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Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot Action Figure

Updated on September 14, 2011

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Toy

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear is an interactive robot featuring everyone's favorite space ranger from the Toy Story movies. The Buzz Lightyear robot walks and talks, shoots his laser, and responds to voice commands. He speaks over 100 phrases in two personalities - Woody's pal Buzz the toy, and delusional Space Ranger Buzz. Ultimate Buzz even has a Spanish mode, just like in the hilarious scenes from Toy Story 3.

Keep reading for all the details about the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear robot, including where to buy.

Buy Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Now
Buy Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Now
Ultimate Buzz Lightyear
Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot

An electronic Buzz toy like no other

Coming to you straight from Gamma Quadrant, Sector 4, it's the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear! As usual, this electronic Buzz action figure thinks he's a real space ranger, fighting the evil Emperor Zurg as a member of the Intergalactic Alliance. Don't tell Buzz, but this is actually the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear - a walking, talking, programmable toy.

Voiced by Tim Allen, just like in the movies, this Buzz Lightyear action figure speaks more than 100 phrases, with two voice-activated modes. Tell Buzz he's a space ranger, and he'll speak to you as a member of the Universe Protection Unit. Call him a toy, and he switches to his toy personality. Ultimate Buzz moves his eyes, mouth, head, arms, waist and legs, and can even walk, turn, and shoot his laser.

In puppeteer mode, you control the action, as you move and pose Buzz to create your own action sequence. The movements are recorded, so you can then play back your own custom-designed animations. Or, play the interactive target game by using the infrared remote control to have a laser battle with Ultimate Buzz Lightyear. He'll receive your signals and let you know if you've fired a hit or a miss.

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Commercial - See the Ultimate Buzz toy in action

Buy Ultimate Buzz from - Order now for free shipping from Amazon

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear
Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear speaks English and Spanish. Programable Puppeteer Feature records and plays back movements on his head, arms, legs Speech recognition, talk back with lip sync, level sensor, infrared remote control, head turns / eye , walks and turns, shoots arm laser, salutes , plays target game, also has dance mode.

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot
Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot

Ultimate Buzz Features & Specs

Buzz Action Figure Details

  • Over 100 sayings in the original character's voice
  • 7 powerful motors for eyes, mouth, head, arms, waist and leg movement
  • With voice command feature, Buzz responds to the phrases ''Space Ranger,'' ''Fire Laser,'' ''Salute,'' ''Star Command,'' and ''To Infinity and Beyond!''
  • Talks back with synchronized lip movement
  • ''Space Ranger'' and ''Toy'' modes allow Buzz to express 2 different catalogs of phrases. Say ''Space Ranger'' and Ultimate Buzz will report to you as a member of the Universe Protection Unit. Say ''You're a Toy'' twice and Ultimate Buzz will switch to his toy personality!
  • Buzz can really walk! He turns, shoots arm laser, talks to arm communicator, salutes, ''gives you 5'' and more
  • Buzz's head turns and eyes blink
  • 15 command buttons for original voice, actions, sound effects, animation and more!
  • Programmable puppeteer feature records the animated movements and poses you choose for animated feedback
  • Multi-direction motion detection
  • Obstacle avoidance - near and far
  • Autonomous roaming mode
  • Wireless infrared motion control works up to 20 feet
  • With the interactive target game, you can engage in an intergalactic battle with Ultimate Buzz using the infrared remote control. He knows if your shot is a hit or miss
  • Plastic/robotics
  • 16'' H
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries plus 11 AA batteries, not included, for full-function play
  • Ages 8+
  • Imported

The Ultimate Buzz speaks in all three personalities!

Spanish Buzz Lightyear
Spanish Buzz Lightyear

Which is your favorite Buzz Lightyear mode?

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Ultimate Buzz Reviews & Comments - Share your reviews of Ultimate Buzz Lightyear here

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      That's a really cool toy. It's great how engineering and motors are utilised in so many different industries for different purposes. I think space ranger Buzz is the best Buzz personality though!


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