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Ivan VS Nemesis(Resident Evil Tyrant Battle)

Updated on January 27, 2010

Resident Evil Tyrants

Tyrants are the major enemies in Resident Evil games. Tyrants are tall, fast, and mean. They are made to function as super-soldiers capable of following simple orders and infiltrating the enemies' hideouts to take them out. Usually regarded as powerful boss monsters, these aren't your average and clumsy zombies you love playing around with and don't expect these creepy big boys to go down easily with just a few handgun shots or shotgun blasts. They are totally resilient, requiring players to learn how to save a great deal of ammo to deal with these maniacal freaks. Speaking of freaks, some fans won't agree that they are, since there are also some Resident Evil fans who find them cool in looks and interesting.

Every Resident Evil games have Tyrants and their appearances vary greatly from one to another. They can be thought of as "cool-looking" unlike the clumsy and stupid zombies that appear throughout the game.

There are certain Tyrants that became popular and adored by gamers ever since their debuts. Mr. X who first appeared in Resident Evil 2 and the Nemesis of Resident Evil 3 are among the most popular of them all. Mr. X of Resident Evil 2, unlike the Nemesis, has appeared more often in several Resident Evil games. He also appeared in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles as a smarter and more powerful Tyrant dubbed the Ivan. A rumor has recently spread about the Nemesis and the Ivan battling each other. For all of you Resident Evil gamers, which one of these two will come out alive if ever they meet and annihilate each other? This should be an interesting match but first, let's look at their attributes that may determine the victor.


This is the new and improved version of the T-103 Tyrant. It appears in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles as Sergei Vladimir's bodyguard andĀ Albert Wesker's opponent. Previous models of T-103s, although more intelligent than most Tyrants, were not quite stable, and were so dangerous that there were chances of them going berserk and turning on their creators. Because of this, they've been re-engineered to get rid of those defects. The result is a much more intelligent and powerful Tyrant known as Ivan. In contrast to his non-improved brothers, Ivan is more humanoid in looks and able to think like a human that he can even serve as someone's personal bodyguard. He also has quicker reflexes. The Ivan is incredibly fast and powerful, as seen during his battle with the resurrected Albert Wesker. His defensive coat makes him really hard to injure and totally resistant to firearms. He can leap a great distance up from the ground to chase after Wesker and hit him to inflict major damage. He's also tough enough to withstand a point-blank range explosion without getting any visible damage. His incredible might puts him in the same league as Bitores Mendez of Resident Evil 4. However, is he strong enough to battle the Nemesis?


Believe it or not, this big guy, like the Ivan, is a modified version of the T-103. It appears in Resident Evil 3 and serves as Jill Valentine's relentless pursuer. While he may not be as intelligent as the Ivan, he's more intelligent than an average T-103. He can chase after a person from one area to the next. He can run faster than Jill and Carlos and get to their destination first without the two noticing it. Like the Ivan, he is nearly immune to handgun bullets and he's even been seen to withstand explosions several times. An example was seen when Mikhail sacrificed his own life by blowing himself up along with the Nemesis but he only managed to destroy the Tyrant's defensive trench-coat, let alone killing himself. Upon removal of his coat, his ultimate weapon is revealed. He has several poisonous tentacles that he can use to whip a character. Each tentacle is strong enough to pierce a concrete-wall and travel through the ground to attack a person from below.

The nemesis and the Ivan are both powerful that it's difficult to predict who will win if they ever meet. It's up to you fans to decide.


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    • profile image

      Not quite so 7 years ago

      2 things, Mikhail didn't blew up Nemesis coat, if you play RE3 again or search on youtube for the videos, you'll find Nemesis with his coat shooting down the Heli at the tower scene, that is way after Mikhail death, Nemesis loses the coat when either Carlos blows up the bazooka on his face and Jill unloads a lot of firepower on him, or jill simply unloads firepower on him (or on UC Carlos and Jill blew up a lot of Barrels with inflamables at his side), also his evolution, after losing his jackets are listed as devolutions instead