little boy presses it again and again to keep changing the music.

There is a big handle on the side which is easy for little ones to hold as well as some rings which they can play with.

I can't tell you why my son likes this toy so much but he does and it really keeps him entertained for some time.


Baby Laptop

Another cool toy is a baby laptop like the one featured below.

My son has a baby laptop and he loves pressing the buttons and watching the screen light up.

My eldest son used to love the baby laptop as well and as he got older he would enjoy opening and closing the laptop and pretending to "work" on the laptop like Mummy.

The laptop that below is from aged 6 months. At this age babies will probably enjoy watching the lights and listening to the sounds but as they get older they will enjoy pressing the buttons and interacting with the toy.

The laptop isn't the smallest toy but small enough to have in your bag for travel. It is light too (about 1 pound), so won't add much extra weight to your bag. The one featured has a carrying handle which may come in useful too. As babies get older they will probably enjoy carrying it around by themselves.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop

The laptop features 9 buttons that make sounds, play songs and words when they are pressed.

It's quite educational too as it introduces baby to shapes, counting and abcs.

Recommended for babies aged 6 months and up.


Lamaze Take Along Toys

Lamaze make a great range of take along toys which are prefect baby travel toys for the car and elsewhere.

My son had the lamaze knot featured below. He became particularly interested in it at around 4 months. He loved to feel the different textures. There are lots of different materials including soft material, fluffy material and harder plastic (which is great for teething too). Babies will love putting these in their mouths as well.

Many of the Lamaze toys have mirrors for babies to look into as well as squeakers and other features.

What makes them good travel toys is that they are light and easy to throw in your baby. They also come with a loop which can be put onto a car seat for the car.

Bright Starts Lots of Links

Bright Starts Lots of Links
Bright Starts Lots of Links

These links are especially good travel toys for teething babies who will love to put them in their mouth and knaw on them.

There are 24 links which can be put together. They can easily be hanged from a car seat or stroller to entertain babies on the go.

The different textures and colors attract babies attention and enterain them. They are easy for younger babies to grasp too.

A great choice for younger babies.


Baby Remote Control

Anybody who has had a baby knows how much they love remote controls. They will pick them up and play with them for ages. I know one mom who took her remote control with her wherever she went with her baby to keep her occupied.

There are now a lot of baby remote controls available and they generally make good travel toys as they are easy to throw in your bag. There are some designed for younger babies (from as young as 3 months) and others for older babies from 1 year.

Read on for some options.

Bright Starts Click & Giggle Remote
Bright Starts Click & Giggle Remote

This is designed for children from aged 3 months to 36 months and I think it's a good choice.

It features over 25 nursery rhyme melodies, numbers, and fun television sounds. The remote also lights up as the buttons are pressed to keep baby engaged.

There's a link which attaches to carriers and strollers making it a good option as a travel toy.


Buckle Toys - For Older Babies

Buckle toys can make great travel toys for older babies. They are normally recommended for babies from about 15 months and older although some younger babies may enjoy feeling the textures and looking at the different buckles on the toys. My own son is 12 months old and fascinated by buckles already. He loves it when I buckle him in the highchair and laughs when I say click, click. We play this simple game a lot so I know he would love a buckle toy. He wouldn't be able to do the buckles yet but would still love examining and fiddling with them. He would also love me playing with it with me too. So if your baby loves buckles it may be a good choice.

Check out some buckle toys below.

BUCKLE TOY "Buster" – Toddler Early Learning Basic Life Skills Children’s Plush Travel Activity
BUCKLE TOY "Buster" – Toddler Early Learning Basic Life Skills Children’s Plush Travel Activity

Buster the Square offers a variety of bright colors, shapes, numbers and 6 child-friendly buckles to keep your little ones attention anywhere. All Buckle Buddies attach to any diaper bag, high chair, stroller, or car seat. If Buster gets dirty don't worry he is machine washable.

BUCKLE TOY "Bucky" Turtle - Toddler Early Learning Basic Life Skills Children’s Plush Travel Activity
BUCKLE TOY "Bucky" Turtle - Toddler Early Learning Basic Life Skills Children’s Plush Travel Activity

Bucky the turtle has child friendly buckles down the front, numbers 1-10 on his tummy, 6 shapes on his shell, and a zipper down the middle of his shell that opens to carry other toys. This toy is great for kids who love to try and buckle their own high chair, stroller, and car seat.



Babies of all ages love looking at books.

For very young babies, choose books which are very visual. High contrasting and bright colors really attract and hold their attention.

As babies get older they love touching and feeling everything and books are no exception. My son will spend ages flicking through the board pages of the book and loves feeling different textures. Lift the flap books and touch the flap boos are another good choice.

However one of my top choices would be the Vtech Rhyme and Discover book below.

If you are interested in getting books for occupying your baby on your journey you may also like this article on this best books for 1 year olds.

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book (Discontinued by manufacturer)
VTech Rhyme and Discover Book (Discontinued by manufacturer)

The Vtech Rhyme and Discover book is almost a book and music toy rolled into one.

There are lots of nursery rhymes with an animal theme incluing Mary Had a Little Lamb,

There's 2 volumes which is good if you need to turn it down when other people are around - perhaps on an airplane.

The big page turners mean babies around 1 years old can turn the pages themselves (which they love to do). And if you push the buttons on the page turners they make an animal sound.

It's a great value toy which is perfect for keeping little hands and minds entertained on a long journey. It's also perfect just to throw in your bag.

Where Is Baby's Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book
Where Is Baby's Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book

This is a great option of a lift the flap book that my son used to love.

You have to lift the flap on each page to find a body part such as baby's belly button, baby's hands and baby's eyes. The flaps a big so older babies can have a go at lifting them. Great for learning the names for body parts too.


Baby Cell Phones

Cell phones are another gadget that babies are attracted too and there are lots of baby cell phones that are small, compact and make good travel toys.

My own baby currently loves pretending to talk on the phone and will actually pick up a variety of different objects to use as phones, so it makes a good game for us to play while traveling.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Friendly Flip Phone (6 Months +)
Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Friendly Flip Phone (6 Months +)

The flip phone has been designed for babies from aged 6 months to 3 years. Its compact so makes a good toy to throw in your bag for travel.

Each time baby flips the phone open, a mouse, kitty and puppy take turns appearing with a friendly "Hello!" Pressing buttons plays 3 ring tones or musical key tones. And of course, closing the phone means it's time to say "Good-bye."

LeapFrog Chat And Count Smart Phone, Violet
LeapFrog Chat And Count Smart Phone, Violet

Good choice for older babies.

As well as role play, there are sing along to songs about counting and phone routines and baby can explore more than 15 phone activities


Tips When Traveling With a Baby

Having done some travel with my baby here are some tips to keep them occupied and happy when on the move.

Take enough snacks/milk/food/drinks. Having a baby who's on the move on your lap for a plane flight can be a real struggle. Keep them occupied by providing some of their favorite small snacks throughout the journey. This helps to keep them still while they are eating. It also ensures they are not hungry and happier.If flying and bottle feeding you can try and give them a bottle on take off and landing. The sucking action will help them so their ears are less likely to pop. If they use a pacifier this is another option.Don't forget wipes for cleaning up baby when required.Blankets can be useful. Not only do they keep babies warm when required, they are great for playing peek a boo when taking a break on a car journey or when on the plane / train.Get organised. It helps to have a bag for toys and another for snacks as well as a place/bag to put any rubbish. If possible try and travel during naptimes so they'll sleep for the majority of the trip. Try and let them crawl around as much as possible before traveling so they're less restless when confined to a car seat or on the plane.

If you are flying or on a the train/bus, be prepared to interact with baby to keep them occupied too. Sing their favorite nursery rhymes. Play clapping games. Talk to them and play with them as much as possible. Remember you are your baby's favorite toy!

Portable DVD Player

If your baby will sit through some short TV programs it may be worth considering getting a portable DVD player. This can be good to occupy older babies on long journeys.

The cost of portable DVD players has come down quite considerably in recent years.

Sylvania Portable DVD Player SDVD7027-C, 7-Inch, Swivel Screen, Black
Sylvania Portable DVD Player SDVD7027-C, 7-Inch, Swivel Screen, Black

This portable DVD player has a swivel screen which can turn 180 degrees. This can be good for parents of young children as you can turn the screen around so babies and toddlers can't see all those tempting buttons to press!

It has a 5 hour battery life which is very good.

It also includes built in stereo speakers, a carry bag, earphones, a slim remote, an AC and car adapator so you can charge the player in your car too.


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    • nolinel lm profile image

      nolinel lm 

      6 years ago

      Some great edias here. :)

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 

      6 years ago from Vermont

      You are so spot on right about babies and remotes or cell phones. It is amazing that my youngest granddaughter has been fascinated with these devices since she was about 4 months old. She has the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes and also the Leap Frog Chat and Count and she is now 2.5 years and still using and loving those. She knows when a cell phone with no battery is inoperable ... wee ones LOVE the TV remote, so we hide it from her because she is only allowed small bits of TV entertainment.


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