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Urban Rivals Deck Construction Guide

Updated on January 1, 2011

Learn how to create an effective Urban Rivals Deck

This guide will help you on creating your own Urban Rivals deck. A good well constructed deck can help you win matches and earn more Clintz (and rare cards) in the long run.

Urban Rivals Vansaar
Urban Rivals Vansaar

A Look into an Urban Rival Card

5 Stars Cards are generally the most powerful, working down to 2 Stars being the weaker. 5 Star cards tend to have the higher base power and damage values coupled with strong abilities. Look up 5 Star cards as your team captains, with 4 Stars the main attack force and 3/2 Stars the utility and defense.

This is just the general idea and there are certain exceptions but this will give you an idea how a basic deck would look.

Bear in mind though, while 5 Stars cards tend to be more powerful than 2 Stars cards for example, in a stalemate situation where the exact amount of attack is laid out for both cards, the LOWER star count will always win. This is why even when building for Type 2 decks, it's best to stick as close to the minimum star count of 26 Stars as possible.

Mono Deck Urban Rivals
Mono Deck Urban Rivals

Mono or Half Decks

Mono Deck versus Half Deck Pro and Cons

When deciding between whether to build a mono (single clan) or half (2 clan) deck, you have to bear in mind the following:

Mono: always active bonus but there are some bonuses that are weak/useless against some other Clans which will limit your effectiveness against others clans.

(e.g. GHEIST SoA is nullified with Nightmare or Piranhas SoB bonus or Skillz Protect:Ability)

Half :more choice of abilities and mixture of bonuses to help expand your counter potential, but can draw you a 3/1 deck that

leaves you with a card with no active bonus.

Focus on One or Two Clans for Now

Solidify your current Deck for now

If you are just starting to build your own Urban Rivals, the best way for your deck to grow is to focus on getting cards that are from the chosen clan or clans that you are using this way you will be save Clintz. If you have Cards from other clans that you think you can let go then you can sell them for additional Clintz.

Urban Rivals Deck
Urban Rivals Deck

Create many decks for each Game Format

There will be a time your deck is not effective as it seems

Now that you know how to create an Urban Rival deck, it is recommended that you create several variations of deck for each game format so that you only need to switch to that particular deck. ELO decks are considered to be the most modified decks because of the weekly changes on the ELO ban list.

Every time a deck gets a long streak of losses, you'll have to change to another deck specially when participating on Daily Tournaments.

Deck Format Review: Type 1

  • Deck cannot contain fewer than 8 character cards
  • The total number of character levels (stars) in your Deck should never exceed 25
  • Deck cannot contain duplicate cards

This deck format promotes balance and it also helps the players choose their cards very well.

Deck Format Review: Type 1 ELO

The Type 1 ELO Deck is basically a Type 1 deck format with a few restriction on which some certain cards are banned to be use by the ELO tournament Urban Rivals staff as stated on this link.

Deck Format Review: Type 2

  • Your Deck cannot contain fewer than 8 character cards.
  • Deck should contain not exceed 10 character cards.
  • The sum of the character levels(Stars) must be at least 26.
  • the deck can't have any double character cards.

This is a deck format for those who like to stack up their decks with powerful card. This the best deck format for Survival and Deathmatch game modes.


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