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Twyla Monster High Doll

Updated on October 1, 2014

Twyla Daughter of the Boogie Man

Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla doll is now available.

Twyla is the 15 year old daughter of the infamous Boogey man and her introduction brings forth a new type of monster to the Monster High student body. Her character will provide a nice break from the Werecats and Werewolves who dominate the Monster High landscape.

Twyla hides under normie beds, but does not add to their nightmares; instead she lies in wait to capture their nightmares. Twyla is described as a shy and misunderstood ghoul. Her pet appears to be a purple dust bunny named Dustin. Her best ghoulfriends are Howleen Wolf and Spectra Vondergeist.

Twyla has been called a shadowy figure by friends and loves dark blues and deep purples. This Monster High ghoul especially loves when the colors blend together like smoke on the water. Twyla's favorite color is Blurple, is blue mixed with purple which differs from Purblue according to Twyla.

Her favorite class is psychology and her least favorite class is speech because she does not enjoy standing in front of a large group of monsters.

This ghoul's biggest pet peeves are monsters who do not understand why she would want help normies and normies who think she goes into their rooms to scare them; instead of feeding on their nightmares (Twyla's favorite food) so only sweet dreams get in.

For more information about upcoming Monster High dolls click new Monster High dolls.

Monster High 13 Wishes Doll

13 Wishes
13 Wishes

The Monster High 13 wishes dolls will include Twyla (with pet Dustin), Howleen Wolf, Gigi Grant and Lagoona Blue.

Twyla 13 Wishes Doll

Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll
Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll

Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla doll is available from amazon. This doll features the teenage daughter of the infamous Boogie Man. Twyla comes with her pet dust bunny Dustin, her diary, purse accessory and doll stand.


Would Twyla be a Must-Have Doll?

In the world of Monster High does the daughter of the Bogeyman make the grade? With many off the fang monsters haunting the halls of Monster High does she deserve her chance in the spotlight? After all, there are so many great character that are doll less like for instance the comical Heath Burns. Considering the entire student body do you think the daughter of the bogeyman would make the cut.

Daughter of the Bogeyman: Yes or No?

See results

Buy Twyla Monster High Doll

It looks like the pre-sales have started to pop up on eBay for the Monster High Twyla doll No official word of when we can expect to see Twyla on store shelves but with a mention of Twyla on the Monster High Facebook page it is rumored that we will see her in May or June 2013.

5 Facts About Twyla

1. When she hides in the shadows she appears invisible to other monsters.

2. According to Howleen Wolf she smells like dust and stawscarry jam

3. Boogey monsters can have nightmares just like normies.

4. She spends most of her time sleeping under beds

5. She is painfully shy and sometimes her shyness causes her to miss out on life.

Draw Monster High Twyla

Watch as Twyla comes to life before your eyes with this speed drawing tutorial. It shows you how to draw Twyla step by step including coloring her in to get her fierce fashion style. Those looking to draw Monster High ghoul bodies will find this tutorial helpful.

Monster High Sketch Portfolio

Fashion Angels Monster High Design Portfolio
Fashion Angels Monster High Design Portfolio

Fans of Monster High will enjoy drawing their own Monster High dolls in various designs. Included in the Monster High Full Size Sketch Portfolio is a 40 page sketch book with five removable stencils with a 190 different design shapes.


Background on the Bogeyman

The Boogeyman is a figure made up by parent to keep their children in line. Parents would employ the "boogeyman" to scare their children into obeying them. The story of the Boogeyman were used to prevent children from carrying out negative behaviors.

The stories of the Boogeyman often depict him as being male; although, the Boogeyman has no definitive gender. His appearance varies from person to person or community to community.

One familiar image of the Boogeyman is that of the Sack Man depicted in Spain and Brazil. The boogeyman is seen as a man carrying a sac on his back in order to carry away naughty children.

Gale Wilson's "Bogeyman"


Looking for some exciting fictional stories about the bogeyman and the fear he brings? If so, you will enjoy reading Gale Wilson novel Bogeyman. The book follows a Mothers journey to protect her child from the bogeyman as she distinguishes between what's real and what is imagined.

It is a tale of terror and intrigue as the mother seeks to discover the truth of the past to stop the present dangers.


What do you think about this latest rumored Monster High doll? Share your thoughts and ideas below.

Sound off about Twyla

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