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Tribal Wars - Speed Round Guide

Updated on February 27, 2012

The Speed Round Basic's

One of my many to come Tribal Wars Articles is this, The Speed Round Guide. Now, Speed Rounds are buggers, as being nobled isn't your target, your target is the opposite. But in this guide, I will explain to you why you shouldn't focus on getting another village unless you need to, why you need to up your defenses, and why increasing your resources first are good options. Read on, and this might teach you a thing or two on how to play AND survive on a Speed Round at the same time.

Resource's Always come first!

Why they're important!

OK. Why should I focus on Resource's First? Well, when you have a quicker resource flow, you can focus on pretty much any event. So, if you are being attacked and your only earning about 1000 of each resource a minute, you might not get enough troops built in time to defend your village. But when you get to about 3000 of each resource, you can train 50 Heavy Cavalry almost instantly, as you don't have to wait for resources! Another thing with Resources is this: When you want a higher HQ, you want higher resources. This works with pretty much every building that is in your village, but it's true. No-one likes to wait, and even on the Speed Round you can get quite bored.

So the point is, resource pit's may take long to build, but don't worry about defenses until you get about level 20 of each resource pit. Don't forget you have Beginners Protection, so build quick, it's only for about 20 Minutes!

Defending your Kingdom!

Villages aren't Invincible!

So after you have a steady flow of Resources and hopefully have increased the size of your Warehouse, your ready to start defending your empire. Now, on the speed round, there will always be other people ahead of you, and they want your village. So, don't you think it's time to make your villagers defend your village? For now, focus on making lots of Swordsmen (If you can't make any more troops, increase your Farm Level). About 500 Will do for now. Swords are some of the best defenders (The second best, competing with Heavy Cavalry), so they're great in a mass amount. After you have a lovely amount of Swordsmen, we don't want people finding out our plan and/or how many troops we have! Get cracking on making a Stable and a Smithy! Once you have both, research the Scout unit. These units can be a powerful weapon for the enemy, and your biggest weakness. So after you have researched the Scout, again, make around 500. After that, we can relax a little on our defenses.

Why do I need to make Scouts then? Well, for one, No troops BUT the Scouts, can defeat the Scout. So Having a million Swordsmen will have no use against even one Scout unit. So a hefty amount of Scouts can be useful. Also there is something to remember, if you get successfully scouted, you need to make more troops quickly. Usually people who scout you have Noblemen ready to attack, and if you have to many troops, they wont bother wasting troops. Hopefully.

So why not take another village yet?

Well, the reason is...

People with many villages usually have weak defenses. You should know that, because when you take a new village, you are a great opportunity to the people who want to take it off you. Also, here is my checklist before I take another village:

- Village HQ at Highest Level

- Market at Highest Level

- Warehouse at Highest Level

- Barracks at Highest Level

- Stable at Highest Level

- Resource pits at Highest Level

- All leftover villagers are troops

- Academy is Level 3

- Heavy Cavalry Count at 1000+

Stop there! That's quite a bit of tasks. And yes, here is the reason: Having mostly every building at it's highest level makes everything work better, so if I need to move resources from village to village, then I can keep on sending them. If I need to deploy troops for defense or offense quickly, I can. If I need another noble for emergency's, I can make another one. If I don't have defenses, I start off with a small village again because my first village was nobled. They all have a reason, and you will see why when you are following this guide! Once you have your second village, do this guide again to your next village, then your next, then your next, and so on. It will earn you a lot of points, and maybe, just maybe will get you first.

Guide Review - Care to feed me your thoughts?

Thank you for reading my guide. I have set up a nice little poll for you to decide how useful you thought this Guide was. If you want to leave a comment, please do. I love hearing people's feedback. And you, along with many others, are my hope on making things better.

How Helpful was this guide? Rating out of 10?

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Tell me what you liked or hated the most in this guide. Tell me if it was useful or not, and even tell me how you think I could improve! Thank you for reading, and leave a nice little comment below.

Your comment's, please. - Did you enjoy this guide?

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    • profile image

      hejraat aka theamk 2 years ago

      i did not really like you way of playing to be fair (no offense but its just not my way)

      this is because i think that you focus less on farming and more on recource pits and since you stated that some people will always be ahead it suggests that you barily (or even never) get rank 1.

      you should be fairly quick to get your second village

      once you have 2 villages people will think 2 about attacking you

      and another point is that most people (at least the dominators) go offensive with some deff (mostly spear) so i don't think that you should be telling people to turtle

      well. i guess i should write my own guide!

    • accfuller profile image

      accfuller 5 years ago

      Nice review and tips!

    • profile image

      Abisheksam 5 years ago

      Well I used to play tribal wars but I moved on... Still like it's style...

      Nice lens...