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Turbo Movie 2013. Toys, Dolls and Figures

Updated on October 8, 2013

Turbo Movie 2013 Toys, Dolls and Figures!

Well, I can honestly say, that I wasn't expecting an animated film about snails! I mean, I love all creatures great and small...but y'know...snails? Anyway, I'm excited about Turbo 2013 because I get excited about all animations!

Some huge stars are attributed to this snaily animation - mainly Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L.Jackson and Snopp Dogg!

With all good animations, come plenty of good toys, dolls, figures and merchandise - which are prefect for collectors, film buffs and little ones. On this page you will find some of the best Turbo movie toys and dolls, as well as games and books. You name it, you can find it.

Click here to go straight to's page dedicated to all toys, dolls and more related to TURBO movie now!

Who's Your Favourite Snail Racer?

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The Art of Turbo

The Art of DreamWorks Turbo
The Art of DreamWorks Turbo

"The Art of..." series are a truly fabulous collectors item. They bring them out for virtually all the big animation block busters, and they are jammed packed with photos and sketches from behind the scenes of the movies. Fans of Turbo will love seeing how characters and sets we designed and how concepts were created. A really lovely item for any fan of animation!


Aren't these cool? They are boasted as being palm sized, just like a real snail, and kid powered - letting the kid playing really making this little racing snails zoom at awesome speeds!

This pack contains four shell racers, with a nifty little tuck and roll vehicle that will speed along when you tuck in its little head and tail - cute huh?

I remember being little and picking up a bunch of snail shells - they all started opening up, all slimy over my hand...I screamed and screamed...but I don't think I would have if they were racing snails like these cool little fellas!

It's like a scalectrix...but with snails! Now, if I was a kid THIS is what I would be wanting! I used to love love love any racing set. Any cars, trucks...anything that could race, I was all over it. I adored my garage toyset and loved my scalectrix more! I would play on it all day, and watch the little cars whizz around the track with nothing but joy in my heart!

Now, how can you spruce up the scalectrix? Introduce a well known animated character...but not just any animated that IS a racer already. Let that character be Theo/Turbo the racing snail and bingo! You have yourself the ultimate kids toy!

Well...this isn't quite the same, the principle of speed is...and that's the most important part. With this, you can launch two snails together, that whizz around the track then fly off into the sky and super-sonic speeds. What could possibly bring more delight to a kid, than that?

Turbo Animation
Turbo Animation

Who's starring in Turbo?

Dreamworks have lined up a stella cast to be taking on the voices of those super cute racing snails. Ryan Reynolds (who has only just recently lent his vocal character abilities to the other Dreamworks smash, The Croods) takes up the lead character, and is playing title character, Turbo.

Other notable names involved are Paul Giamatti who is playing Chet, Michael Peña playing Tito, and the legend that is Samuel L.Jackson playing Whiplash. Familiar faces such as Michelle Rodriguez (Lost) and Maya Rudolphe (Bridesmaids) also give their voices.

There are a few worthy cameos as well. Surprise appearance in the line up is rapper and RnB sensation, Snopp Dogg, who plays the aptly named Smoove Move!

The Snail Cartoon becomes a Computer Game!

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad - Nintendo Wii
Turbo: Super Stunt Squad - Nintendo Wii

The best thing about new animated movies coming out - is that you get to play the video game! As the film is all about racing snails - what better way to enjoy a computer game, than with racing snails!!


This fab little toy has two main uses. Little ones can push the Turbo around with real working wheels, so the playset can come to life as the child's imagination sees fit - but also, when the little button is pushed, he lights up! Essentially, this acts as a flashlight AND a toy.

When Theo is Turbo-ized the excitement turns itself into light that can be a comfort at nighttime, or just to have really cool adventures around the playroom. I think this is a really neat idea, especially to any kid who is obsessed with torches and nightlights. Duel purpose toys have never been better, have they?

I love it when children get interested in films, as inevitably it opens up a whole new avenue to start reading, and the world of literature. This is done very well by animated classics. So, if a child really enjoys a feature, or in this case an animated film - then the adult can introduce them to the novelization.

Here, we have the novelization version of Turbo - where young minds can engage and get to know the characters by text, rather by visuals. Letting their creative juices flow as they imagine the world where a tiny snail can take on the world with his super fast speed.

If you know a child who loves to read, perhaps let them read this first, before going to see it?

Turbo film
Turbo film

What is this film about?

The storyline of Turbo is pretty standard - it's the underdog story. Theo is an ordinary snail. He wants to race with the big leagues in the Indy500, but of course he isn't good enough. He's an ordinary garden snail. Then beyond all odds, he gets turbo-charged, but can he win the race?

In my mind, this film has perfection written all over it. It's about cute little creatures (particularly kinda slimey ones, and all kids love slime, right?) AND it's about racing! Worlds colliding! It has something for everyone - kids that like cute and funny little animated characters...and kids that love cars and racing. It's like EPIC meets CARS, in one speedy comic tale.

I'm really excited to see this movie. At first, I wasn't keen, I was puzzled. Then, I saw the trailers and realised how incredibly awesome I think this movie is going to be. Who'd a thought a film about snails could be so entertaining!!

Get Your Shell On (Ready-to-Read. Level 1) [Paperback]

Get Your Shell On (Turbo)
Get Your Shell On (Turbo)

For much young readers, this is a great introduction to the story. Ready-to-Read is a great series, introducing well known titles that will help inexperienced readers feel less intimidation by picking up a book full of strange looking words.


Meet Turbo [Board book]

Meet Whiplash (Turbo) [Board book]

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