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Unique Gifts and Cute Toys for Friends Who Refuse to Grow Up

Updated on October 6, 2014

Welcome to Unique Gifts and Cute Toys for Friends Who Refuse to Grow Up!

Do you have friends who play ball and dress up with their daughters? Or watches cartoons every night?

And still a big kid at heart. Well... actually aren't we all?

We need to be big kids at heart as it makes our lives more fun and exciting!

While looking for the coolest stuff that I might like, I came across these innovative toys that are meant for big kids. ;)

And I shall share them with you right here!

AntWorks TvQuarium

Nature shows can be boring, there's no reason to lie.

When it comes to experiencing Nature, there's nothing like first hand. The AntWorks TvQuarium gives you all the educational value of a great wildlife documentary but lets you view it all live, right there in front of your eyes! The ants go on about their merry lives, digging and tunneling, just as they would in their natural habitat and it's all displayed in a unique television-shaped colony!

Busy Ants in AntWorks

Incredible Spin Bank

Poor George , Abe and Tom aren't going to be feeling so well after this.

As the Incredible Spin Bank takes your coins and twirls them about in a fun way that makes saving your change more exciting than old school piggy banks. Simply drop in a coin and watch as it gets spun all around.

Spin Bank Demo

AirZooka Laser Black

Laser tag, Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers, these are all kids games! You're grown up now... but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Even at work, when you tire of toiling around your cube and want to lash out a bit, you can still have a little time out.

USB MSN Missile Launcher


The USB MSN Missile Launcher takes online chatting to a whole other realm by allowing you to pummel friends with foam rockets even from the other side of the world!

But if all your friend wants is to shoot at anyone around, just get the original offline USB Missile Launcher right below. ;)

Fire Away!

Splat Stan

No! No! not without a coaster!SPLAT!

Poor Stan, he was so concerned with protecting your table from those awful stains left by your coffee mug that he martyred himself to the cause. But not even death can stop him! Splat Stan is still out to make sure your tables look brand new, even though he's passed on!

Throwzini's Knife Block

Throwzini's Knife Block - $75.95 at Innovatoys

Here's the perfect gift for wacky chefs out there!

From the cutting edge of design comes Throwzini's Knife Block, a fresh and fun kitchen accessory from the folks who brought you the Voodoo Knife Holder. Durable and stylish, its deadly good looks will carve up the blandness of your kitchen.

Dead Fred Pen Holder

Do your friends tell you how they got frustrated when their pen rolls off from their desk and under the table?

Then when they grab it, they smack their heads on the underside of the table and that they just want to stab somebody when that happens? Then Dead Fred is just the gift you've been looking for! Make sure that pen stays where it should when your friend thrust it straight through Fred's heart!

The Sweet Machine

It's awesome - and incredibly addictive! And I'm saving it for last! :)

This is the best gift for every sweet tooth! Just fill the Sweet Machine with candy and operate the crane to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can even turn on circus music for the complete experience. The Sweet Machine is like having a carnival in your home or office (great for dorms too!).

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So there you have it.

Unique gifts and cute toys for friends who refuse to grow up! Hope you've enjoyed it.

And do share if you have any interesting toys or gifts that you've come across.

Thank you for visiting :)

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    • profile image

      kjohn2328 6 years ago

      cool toys guy.! thanks

    • chezchazz profile image

      Chazz 7 years ago from New York

      Very clever idea for a lens!