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How to make Crysis 3 run Faster with the Best Graphics Possible

Updated on February 23, 2013

The Crysis 3 Settings

So you bought the latest blockbuster game by Crytek, Crysis 3 on the PC ? You installed it on your computer and it doesn't run as well as you were hoping ? Well you are not the only one, it is a very hungry game as it was the case with Crysis 1 & 2 but if you follow this quick tutorial you can squeeze out the best performance from your dated or even recent computer and enjoying this beauty of a game in next to no time.

The best way i found to setup Crysis 3 on the PC for the best performance was I worked on setting by setting while my in game character was sat looking at a good view of both distant effects including water, a little shadow and shading and crouched for a good view of the ground for texture detail and lighting.

My advice to you is this, follow these settings exactly then tweak accordingly until you find your game runs well. You will need to move around, possibly throw a grenade and see if you experience any lag etc, another way is to run FRAP's as the game Crysis 3 only now allows drawing of frames per second via sandbox.

Ok whatever PC you have firstly set the game up with these default settings and the trick is to work yourself down first then up later if possible, this will give you the perfect ratio of graphics quality and performance.

High Graphics on Crysis 3 - We all want the best possible graphics with as little drop in FPS

Crysis 3 Graphic Settings
Crysis 3 Graphic Settings

Obviously we all want the best possible graphics on any of the latest PC games but fact is PC's and games move on and our once lighting fast PC's struggle to keep up with the demand of the latest game's and there is not many many more demanding that Crytek's Crysis 3.

If you follow these settings below you will slowly find out what settings your PC is capable of potentially for the best graphics in Crysis 3, working from the top down until you are happy. The following settings also apply to multi player as well as campaign.


First and foremost setup your monitor in it's optimal resolution for example on my 24" monitor i have it set to 1920x1080, but remember resolution can make a big impact on the peformance of the game. So setup as default to start with, you will probably find this the starting resolution that is chosen automatically.


For AA start off SMAA Medium (2TX), changing to higher is only recommended if you are running SLI or XFire, which is basically 2 graphics cards running at the same time, in all honesty it does not make a huge difference anyway so stick with this.

SMAA Medium (2TX)


Virtual Sync can really affect the performance of your game, it works by waiting for every frame on screen to catch up meaning no tearing which if you play xbox 360 or PS3 you will experience all the time but probably never notice it. So turn it off for now.



Go into your Graphic Settings and place your graphic settings on Very High for now and work down if after the following settings if required.



Now follow the settings in the image as follows.You may be a little shocked to find that changing any of these settings like shading and water from Low to High has hardly any difference to the actual graphics at all in the game yet many will drop the frames per second by a substantial amount. The most important factors here to make the graphics look good are basically putting everything on low except for the Object setting which you want to put on VERY HIGH

Advanced Graphic Settings - Copy these settings in Crysis 3 In-game settings

Crysis 3 Graphic Settings
Crysis 3 Graphic Settings

Also notice that the Anisotropic Filtering is set to 16x, again this is another thing you can bring down later dependant on how the current settings work.

ULTRA HIGH SETTING IN CRYSIS 3 - It's all in the details.

High Settings on Crysis 3
High Settings on Crysis 3

As you can see Crysis 3 is an absolutley stunning game, with the company claiming the graphics will not be beaten visually for at least a year.

The latest in shading in lighting produce such an immersive experience with all terrains being pure eye candy to play.


Once you have setup the above settings run the game for a few minutes, preferably on the second level with the grassy fields and turrets shooting at you, I found it perfect for testing both in game detail and of the grass, ground detail and water as well as the turret shooting and causing explosions which is a great way to test for drop in performance or frames per second.


If you are lucky enough to have a recent or powerful gaming rig and the game runs well with little or low slow down then i would suggest enabling V-Sync first of all. If you still find Crysis 3 runs smooth as butter with no lag then knock your Antialiasing up a setting, after that unless you have a good i5 or i7 processor or two graphics cards you will probably experience some kind of slow down.


If you find it slows down, and lags a lot even before anyone is shooting at you then return to the advanced settings and change your anisotropic filtering down to 8x and your object to medium setting then test again. If it still slows down the next step is to drop the Texture Resolution and return to the game. If it still lags then simply turn off Anti Aliasing, try again and then move on to then dropping your resolution to perhaps 1280x720 and continue to drop anisotropic filtering and texture resolution until the game run at an acceptable and playable rate.


If the game drops a few frames but not a lot then change your anisotropic filtering to 8x then if you find you have to drop your texture resolution drop it to High. If the lag persists you may consider following more of the settings above in "IF IT SLOWS DOWN - A LOT".

**Remember to restart Crysis 3 if you change Texture Resolution at any point to apply the change.


It can be annoying knowing your 2-3 year old computer is not capable of running a benchmark game such as Crysis 3 without what feels like putting it on bottom end settings. But you are not the only one, it is a Benchmark Game and Crytek have boasted it's going to be the best graphics and most visually stunning game for at least another year (2014) and even the Sony Playstation 4 and New Xbox will not be able to match it in graphics nor run it on full if it is released on either platform.


If you are running on a really old computer with built in on-board graphics then fact is you are best sticking the resolution as low as possible and the settings to absolute minimum. Take into consideration the PC version settings don't even go as low as the current Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 versions so if you have a computer that is older than these "now ancient" console's then you are not going to be able to run Crysis 3.

Get your Copy of Crysis 3 Now

If you were considering buying the title crysis 3 then there really is no better time, there are some great offers available for the best graphics on any game.

Crysis 3 - Best Graphics EVER !

Checkout this video of Crysis 3 running on a PC in Full Ultra High Settings, everyone who plays is is blown away by the detail, it will be a while before these graphics are bettered as many people will tell you Crysis 1 on the PC is still impressive now and cannot be outdone by the Xbox or PS3.

What Graphic Card do you Run Crysis 3 on ?

Nvidia or Ati Radeon ?

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Crysis 3 Benchmarks

Here are some example benchmarks of Crysis 3 running on the latest top end PC's with Nvidia and Ati Radeon in the results

Will you Buy Crysis 3 ? - Please choose

What Platform will you be buying Crysis 3 on ?

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If following this tutorial improved your games FPS or speed let me know, feel free to ask any questions regarding performance.

Did this Tutorial Help you ? - If this tutorial helped you let us know

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Wow turning some of the settings to low really doesn't make any difference visually but performance wise ?!?" Shocked. Good to know even the ps4 and new Xbox won't handle this full because it means they are dated already ! Death to co soles they suck !