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Urban Rivals - Nightmare Decks

Updated on January 1, 2011

How to create The best Nightmare based decks

This lens is about how to construct an effective deck using Nightmare clan as the main focus. Each game formats (Type I, Type II, ELO, Survival and Deathmatch) will be having each deck construction.

Half Deck Construction

best clans to pair with the Nightmare clan

Nightmare clan is of those clans in Urban Rivals that are flexible enough to be in either mono or half deck constructions. Here are the most common clans that are usually paired with the Nightmare clan on half-deck construction:







Sample Mono Deck
Sample Mono Deck

Mono Deck Construction

A mono Nightmare decks construction usually dominates the non-ELO game formats because of the presence of Kolos and Ghumbo. There are several good mono-NIghmare decks have faired in the ELO game settings but these constructions never last because of the ever changing bans of key cards (mostly Oshitsune).

Nightmare - Kolos, Kenny , Phyllis , Sheitane

Piranas - Scubb , Smokey , Tyd , Hawkins

The strategy to this deck is to bait the opponent on wasting his pillz on some of the big cards like Tyd, Smokey or Scubb then finish them off with Kolos or Kenny or you can do the other way around regardless the main goal is keep you opponents guessing.

Nightmare - Kolos (5*), Kenny (4*), Phyllis (2*), Sheitane (2*)

GHEIST - Methane (4*), Leviatonn (3*), Bristone (3*), Z3r0 D34d (2*)

The strategy to this GHIEST-Nightmare deck is basically the same with the PIRANAS-Nightmare deck but with some SOA support.

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