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KABADDI.4000 year game with no Gadgets.World Cup Men/Women Video Watch.

Updated on July 27, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Watch the Game Live in any of the final match.

Kabaddi or in tamil Kal Pudi was started thousands of years ago and it is said that it was in tamil nadu that this sports was played long before any present sports were played like foot ball,cricket,hockey or basket ball.I encouraged this sports for young trainees for my big textile mills to move them away from union activities.They were so strong that I had to arrange 3 show cases to keep the trophy and prizes they won in various matches in other textile mills and clubs. I spent generously as there was sufficient budget allotted by my stupid National Textile Corporation a Govt of India Managed undertaking

Kabbaddi is a hard team sport with out any equipment and only a mark on the field which has to be cleaned if required.Now we have synthetic material and this has helped players in minor scratches which they would suffer when they are dragged on the ground.The tough part of the game is holding your breath continuously uttering the word Kabbaddi,Kabbaddi,Kabbaddi and saying it till you touch a person in the opponent team and get back to your side with out you getting held by the opponents in their territory. In this game attack and defense are not separated as in hockey,football or basketball.The hunter is simultaneously the haunted and every raid is equally an opportunity to bring down a member of the attacking party.Evey time a attacker enters the opponents territory on a hunting raid one cannot be sure of his return,he could return by touching a opponent who must quit that group making the opponent weaker by one player.The most important aspect of this game is the strength and capacity to hold the breath.There is no technical flaw or rule as you can watch the game even on television all the players trying to pin down the opponent with all their strength and technique and the attacker trying to get past them by his strength and technique.

The development of this sport to International level depends on the Sports Minister of Govt of India who must himself be a excellent sportsperson knowing every sport that is played in thw world and make our game to be played in every country in the world.However our country is facing this challenge now with a 66 year party that never gave sports its due recognition except for a sport which made the dirty politicians rich by unfair means and under the table technique.

Our Film Industry has taken note by a single Film Star who has glorified this game recently and perhaps it will go the IPL way which is not such a craze now.The problem is that the way the game is to be marketed must be similar to cricket played like T20 or IPL what ever which went viral all over the world when international men came to our country and played like our teams with our players.This is a very strong signal for people to people contact and friendship besides cultural social activity which our previous govt never bothered and made stupid old and inefficient and disinterested in sports as their party loyal to big politicians as sports ministers not to make our country rich in sports but rich ministers.Will present PM Change.

Lady's also play U tu tu [ Kabaddi ]

Flood Lit Kabaddi play in COORG a Land of the Brave on top of KARNATAKA.
Flood Lit Kabaddi play in COORG a Land of the Brave on top of KARNATAKA.

Kabadi a Tamil Nadu ancient sports of different type.

Kabaddi is a very inexpensive game. It does not even require huge court area, as in, hockey, football, golf, cricket etc. Other than human body, no other gadgets, in the form of bat or ball or gloves or stumps and, or, nets is required to play.
Kabaddi is a very inexpensive game. It does not even require huge court area, as in, hockey, football, golf, cricket etc. Other than human body, no other gadgets, in the form of bat or ball or gloves or stumps and, or, nets is required to play.

Game all over Asia.

Watch - Kabadi - India V/S Pakistan.World Cup.

Women's Kabaddi cup Punjab 2011 UK VS

Kabaddi is a Simple but Strong Sport.

This game has no gadgets..No net,bat,ball or stick.Those who play need a strong body and very quick reflexes with legs,hands in fighting fit condition.Why is this 4000 year old is because there was no need for any sport 4000 years back as people were equal in all respects and the game of winning or losing was of no significance to such people who could fly a air plane ( Puspak Viman ) at the age of 5 years.That was the goldan period,nothing was more and nothing was less in that period.The game of Kabadi is played all over India by young boys even in small villages.The area of play is equal to both the teams and maximum of 7 players are allowed to play with a stand by of 5 players to step in in case of injury or upon a person declared to have been touched by the opponent team replace to make up 7 who will be playing.The leader of the teams toss a coin and the choice of opening is left to the leader who calls the toss.If the winner of the toss decides to allow the opponent to open the game the leader of the opponent team selects the person and asks him to go and touch any opponent of the other side and return in to his area with out being captured by the opponents.

In India the majority of Indians live in rural area where the President of the Village Panchayit has no choice to use any of the organized sport,the village boys have to play U tu tu while the elected representative lives in a posh bungalow and sends his children to a school where his children can play cricket.The country's leading sports govt official is in Jail on corruption charges.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 3 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Hindi Film Star has come up now to show this sport in a latest film.

    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 6 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks for your encouraging comments.Can I send you a Kabaddi T shirt.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I just watched three or four youtube videos (you may want to add a link to on on your hub) - it looks like quite the intriguing sport - I certainly had never heard of it. Thanks for sharing, voted up and interesting.


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