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Tribal Wars Guide To Defence

Updated on September 9, 2012

Tribal Wars Defence

Some people may argue, that optimizing your defense is the hardest part of Tribal wars. This guide will show you just about everything there is about defending your hard earned village. It ranges from what your village should look like to what troops should be in it and how to defend against an attack. After reading this guide you will have a better understanding of how to defend.

The Troops Used To Defend A Village

There are three main defensive troops. They are Spears, Swords and Heavy Calvary.

Spears are generally used to defend against Calvary, while Swords and Heavy Calvary are generally used for defending against Axe men.

There are also scouts. Some people consider the scouts as one the most important if not the most important unit for defending a village because nearly all players scout before they attack a village and if you have the right number you can kill the attackers scouts. This puts off many people because they don't know how many troops you have in your village.So scouts can save you from a whole load of attacks.

There are also Catapults which have some defensive qualities, but really they are not that important to most players. So I won't focus on them.

Defensive Troops Build

There are two main Defensive Builds, one is quick but it is not as effective while the other is slow but a lot more effective:

Fast Build:

8000 Spears

2000 Heavy Calvary

400 Scouts

Slow Build:

10000 Spears

10000 Swords

400 Scouts

The fast build is for players who need to quickly rebuild their village after an attack or who have little patience. If you are a player who supports your tribe members a lot then this is the build to use because as i have already said it is quick to build and it is quick to move between villages.

The slow build is for people who have some patience and want a strong set-up. Its downfall is it is slow to build and slow to move between villages.

Both builds contain 400 scouts which should defend against most offensive nukes as they only contain a 100 scouts.

These builds are flexible, but i wouldn't change it to much as it becomes less effective . I make half of my villages with the slow build and the other half as the fast build so that, attacking players can't adapt to one build. I would suggest the same.

I used the slow build today to defend against this attack on the right. I have been waiting for someone to attack me since I first wrote this lens so I could show you a build that could defend against such nukes.


It is not points that make you great, but it is troops that make you great. Troops is everything in this game.

A Defensive Village Build

In my opinion a defensive village build should always be the same as an offensive village build because that means the attacker has to guess which of your villages are the defensive and offensive as they all have the same amount of points.

The troops I mentioned above fits in nicely with this build in terms of farm space:

Village Head Quarters-20




Academy-1 (or 3 in some worlds)


Rally Point-1


Timber Camp-30

Clay Pit-30

Iron Mine-30



Hiding Place-10


This is a typical village build. A few things I will point out is that not only for defensive villages but also for offensive villages should always have the wall level 20 because this gives the best possible boost of defense. Barracks and stable should be maxed always because that means you have the quickest time to build troops.

Your Wall

Your Wall has to be level 20

What is the secret to success?

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Incomming Troops-How To Defend

So you log on to your account and you see there is incoming troops that are attacking. Don't panic there are a two simple steps to take:

1.Find out who the attacker is.

2.Tell your tribe and remember to give as much information as possible.

Right so now that is out the way, you have got to determine what to do. If it is a single attack, and you haven't had a scout attack yet it is probably a scouts attack. Then this means all you need to do is get as many scouts in your village.

Now if you have been scouted already and you have now got 4-5 incoming attacks it is probably a noble train. So now you have got to decide if you are going to dodge. Dodging is very simple, get your troops out of the village by the time the attack comes, however that wouldn't be very sensible if it is a noble attack as you have basically given the village for free to the attacker.

The obvious answer is then to stack. This means get as many defensive troops in the village as possible. This however can not be very sensible if you don't have very many troops, as they will be killed.

Most of the time the most sensible option is to snipe but this is tricky. Sniping is where you land your troops back into your village just after the first wave of attack hits. This is a good way because the first wave is the clearing wave which might kill all your troops if you left them there. The remaining waves are usually weak and so you can kill off the nobles easily. However sniping is hard if the noble trains are sent within the same second.

If you choose one of these correctly then only then will you successfully win.


Defense only delays your opponents, often the most effective way to defend is to get rid of your opponents by nobleing them

What Is The Most Efective Way To Defend, With A Normal Attack?

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How To Snipe

This is done in a few simple steps.

1. ID where the incoming noble trains are heading.

2. Jot down support times to each village with train incomings from each available defense village from the longest to shortest time. Work out a brief plan of order, if you are sniping from a defense village with train incomings make sure it snipes another train before it is hit.

3. prepare to snipe:

this is where the difference lies:

instead of preping a timed launch of support, open opera and prep up a train, if you have a defence village with 10k/10k in it load 10 tabs and put 1k/1k in each, aim this support for the village you are sniping the trains from.

factor in lag +1 second or so to be on the safe side and launch lag+1 seconds before the support time matches the incoming time on the targeted village.

Now launch a train of support at your village

this is a bit different than normal noble trains, in normal noble trains you aim to launch as fast as possible, in sniping trains you aim to launch as REGULARILY as possible, this is because by doing so you increase the chances of landing one between clearing and nobles.

for example:

incoming support train

00:29:59:500- support

00:29:59:999- nuke:









4. clear the misses, the other great advantage of this tactic is that you can clear all the support that lands outside the train and then reuse the village to support another village.

Sniping is a confusing tactic but once you done it once, it is easy to do again.


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