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How To Buy The Ultimate Collector's Edition Millennium Falcon Lego Set For The Lowest Price Possible

Updated on August 22, 2014

The Best Price #10179 Millennium Falcon Lego Set Is Going To Be Found At Auction

Of all the collector's series Lego sets by Star Wars & Lego brand the Ultimate Collector's Edition Millennium Falcon Lego set is by far the most coveted set and admired by collectors. Not only is it immense and impressively detailed but it commands the highest price of all Star Wars sets on the market today.

The Millennium Falcon 10179 1st Edition set was introduced in 2007 and has been discontinued for some time now. There is a smaller edition of this set #7965 available for sale for a more reasonable price in the low hundreds but for the true collector of either Legos or Star Wars memorabilia this is the cream of the crop.

It has over 5000 pieces and should take an advanced builder around 20-24 hours to build meaning it is going to occupy your time like no other Lego set you've ever put together - that is if you choose to open the box in the first place.

So how much does a set like this cost?

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon
LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon

New on Amazon you can see this thing is going to run you quite a bit. If you're up for the challenge of buying via eBay auctions you can almost always save hundreds if not a thousand dollars or more.


It generally runs more if it's in an unopened box state. If it is new in box (NIB) or new in bag (NIB) this will make it more of a collector's investment piece. If you want to build the set then opened boxes complete with all pieces will run you slightly less.

The simple truth however is that this set will easily run you $1000 plus and in some cases as high as a few thousand dollars. If you want one however this page will help identify the set for you in the price range that is affordable to you... and if you've never purchased at auction before then you will either have to learn otherwise you'll have to put up with a marked up price from distributors or middlemen.

For instance as of today's writing (Jan 2013) Amazon sells the #10179 Millennium Falcon Lego Set for a little over $3000 (see above for more timely pricing) but you can almost get it for a lot less on eBay.

Factory Sealed - NIB Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector's Edition Lego Set

The best investment and the most expensive way to buy this set is to buy it in factory sealed condition. If you are a Lego investor this is the way to go. Of course if you actually are planning on building this set of Legos then I would advise scrolling down on this page and seeing a few of the more discounted Millennium Falcon Lego sets for sale.

The Most Collectible Star Wars Lego Sets

If the Millennium Falcon is too steep for you - or maybe you just want to check out some of the other high end Star Wars Lego sets check out the following page(es).

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...and I know these aren't collectibles but make sure you get your young kids there first sets of bricks so that they have something to play with while you tinker away building insane stuff in your basement!

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      Jason 2 years ago

      We have one that will be for sale shortly - as soon as we've rebuilt it.