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Ugly Doll Classic Uglycorn

Updated on September 29, 2014
Ugly Doll Classic Uglycorn
Ugly Doll Classic Uglycorn

Ugly Doll Classic Uglycorn

Ugly Dolls are a collectible range of plush and huggable dolls with names like Uglycorn, Cookie Chef, Sleep Ice-Bat, Wage, Uppy, Pirate Ox, Gragon and many more. They come in different sizes and are not ugly at all, but very cute. Each of the characters are unique with their own name and personality.

All Ugly Dolls would make a wonderful gift for any occasion for children of all ages. Start a collection and collect them all!

Photos Credit: Amazon

Ugly Doll Classic Wage

This is Wage, the first character that started the Ugly Doll brand. He comes in several sizes.

He is a worker and works at the local Super Mart, although they don't actually know that he works there. He just likes packing groceries in bags, particularly snacks. He likes to wear his apron. It makes him feel good.

He has a best friend Babo, and they love to make friends with things on the sidewalk like phone booths and other lonely creatures. He doesn't want anyone to feel lonely.

Ugly Doll Classic Babo

Babo is a true friend and best friends with Little Wage. If you're not having a good day or someone is giving you a hard time, Babo is there for you. He will stick with you to the end. He is everyone's best friend and, although not the brightest of the Ugly Dolls, he is a very kind and loving friend. If something scary happens to him, he'll send you a nice greeting card from wherever it is he has run away to. He is a very curious and mischievous little creature.

He does need some guidance and outings, so he would really enjoy going out and about with you to as many places as possible. But if you leave him at home, that's fine. Just remember to hide the cookies!

Interview with the Creator of Uglydolls

Ox and Ice-Bat
Ox and Ice-Bat

Ugly Doll Uglybuddies

Everyone needs a buddy and that also goes for Uglydolls. Uglybuddies are the latest products in the Ugly Doll range and include characters such as Bop N Beep & Jeero, Wedgehead & Ox, Wage & Babo and several more.Your buddy is always there for you to share the good times and the not so good. There is a pouch for the little buddy and velcro hands on the big buddy to keep their buddy close. A bad dream? Nevermind your buddy is always there for you. Want to play ball or other activities? Your buddy is there.

Uglybuddies can be separated but they prefer to be together, hence the pouch. They have won several Best Toy awards and are recommended for children aged 3 and over.

Trunko Purple Action Figure
Trunko Purple Action Figure

Uglydoll Action Figures

Uglydoll have a large range of Action Figures which are little vinyl characters just ready to collect.

They all have their own character traits and come in lovely bright colours.

The action figures rotate around the waist area, are around 3 inches high and are very cute.

This is Trunko. He comes from series 2 of the Uglydoll Action Figure's three series. He is very over the top and overreacts about everything. He uses a fire hose to put out his birthday candles!

With him everything is on full throttle. He rarely looks before he leaps. He needs a pal, so please be patient with him.

He comes packaged in a window box. Trunko Purple Action Figure is suitable for children 3 years and up.

As well as the many Ugly Dolls to collect there are also several Ugly Dolls accessories including key chains, drawstring bags, an Ice Bat easy to fly kite, party accessories, keychains, pillows and many books. It's an interesting journey exploring the world of Ugly Dolls.

Did you find the Uglydoll You Wanted? - Or are you just browsing for now?

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    • SusanneB profile image

      SusanneB 4 years ago

      Yes I did:)

    • profile image

      moonlitta 4 years ago

      Curious dolls. It's kinda nice to be ugly:)

    • profile image

      MiaMusement 4 years ago

      I've seen these little dolls with the "X" eyes but never knew they were called Uglydolls. You learn something new every day!