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Becoming Undead in Dungeons and Dragons Online

Updated on March 31, 2013

Players intensely focused in the arts of necromancy can change into a lich or wraith in this MMORPG by Turbine. Below is a guide about the abilities, with both the benefits and penalties listed.

They are immune to any of the normal healing abilities, but I've listed information on how an undead is able to heal themselves. Liches and wraiths are also naturally immune to both criticals and repairs.

Only necromancer wizards who chose to become a Pale Master can become undead. Everyone else playing Dungeons & Dragons online... you're out of luck! See the page below to find out more about this prestige class.

Which seems more fun to you? (even without knowing what they do)

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Good things about being Undead - There had to be a reason you'd want to do it.

  • The Umbral Worg pet (Summon Monster V) is very helpful.

    This little shadow dog can create other undead to help you.

  • Items with the Boon of Undeath will heal you when you're hurt.

    It's not usually as much as the damage you just took, but it can help.

  • You benefit from the "Harm" and "Inflict Wounds" spells being cast on you.

    This also includes the aura of an Arcane Skeleton, including your own.

    Any negative energy effects will turn into a bonus for you.

  • It just plain looks cool to turn undead!

    Both forms have interesting visual effects.

  • The Lich and Wraith are both completely immune to critical hits.

    This lets you use the Yugoloth Potions to raise your intelligence without a penalty.

  • Considered undead instead of your original race for any harmful effects.

Bad things about being Undead - Death isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  • Your DDO character is completely immune to positive energy spells.

    In other words...a heal, cure wounds, or even lay on hands does nothing.

  • An undead player will quickly make a cleric or favored soul angry.

    Many will just stop trying healing you even when you exit undead form.

  • Regeneration doesn't work on your pale master either.
  • Your own healing spells and potions won't work as an undead form.

    The DDO developers made alternatives you can use, listed below.

  • Warforged in both undead forms are no longer constructs.

    Their wooden bodies are now immune to Reconstruct and Repair spells.

Restoring HP

There's a vampire who can help you.

Need potions and scrolls? Talk to Verisgante behind House Jorasco (the actual building) while you're in undead form. He'll summon another undea, a Wheep, to barter with you.

This wheep takes collectibles like necromantic gems. In return, he'll give you scrolls of spells like Death Aura, Harm, and Inflict Wounds. Potions are also given for the lower level negative energy spells you can drink. Your wizard will need the Use Magic Device skill to invoke negative energy on yourself with a scroll unless it's been changed after this DDO Undead guide was written.

The Death Aura spell will regenerate you every few seconds. It also works on your skeleton pets. A summoned arcane skeleton brings his own aura with him. This will heal your pale master if he's standing nearby.

Other undead players can also use their Necrotic Touch ability to heal you. Unfortunately, it cannot be used on yourself. Someone on the Dungeons and Dragons online development team must've thought it would be fun to see groups of 6 undead wizards traveling together.

Bonuses as a Lich - A powerful and typically very evil undead archmage.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to be an evil alignment in Dungeons and Dragons online.

Your character will still retain his or her natural moral state.

Transforming into an undead lich form requires the Toughness feat.

  • Attribute bonus: +4 Constitution.

    That's the same as an extra 40 health & bonus fortitude saves.

  • Attribute bonus: +2 Intelligence.

    This makes all the spells your undead pale master wizard casts harder to resist.

  • Lich form also gets a +2 bonus to Wisdom.
  • Glowing eyes and a yellowish crown effect draped across your shoulders.
  • Your spells in the Necromancy school are harder to resist.
  • You have a small chance to regain health when your lich is hit.

    This is similar to the "Life Shield" item effect.

  • All unarmed attacks you make will do extra damage, casting an Inflict Wounds spell.

Bonuses as a Wraith - Glide around instead of walking.

Transforming into an undead wraith form requires the Mental Toughness feat.

  • You no longer make any attempts at movement.

    Your DDO character will simply float wherever he wishes to go.

  • You get glowing red eyes that leave a trail as you move around.

    There is also a giant cloud of smoke surrounding your wraith.

  • Your character now gets an Incorporeal bonus.

    This causes 25% of monster attacks on you to miss.

    Most importantly, it also stacks with your Blur & Displacement spells.

  • Wraiths are permanently under the effect of Feather Fall.
  • Your undead unarmed combat attacks deal constitution damage.

    This is similar to using a wounding weapon, and both effects stack.

  • A huge +20 bonus to the Move Silently skill.

What do you think of the DDO undead forms? Is turning your pale master into one worth it?

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    • JJNW profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      I have a teenager. Everything undead is uber cool! lol.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Lol...I was thinking that undead would indeed be a very good thing :)


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