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Urban Rivals - Skeelz Deck

Updated on January 1, 2011

Creating Skeelz Clan Decks in Urban Rivals

This lens is about how to construct an effective deck using Skeelz clan as the main focus. Each game formats (Type I, Type II, ELO, Survival and Deathmatch) will be having each deck construction.

Skeelz - Urban Rivals
Skeelz - Urban Rivals

Deck Construction: Mono or Half Deck

The Skeelz clan is best known for their clan bonus (Protect: Ability) that is why they are best played as a Mono clan deck. However there are only a handful of clans that can be use in tandem with the Skeelz clan and these are:





La Junta

Fang Pi Clang

Ulu Watu



Lineup: Aylen, Cley, Danae, Jay, Manfred, Redra, Sandro, Tomas

This deck revolves around the "confidence" and the "revenge" skills of some of the characters to dominate the opposing players cards. Aylen, Danae, Tomas plays either the mystery cards for the opponent to either pill up or get beaten up. Manfred, Cley and Jay will be there to respond depending on the previous round's outcome.

Lineup: Chiara, Cley, Danae, Jay, Redra, Sandro, Sasha, Tomas

Another version of the above Mono Skeelz deck but with slightly different flavor by adding with Sasha replacing Aylen as much better bluff card and Chiara replacing Manfred.

Reader Feedback - Urban Rivals players are welcome to post your feedbacks about this lens

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