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Best Cards in Urban Rivals

Updated on January 1, 2011

The Best Cards on Urban Rivals

This lens is all about the best cards in Urban Rivals. Each clan will be represented with a card (or cards) that is considered the "staple" card(s) to each and every deck with respect to their clans.

Disclaimer: the cards shown on this lens are based on expert opinions, deck construction of top players, Public presets that have high positive ratings and reviews from other users in a Type I deck format. (Type II deck format is considered an "anything goes" deck construction on which any card can be used in a deck) . The list are in any order.


The Leaders

They may not have their own clan but they can help out other clans

Ambre - Ambre's ability gives the two members of your team the ability Courage: Power+3 basically making them much more formidable.

Hugo - Hugo gives the whole team an attack boost of 6. Imagine having Hugo with mono Rescue, Junkz and Sentinel decks they get to save an additional pillz.

Ashigaru - Aside from the his stat (8/6) Ashigaru has one of the best ability available in Urban Rivals which is the Strikeback ability. What this ability does is that it allows the card's owner to start the game in the second turn, thus giving him the chance to prepare for the opponent's opening move

Morphun and Eklore - - Morphun will give you flexibility on your pillz management as he can give you an aditional 1 pillz free per turn giving you a total of 8 free pillz all in all instead of only 4. Eklore on the otherhand is the direct opposite of Morphun as she drains 1 pill per turn from your opponent to a minimum of 5. Imagine if you team either Eklore or Morphun with the Piranas. It's a pillz management dream for you and a nightmare for your opponent.

Bridget - Bridget can give you 1 life point per round after the first round.

Vortex clan

They came from the future to dominate the past

Dregn - The emperor Dregn lives up to his reputation the clan most powerful with a high power value and a wicked ability that can compensate his low damage value.

C Blade - The Vortex's top enforcer will slice any opponent who would face him in battle specially those enemies with SOA abilty

C Wing - Another glass creature similar to C Blade who also likes to kill enemy card but unlike C Blade, C Wing has a fail safe type of an ability on which

if he defeated, the opponent suffers -2 points of their Life Points making this card the best 1st round/bluff card.

Dagg - The Vortex's head of their elite soldiers, Dagg like to eliminate opponents with his massive 7/5 and the his Attack +12 ability.

Deea - Deea is a slight mini version of Dagg packing a 6/5 stat with her Attack +10 ability.

Sunder - With Heegrn's instigation, Sunder comes to Clint City to kill all the clan member before they get to him. A 3-Star 7/3 with a wicked ability

of -3 opp life min 3.

Oflgn - The warrior prince of the Vortex clan, Oflgn is the clan's best life gainer as he can boost you life by 5 as long as he wins.

Neloe - Neloe is the Vortex clans top damage reducer utility card typical 2-star card with a 7/2 stat

Honorable Mention: C Beast,Kobalth, Onyx, Cyb Lhia , Lehrg, Heegrn

All Stars

The best sport professionals of Clint City to save the city

Lamar Cr - The most fear member of the AllStars clan, Lamar boasts a 6/8 stat to go with his Stop Opp. Bonus ability.

El Gringo - Opposing characters cower in fear (reducing their powers by 4) when they face the 6/7 mammoth.

Hammer - AllStars top boxing champion he becomes a 6/9 mammoth when he is played on the first round.

Striker and Alexei - All Stars have one distinct advantage among the other clans they have 2 cards with Stop Opponent Ability which is Striker (6/6) and Alexei (6/5). They can render opponents powerless without their abilities. Most people will only use Striker though because of star-count limitations and has a higher damage value.

Randy - with his 5/6 stats, a nice ability of Opponent's Power = Player's Power and 3-star count, it's safe to say that Randy is a force to be reckoned with. He's capable of two-hit combination with a lot of cards, specially Striker and Alexei. Randy should be a staple in EVERY All Stars deck.

Robb - at 3 stars he is 5/4. Despite his seemingly low power & damage values, Robb is formidable. Most cards will crumble with Robb's ability of -3 opp power, min 4 as well as a power-reducing clan bonus to boot! This card can be handy when it comes to battles with 7-powered cards which will reduce them into a 2-powered cards

Marina - Now every clan has that double-edged sword and for this All Star clan it's Marina. She's a gymnast with final stats of 7/5 and a damage reducing ability of Opponent Damage minus 3, minimum 1! With her high power and damage values, you can use Marina as a primary attacker. On the other hand, she can also be used as a bluff because of her very useful ability.

Jessie - A very nice card which should be a included as staple among all All Star decks! Jessie is a 7/2 card with a +2 Life ability

Honorable Mention: Essie, Eyrton, Kang, Loma Noju, Oyoh, Spudd,

Banger Clan

The Ghetto mastahs' of Clint City

  • Bodenpower - the clan boss sports a massive 7/7/ stats with a wicked -5 opp attack min.2 ability which just shows that he's the big daddy of this clan.
  • Lennox and Blaaster- Bodenpower's big boys who also packs a big punch. Lennox is a 5-star card with 6/6 final stats and an ability of +3 damage. he is a massive 8/9 card including the clan bonus. Blaaster is a staple with 6/6 stats and an ability of -2 opp power,min 3 at 4 stars
  • B Ball is the most useful common card. At 2 stars, he has damage reduction (-2 damage min. 2) and good enough power (6/2).
  • VermynN. - With his stats being 7/7 at full level (with clan Bonus), he's a monstrous card for only 4-stars. Add to that he has sweet damage reduction of -4 opp damage, min 1.
  • Shann - Shann's ability max her very flexible on which she can be used as a wall/blocker or a bluff card.
  • Graff and Saddy are the Bangers best utility cards, with abilities of Stop Opp Ability and Stop Opp Bonus respectively. Having low-star count makes them good filler cards as well.

Honorable Mentions:Shogunn, Loocio, Angie, Bennie

Ulu Watu clan

They love to Surf and they protect the waters from anything harmful

Tanaereva Cr - Obviously the strongest among the Ulu Watu clan. Rumored to be a descendant of the natives on the Easter Island but regardless his 8/7 stature will surely scare a lot of opponents when they face him in battle specially if the clan bonus and ability is intact he becomes even formidable at 10/7 , damage-reducing powerhouse Yikes!

Hikiyousan - Another big man in the Ulu Watu camp. He becomes a mammoth (10/7) when his clan bonus and ability is intact. Now imagine him side by side with Tanaereva. Double Yikes!

Serena Serena is a sure mammoth 10/6 mammoth even she's facing with SOA card because of her "protect: bonus" ability

Buck - This former pirate was left on the beach by his mates but as he will seek revenge on his former mates using his 9/7 stats (assuming power and clan bonus are intact).

Stanly - Stanly loves sandcastle and the sand loved him too by turning him into a 6/8 sand behemoth. He is better used a two round KO finisher (in combination with any of the above 3 behemoths).

Gaia - The ultimate surfer girl. She is constant search of the ultimate wave. Gaia has a descent stat of 7/4 with the ability to lessen opponents attack by 3.

Nanook - An Eskimo turned surfer to avenge his kinfolk during the global warming meltdown. She may not have an ability yet for a 3-star card, her 8/4 stat can already send a message to opponents that she's one tough Eskimo to beat.

Lulabee - The beautiful Lulabee is the clans best blocker sporting a nice 7/6 stat wth SOB abiility in tow.

Gabrielle - Utility damage-reduction cards are a must on every UR deck (Bristone of the GHIEST clan always comes into mind). Gabrielle is Ulu Watu's version of Bristone with a slight lesser stat and reduction point but nevertheless she can also do the job.

Honorable mention: Kirk, Shayna, Janice, Coraille

Urban Rivals Junkz
Urban Rivals Junkz


Wild parties, Sex, Drugs and Rave music is what this clan do in life.

DJ Korr - The clan's main man himself is a monstrous DJ with an 8/8 stat and a damage reduction ability in tow talk about taking too much pillz.. Yikes

Taham - DJ Korrs pet Hamster just got juiced when it accidentally feed on his stack of pillz. Now you get a techno-junky 8/5 monster with a +2 Pillz as ability to boot

Nobodroid - Whiz kid Nobrocybrix's masterpiece working on her mom garage. This droid packs a mean stat of 6/4 to go with the +4 Pillz ability

Peeler - Radio Clint City's main man, Peeler is a monster for radio jock and a wickedly nice damage reductiion skills to go with its 7/7 frame.

Rowdy - The Junkz handyman gets rowdy against any the opponents with his 6/6 stat with a massive attack boost to go with the clan bonus making it Attack +20. Now that

what you called a rowdy setup.

Veenyle - DJ Korr's protégé and one of the clan's best utility card because of her damage reduction ability. Not bad for a 2-star 6/1 DJ.

Gil - Gil is the "almost" a Junkz clan version of Piranas' Hawkin with a nice Pillz reduction of 3 (minimum of 4). This makes it a good bluff card to begin with.

Gibson - DJ Korrs number one fan and has under gone radical changes just to inject the sound of his idol sound into his body making him a 8/4 freak with an ability to Stop Opponent's bonus.

Honorable mention: Dreen, Tremorh, Fuzz, Kawan, Otakool


Clint City's Law Enforcement group

Hawk - The Sentinel's native American powerhouse with mammoth 8/6 stat and with a Stop Opponent's Ability in his arsenal.

Copper - Copper is the Sentinel's leader and a season veteran in terms of giving justice and as his ability is active he becomes as 9/8 powerhouse.

Coby - The physical one between the Coby and Dayton patrol squad. a 4 star 8/3 card but as long he's in a company of Sentinel's he becomes 8/7 powerhouse.

Dayton - Coby's partner a bit similar to Coby to which he becomes a 3-star 7/5 card as long his ability is intact.

Lehane - This lady biker cop is a 2-star 8/2 card with a Stop Opponent's Bonus ability. A great utility and bluff card for the Sentinels.

John - Reckless and crazy is what we describe John (reminds me of John McClain of the Die Hard movies) but this card is a nice filler / utility card to play with. Just keep him in a company of his clanmates

Aurelia - Despite the lack of special ability, Aurelia is considered the clan's best utility/bluff card because of his stat of 7/2

Rick - Rick is the Sentinel's top interogator and will do any means to make those criminals talk. He's the mini version Coby having only 2 stars and a 6/1 stat.

Honorrable Mention: Miranda

Urban Rivals La Junta
Urban Rivals La Junta

La Junta

Clint City's resident war freaks!

Emeth - La Junta's resident big bomber as he can boost his Attack by 5 for every 'Junta clan member present including him (which makes it 20) as well as dealing a whooping 8 damage when the clan bonus is intact. He is usually use as the big finisher on many of Junta's two-hit knockout combos.

Bryan and Gertrud - La Junta's best utility cards as they can negate the powers of opponents hard-hitting cards as well as a principal damage dealer on which he is a good tandem with Emeth.

Chiro - The General's daughter is La Junta's version of Iron Man as he can be called upon to be either the primary damage dealer or as the finisher if Emeth is not around.

Jane Ramba - Jane Ramba is La Junta betst damage reducer-slash-bluffing card on .

Naginata - La Junta's resident chief weapons designer and engineer is also the clan's best card. At 8/5 (not including the the +2 Damage as clan bonus) she is already dangerous. What makes her more dangerous is that if ever she wins a round, the opponent losses -5 Pillz (min. 6) . Now imagine having her and Emeth on a same draw.

Archibald Having the pillz advantage on every match can always give you flexibility on your game. Archibald can help you on that matter as he can shell out 2 pillz assuming you win the match. Use him as eithers a bluff card or if you just want to gain additional pillz.

Gatline - As if we needed more firepower in our decks Gatline is one of those cards that you can add for flexibility specially on mono Junta decks.

Honoralble Mention: General, Ed 12 , Dacote,, Nahomi, Trish

Fang Pi Clang

Clint City's Martial Arts masters

Lost Hog - the clan's leader and champion having best power reducing card as well as a potential one rounder KO card ( 5/12 assuming Clan Bonus and Fury is in activated).

Kinjo - the clan's master and another potential one rounder KO card (6/12 when ability, clan bonus and fury is activated). He is Lost Hog and Ashigaru's teacher

Kerozinn Cr - Although Kerozinn's ability is not that great ( -1 to opponents power minimum 5) her stats alone is formidable enough to beat opponents (8/6).

Ryuichi The courageous blind warrior and the FPC best 4 star card.

Nakata the clan's best 3 star card armed with a 8/3 stat and if gets in tangle with the Roots or GHEIST he becomes a mammoth 10/3 card.

Marylsa Cr - the best utility card for the FPC clan is also one of the top collector cards. A 2 star SOB utility card with a 7/4 stat (clan bonus activated)

Yusuke - another of those top "courage cards" that can give opponents fits . When both ability and clan bonus intact he becomes a 7/7 stud for 3 star card.

Zinfrid - This mystic monk is the clan's best life-reduction card and finisher as he virtually bring down the opponents life by` 9 points ( 6 points of damage and -3 opponents Life min 0).

Honorable Mention: Kuei, Sung Tsu, Tsubame, Fei, Chan,

Urban RIvals Skeelz
Urban RIvals Skeelz

The Skeelz Clan

the School of Mutants will dominate Clint City as we know it

Tomas - Tomas is the Skeelz best big card because of his Stats (8/6) and ability (stop Opp. Bonus) (not mention the clan bonus) just don't match him with Stop All cards like Glorg and Leviathan, etc.

Corvus Pillz manipulation is always a great ability to have because it always give you an edge in most matches. Corvus can give you the edge using his +3 Pillz ability

and for a 4 star card and a high power it's almost assure that he wins most matches

Cley - The best opening round card to play if you're into mono Skeelz deck, Cley's ability is a nice combo with big damage Skeelz cards like Caelus

Jay - Jay is the Skeelz clan's best finisher because of his Revenge: Damage +4 will give him a massive 7/9 behemoth.

Danae- The Skeelz clan's best 3-star attack-reduction card

Redra- The Skeelz clan's best 2-star damage-reduction card

Sasha - One of the clan's best blocker utility cards because of her ability a great card for bluffing

Chiara - Chiara may not have a really as powerful ability but her stats (8/4) is great for a 3-star card.

Rescue Clan

Here we come to save the day!

Kerry - The clan's leader. This 4-star 6/6 card is basically your answer to SOB clans like the Piranas and the Nightmare.

Alec and Marco - The ultimate "Crushers" of Rescue clan as they become mammoths as long as their abilities and clan bonus are intact.

Aurora - Aurora gives Rescue clan the necessary advantage of having an effective life-gaining ability along with her nice stat of 7/5.

Glosh - Worry about GHIEST, Roots or any cards that have Stop Opp. Ability? with Glosh's ability, he will crush them like a bug on a pavement.

Elvira and Lea - These ladies are the Rescue clans best utility cards having Stop Opp. Bonus and Stop Opp. Ability respectively.

Steve - the Rescue clan's 2 star damage-reduction utility card.

Honorable mentions: Slyde,Bobby, Anita, Hax, Sledg

Urban Rivals Jungo
Urban Rivals Jungo


The Clint City's Men-Beasts are not to be underestimate

Ongh - The Jungo leader is one tough primate with a massive stat 8/6 and power reduction ability opponents hates

Adler - One of Jungo's answer to the Rescue clan's Glosh as this high flyer can give opponents a world of hurt against the Roots and GHEIST and any other cards that would dare using the SOA ability on him.

Askai - This samurai weilding hare is one of the most feared as it has one the best Attack reduction ability in Urban Rivals (-12 opp. attack) basically forcing your opp. to over spend pillz just to beat it.

Buba - Don't try to disturb this bookwork Water Buffalo or suffer the wrath of Buba.

Nahema - The newest addition to the clan is also one of the biggest Fox as it becomes an 8/8 mammoth when ability is intact.

Sylth - The venomous Sylth has one of the highest poison counter in all Urban Rivals cards (Poison 3 min 1) with a high Power to boot (8/2)

Scopica - One of the best utility cards in Jungo as this card can increase your life by 4 assuming her ability and bonus is intact.

Nyema - This mischievous Hyena is one of those utility cards that you can use similar to Nightmare's Kenny.

The Freaks

Clown and Circus Freaks join together to form a formidable clan

Boris - The Freak's ringleader and the groups best (and only) power-reducer card.

Splata Cr - Splata Cr is the Freaks best blocker because of his high stat as well having the SOA ability.

Cassandra - Just the mere fact the Cassandra has a 8/7 stat, giving her an ability would be overkill.

Maamoon- The Freak's best SOB card with massive 6/6 stat.

Grudj - Pillz management is everything in Urban Rivals an this 4-star freak is one of those cards that can give you flexibility as well a very nice stat of 8/4.

Olga - This card has an amazing power manipulation of -2 min 5 . A nice 3 Star card with a high power of 8.

Soushee - Soushee is one of four damage reducer card in the Freaks clan and on of two which is a 2-star card , Soushee has higher Power value,

Esmeralda - Esmeralda is a great bluff card to start as a first turn card because of her Attack +10 ability

Urban Rivals - Pussycats
Urban Rivals - Pussycats


These ladies don't take orders from any men in Clint City because they believe that women should rule city

Charlie - Talk about a woman scorned, this baby is gonna do an extensive damage reduction on your opponent ( a total or -4 damage reduce minimum of 1). Take note that this baby has a high stat of 7/8.

Yayoi - Yayoi is staple card for the Pussycats. With 7/6 stat and a SOA Ability in town with clans DR bonus. You don't wanna mess with this 'Cat.

Clara - Clara is another card that you might consider adding into your Pussycat decks because of her SOB ability and her massively high power stat of 8. No more nice stewardess for this pussycat.

Wanda - She may not have any abilities but this 2-star Pussycat has a high power stat (8/2) making her the best bluff card for the 'Cats.

Ditha - This former Freak has moved her skills to the PussyCats's cause. Gaining Life is always an advantage in every match in UR and this baby will give 5 additional Life points (assuming she wins and her damage is not reduced).

Noemi - a 3-star 5/5 with a penchant for reducing her opponents power by 3 is a worthy addition to any Pussycat deck.

Baby Q - Baby Q is the Pussycat's best SOB card which can render most of the opposing clan's bonuses useless and to top that she has a 6/6 stat.

Ella - Ella is the PussyCats best full-on damage reducer card with his ability making her one of the best utility cards for her clan.

The Roots

Carefree, Nature loving, Animal lovers

Ratanah - The Roots top Attack reducing while giving a world of hurt to those who are cruel to animals and to those who oppose the Roots clan.

Ojibway - This witchdoctor is the clan's best life reducer as he can chip away additional 6 from its opponent (up to the minimum of 4).

Arno - This cute little kid is the Roots clan's best damage reduction card

Noodile - a 3 star card with no ability but sporting a 8/4 stat. Well that's is all he needs to be included in this list

Rico - Give love to this guy and he will help you defeat your opponents card by reducing it attack by 6. Not bad for a 3-star card with a 7/4 stat

Lou - Lou is the clan resident animal lover and protect them with all her life. If you try to mess with her(and her friends) he will give you

a world of hurt by pumping additional 8 to the Attack total.

Yookie - Don't mess with this raving and angry Ape. This card is another damage reduction card while dishing out some damage.

Burdock - The Root's version of GHEIST's Leviatonn but with a 7/4 stats.

Honorable Mention: Jeto, Gertjan, Jeena


The best cards Sigmund Ghiest can offer

Leviatonn- A GHIEST deck won't be complete without including there resident Stop ALL card Leviatonn. Aside from it's ability Leviatonn has a strong Power and Damage value (6/6) making this card very useful as a blocker againts the opponent's power card as still has a good chance of winning. And what makes this card great is that it's only 3 stars which is very useful on almost all type of deck formats.

Methane , Toro and Rolph- Methane is a` 4 star card with a massive power and Fury-type of an ability which can boost his damage up to 7 (9 including Fury). Opponents who are unfortunate to face the Rolph will cower in fear (reduce opp. power by 2 by (minimum 4)) with a mammonth Stat (7/6) to boot. Tot\ro on the other hand is a slight lower version of Rolph in terms of stars (4 Stars) and Stats (6/5) but it has a greater power reduction (reduce opp. p`ower by 3 by (minimum 4)) .

Zer0 De4D - Zer0 De4D is the GHIEST clan's best 2-star card as it possess a very high power value with a nice ability of dealing additional 3 damage when not cancelled out which is the best early round card or as a bluff card.

Bristone - Bristone is GHIEST's best damage reducer card (-3 damage (minimum 2)) useful for bluffing as well as to block big damage cards

Platinum - Platinum is the GHEIST answer to the big high powered cards like the Freaks and others.

Wardom - The GHEIST's experimental creature Wardom is your best bet if one of his teammates is taken down by your opponent which anger him and becomes a mammoth 8/8 behemoth

Honorable Mentions: Wardom, Anibal, Lin Xia, Astrid, and Vladimir


Ielena's creeps haunts Clint City

Kolos - The behemoth Kolos is the one of those cards in Urban Rivals that can KO a player in a single round with its ability activated (assuming it's not cancelled out) plus Fury,

you can say bye-bye to your opponent.

Ghumbo- Opponents who face this swamp monster in battle will cower in fear because of its ability as it can reduce your opponents attack by 10 ( to a minimum of 7) with high stat (7/7) to boot.

Glorg - Glorg is one of two Nightmare cards that have Full stop abilities (having both Stop Opp. Ability and Stop Opp. Bonus) and a descent stat of 6/6. The only draw back is that he is not used mostly on Type 1 tournaments because of his high star value.

Vince - The new nightmare card. Vince has the ability to deal to additional damage to your your opponents life by reducing it down by 4 up to a minimum of 3. This card

is great for those who want a 2-round KO strategy.

Kenny - if majority of the nightmare cards are into dealing more damage, Kenny on the other hand is practically your life saver by extending your life from 12 to 18 (20 if you

add Fury) giving your opponent a hard time in defeating you.

Deither - Deither is the other Nightmare clan's Full Stop card (aside from Glorg) with a lesser damage (3) and one lesser star value practically mostly on Type 2 and ELO matches because of his star value and it's quite cheaper to acquire.

Sheitane - If you prefer to a slow and painful defeat for your opponent then Sheitane can help you on that matter. This staple card is also one of those very effective cards to use a bluff card as opponents will try to block her because of her ability.

Hel - Hel has a similar ability with Kenny (although gaining only 1 life per damage instead of 2). Hel is one of those cards that best used as a bluff card or as an last minute life gainer (assuming it wins).

Honorable Mentions: Pan, Oshitsune,Nerfeniti,Phylis,Nistarok, Azgroth

Piranas Clan

Clint City is 'ars for the taking. Go forth mateys"

Bloodh - Captain Bloodh is one creepy "thing" but with 7/6 stats and a wicked ability of +3 Life to boot who cares if he's creepy. Eat your heart out Jack Sparrow!

Dahlia - a 5-star 8/5 mammoth is also a hefty card to deal with. Who would want to face that woman when she has the ability of -3 oppoonent pillz, minimum 5!

Scubb - the Piranas best Pillz gainer in every mono-Piranas decks because he can give the user 4 free Pillz if it wins.

Smokey - Smokey, one of the Piranas staples is a three-star 7/3 card with an ability of +3Pillz. He best played in the first round as a bluff card.

Tula - Don't underestimate Tula's because she only have a 3/4 stats .She can defeat your opponent cards because she can reduce a 6 power card into a 2 power card due to her insane ability (-4 opponent power, minimum 2). Not bad for a 2 star card.

Hawkins - 2-star is a 7/2 card with an ability of - 2 opponent pillz, minimum 1 He's like a weak version of Smokey, but his ability is so dangerous despite his lowly damage

Spycee -Spycee is a 2-star "Stop All" (the so-called monicker for all cards with an SOA/SOB combination). This card come in handy when facing powerful cards.

Tyd - a staple card on most Piranas deck, Tyd has earn its reputation as the clan's best wall card because of his high power value and he give the controller some flexibility because of his 3-star value.

The Sakrohm Clan

Aliens and Alien lover unit to take over Clint City

GraksmxxT - a staple card in most Sakrohm decks (except in ELO mode) as this carries as massive 8/5 stat and wicked ability (Minus- 5 damage min. 1) to go with

the clan attack reduction bonus.

Murray - He is very powerful for a 3-star card, giving you both high power and an ability to gain 3 life if he wins.

Uranus - For 3-star card Uranus has a high power/damage stat (5/5) and a nice damage reduction ability (Minus- 5 damage min. 1) basically a mini version of GraksmxxT.

Petra - the clan's best SOB card with a high stat (7/5)

SkrumxxT - The mammoth SkrumxxT becomes an even formidable 8/8 monster when his ability is intact.

Na Boh - This short, ugly, crafty and manipulative is a 2-star damage reducer card. a very nice utility card at best.

Nimestiec - The Sakrohm's answer to the Sentinels and Rescue clan bonuses by reducing the attack total by 13 not bad for a 2-Star

Wakai - Wakai is a Sakrohm's version of Nightmare's Pan, a 2 star life gainer card.

Montana Family

Clint City's version of the Mafia family

Don - The Montana clan's big boss. He is the "family's" top attack reducer with a combined reduction of minus-14 (ability and bonus combined) talk about saving some pillz.

Avola - Big damage is what all I can say about Avola. Don't be deceived by the beauty of this safecracker as she can also give you a world of hurt (total of 9 points of damage) when she with her clan mates.

Vickie Cr and Lyse Teria - Vicke is the most dangerous card in the Montana family. Having a very massive high stat (7/8) with a wicked ability (Stop Opp. Bonus) to go with clan's bonus is almost unfair. On the other hand, Lyse Teria is a 3-star card with a whopping 8 power stat with an equally wicked ability of Stopping Opp. Ability to go with the clan's bonus. She basically the complement to Vickie making these ladies as dangerous as like Thelma and Louise

Ottavia - Ottavia is a dedicated gambler and a skilled cheat. The Montana family's top damage reducer.

Mona - The family resident art thief is a 3-stars card having the best power reducer to go with her 6/4 stat

Rosa - Rosa became the Clint City's most prized stripper with the stingiest ability (Poison 1 min 1) to go with her 6/6 stats .

Spiaghi - Spiaghi is the Montana clan's best damage reducer card

Uppers Clan

The Rich and Famous has pack together to eliminate the poor and the ugly

Dorian - The mere fact that Dorian has a massive 8/7 and he's part of the Uppers clan is enough for him to become a formidable card in Urban Rivals.

Zatman - At 8/4 with a total attack reduction of 14 make this 3-star card a staple card on most Uppers deck.

Jackie - Another massive high power card (8/6) card with SOA Ability for a 4-star is not fair at all.

Wayne Stark - This 7/5 armored man is best played when facing the Nightmare and Piranas clan members

Beetenka - 7/6(when ability is activated) is considered a staple card on most Uppers card.

Frankie Hi - Frankie Hi is your best alternative to Zatman if you are into ELO format.

Rubie and Samantha - Rubie and Samantha are the Uppers best utility cards.

Honorable Mentions: Tyler, Nellie, Glenn, Oxen

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You need to get rid of Hammer, Alexei, Lennox, Saddy, Nobrodroid(Tremorh is much better), Rick, Lost Hog, Kinjo, Yusuke, Glosh, Mamoon, Boris can stay just but he is not Freaks only power reducer and certainly not best, those honours go to Olga, Baby Q, Lou, Vince, Dieter(might want to spell check him as well) Sheitane, Hel, Spycee, Rosa, Frankie Hi(how have you got him in and no Oxen).

      I have to say the only reason why these may be commonly used is because they are cheap cruddy cards and so easily obtainable.

      Just because McDonalds is commonly consumed does not make it close to the best food.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      they forgot about the berzerk clan and cortez stats(8/8)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      @anonymous: I'd say Caelus Cr definitely deserves the top spot in the Skeelz, just an opinion (that I'd call fact.) Also, Lost Hog doesn't at all belong in the top of the Fang Pi Clang section, if I see Lost Hog in my opponents deck, I automatically assume I have greater odds of winning, just because they were daft enough to choose him for a deck. Opinion again, but pretty well tested opinion at that.

    • CNSQ profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @anonymous: Any of the top GHEIST, Piranas or Nightmare cards are good to use on Type II settings

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      just love 3 clans in this game Gheist, Piranas and Nightmares anyone knows what is the best cards combination for deathmatch T2 by using those clans above?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I want to read about specific deck strategies, any website suggestions?

      I like using Junkz, Jungo, and All-Stars.

    • CNSQ profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @anonymous: Zdrone has a high damage value but his power value is mediocre to which it can be replace by better cards like Miranda, Coby and evern Dragan Cr

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      u forgot some cards especially some cool 1s like z drone(blue robo dude with machine gun hand)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      @CNSQ: ok then

    • CNSQ profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @anonymous: I have not updated the Vortex clan lineup yet because of the additions of two more Vortext clan cards. I assure you Dregn is included.

      And for the reasons why Wardom is under Z3r0 d34d? there is no reason at all, I just added the Wardom and platinum under the old lineup but does not mean, Wardom is less significant over z3r0 d34d

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      @CNSQ: you havn't put dregn on vortex who is actually the leader of vortex you havn't put ray on la junta and you didn't put oshitsune on nightmare!

      and then on top of that you put wardom under z3r0 d34d why?!

    • CNSQ profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @anonymous: Don't you worry, I'm not done yet writing, from what I know Confidence is the opposite version of Revenge, meaning if this card wins the bonus carries over to the next round. I'm planning to revise the Skeelz clan because I need to make it 8 rather than 6 (adding Sasha and Chiara)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      @CNSQ: Sorry about first comment, i was to harsh. You have many good points in this article, but i just got few sugestion which i try to communicate in a bad way. For that i'm sorry. But still i think in Skeelz there should be Chiara. She's always awesome. And you said that Clay is a good opening card, which is partly wrong. He has 'confidence' not 'courage' type of ability. Also Corvus ain't much good because of his 3 damage which doesn't make much unless he teams up with Jay. And Sasha should be there too (+16 attack in mono? Help someone else Rescue!). I could said more, but you have rigth in around 89% in other parts and those 11% are based on your own taste and preferences. But why there are no Pussycats? And Vortex? And Ulu Watu? Fix it up please ^^ Be sure i'll chech it.

    • CNSQ profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @anonymous: I appreciate and respect your opinion. The cards featured on my lense are those popular and frequently use by MOST players

      based on the messageboards, opinions of most of the players and the top decks used by the top player in the tournaments.

      Also the cards are not listed in order of significant but in any order. Public Presets posted by players also part of my basis

      Second, I frequently check all the cards using which has the updated and full level stats of each and every card on UR

      RAW stats is not always the basis if the card is great but on how it is used on the deck

      Take for example why I choose Bristone over Sigmund. Bristone is considered a staple card it's cheaper to acquire and has less stars than Sigmund.

      Also considered the stat's itself Bristone's 6/4 stat will win most matches over Sigmunds 2/8 stat. Damage reduction cards are mostly used a way to block off

      big damage cards regardless if the card itself wins or not.

      On the case of Methane, Toro and Rolph they are equal based on their

      usage on decks not on their stats (take not Rolph and Toro are banned on ELO tournaments and Methane and XU52 are the best alternatives).

      I never said Buba is better than Sylth or Dahlia over Tula because these card are frequently used

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You seems to not play most of those cards, but only see them in play. I guess you play Nightmares.

      First of all raw stats almost ALWAYS define how good card is. Secound of all you didn't even checked up most of cards. Bristone is better DR than Sigmund? Methane's as good as Rolph nad Toro? Buba way over Sylth? Dalhia after Tula? You have to be joking around or just be out of you mind.


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