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UWO Cooking Guide

Updated on August 1, 2011

Why Cooking?

When playing Uncharted Waters Online, every player comes to the point where they are not near a tavern and need vigor or fatigue relief. The only way to gain more fatigue or vigor without a tavern to shop or drink at is to have a supply of food on hand. You can buy this food off of another player, a clerk in a tavern, or make it yourself. That is where the cooking skill comes in handy. You can use a few trade items and make foods to use or sell. Cooking is a profitable way to make money, and every Company needs 1 or 2 good cooks to keep everybody fed.

Now you're asking "How do I start along this path of cooking and level it up fast"

And now I'm here to answer..."With my awesome UWO food guide"

Now everybody cheers and we go party like world famous chefs, Yay!

(Chefs will from now on be referred to as Cooks in this guide, as to not confuse it with the job title. Unless of coarse I really am talking about the Chef job then .....You get the point.)


Starting Locations

Lisbon and Amsterdam

Dutch and Portuguese players will have the easiest times starting out as Cooks due to fact that they have ports nearby that stock up on items required for low level cooking, and being Portuguese or Dutch would allow them to buy extra ingredients at lower price. The other nations can still be great cooks, it just takes a little more effort.

A character from any nation can be a great Cook, If you want to start cooking at a lower level, then Lisbon or Amsterdam are the recommended starter towns. Both those nations have nearby ports that sell the required items for cooking. Also since you are of the same nation as those ports, you can buy more stock for cheaper than if you were not of the same nationality. Overall it takes effort to become the best, if you do not start ion one of the recommended towns, do not worry. It will take you a bit more work, but you will not be far behind your fellow cooks if you work at building this skill.

Either way I think doing the school quests will help you along your way, and by the time you are finished a full course in school you will have the experience to quickly become a top Cook. Intermediate Merchant school will teach you the basics and even give you a free book for cooking.

No matter how you decide to become a famous Cook, I Would recommend getting the Fishing skill. Fishing always helps, as you can get food for your crew, treasure maps, and ingredients for cooking. The recommended profession to start out is the Animal Trader as it has a lot of the favored skills for a cook. Unfortunately fishing is not one of them, but if you spend a lot of time on the water, your fishing will raise easily.

Starting Jobs

and the Recommended Skills

No matter how you decide to become a world-renowned Cook, I would recommend getting the Fishing skill. Fishing always helps, as you can get food for your crew, treasure maps, and some ingredients for cooking.
The recommended profession to start out is the Animal Trader as it has a lot of the favored skills for a cook. Unfortunately fishing is not one of them, but if you spend a lot of time on the water, your fishing will raise easily.

Animal trader favored skills are :

Where To get the Cooking Skill

If you do not get it from your profession,

Then at trade level 3 and for 10,000Ð you can find Cooking skill sold at





Helpful Skills

You will not need all of these skills to become a world famous cook, or even to make a lot of money selling foods. These are just recommendations if you want to be able to make or collect most ingredients/foods yourself. Skills such as food trading, help so you can buy more at the market without having to leave to reset the market.

  • Accounting

    Beginner Jobs: All major merchant jobs.

    Why: With this skill you will be able to haggle prices at the market and make even more money, or save it.

  • Food trading

    Beginner Jobs: Food merchant, Animal trader.

    Why: The higher the level in this skill the more Foodstuffs you can buy from the market.

  • Livestock trading

    Beginner Jobs: Food merchant, Animal trader.

    Why: The higher the level in this skill the more Livestock you can buy from the market.

  • Seasoning trading

    Beginner Jobs: Medicine trader.

    Why: The higher the level in this skill the more Medicines you can buy from the market.

  • Alcohol trading

    Beginner Jobs: Accountant

    Why: The higher the level in this skill the more Alcohol you can buy from the market.

  • Cooking

    Beginner Jobs: Food merchant, Animal trader.

    Why: This is your main skill for cooking, So you really do need it.

  • Handicraft

    Beginner Jobs: Medicine trader.

    Why: You will be able to make some of your own ingredients such as wine or olive oil.

  • Storage

    Beginner Jobs: Food trader, Fisherman, Chef.

    Why: Caught fish can be converted into a more profitable product. Also helps lessen the losses after being shipwrecked.

  • Fishing

    Beginner Jobs: Fisherman, Chef.

    Why: I've already told you why, but the obvious answer is to catch fish.

  • Procurement

    Jobs: Fisherman, Chef.

    Why: You can get water when it rains, also collect different items than collect skill on land. Some can be used for cooking.

  • Collection

    Jobs: Fisherman, Chef.

    Why: Collect items on land and sea. Some can be used for cooking.

Own your Own Little Ship

It might be just me, but I like having a little ship or two around the house.

Cook Books - From beginning to level 10

Depending on if your starting in the north (London / Amsterdam) or in the southern cities, you will start using different books. Hopefully as you travel you will acquire most of these books to help you make more money in your travels.

  • Simple Recipes

    Location: Palma, Bordeaux, or quest reward from "The town's top cook" quest or "The city's first Epicurean" quest

    Cost: 5,000Ð

    Note: I believe this is the quest you get in the Intermediate Merchant school.

  • Livestock secrets - Pig

    Location: Porto

    Cost: 8,000Ð

  • Livestock secrets - Sheep

    Location: Amsterdam

    Cost: 8,000Ð

  • Livestock secrets - Cattle

    Location: Nantes

    Cost: 8,000Ð

  • Makeable Meats

    Location: Genoa

    Cost: 10,000Ð

  • North Sea Cuisine Collection

    Location: London, Amsterdam.

    Cost: 1,000,000Ð Investment

  • Eastern Mediterranean cuisine collection

    Location: Famagusta, Venice.

    Cost:: 1,000,000Ð Investment

  • Fisherman's knowledge of fish storage

    Location: All major Capital Cities

    Cost:: 5000Ð

    Notes: This is a must have if you have the fishing skill, raise your storage skill while turning caught fish into a more profitable product.

Aides can help!

Remember your Aide can also help you with food trading, alcohol trading, spice trading, and livestock trading along with cooking skill if you hire the right one. So shop around for the best cooking/shopping aide you can find.

Most people say that Lisbon is the perfect starting place for Cooking. If you like grinding pigs for 7 levels, I'd have to agree. In the north you make quite a few different dishes, but you will get sick of Sheep. North Sea Cooking, sometimes called the Dutch method will raise you in cooking almost as fast as in Faro. As stated sheep, sheep and more sheep will be your animal of choice. There are a lot of different dishes to cook without leaving the North Sea. I would Strongly recommend adding Fishing in with your cooking grind to take advantage of Herring up by Bergen and Oslo.

  • Level 1

    Book: Simple Recipes

    What: Wheat to flour

    Notes: Buy Wheat from Antwerp. Mill the wheat and sell flour back to market.

  • Level 2

    Book: Livestock secrets - Sheep, Livestock secrets - Cattle

    What: Sheep to Milk, Milk + salt = Butter

    Notes: Buy Sheep and Salt From Den Helder, Sell butter and left over milk back to Market. OR Sail to Bremen buy more salt to make more butter. Butter recipe is in the Cattle Book.

  • Levels 3 - 5

    Book: Livestock secrets - Book of Sheep

    What: Sheep to Lamb

    Notes: Buy Sheep from Den Helder, Sell back to Den Helder market.

  • Levels 3 - 5 Option B

    Book: Livestock secrets - Sheep

    What: Sheep to Lamb

    Notes: English players can buy more sheep from Edinburgh. Edinburgh also sells cattle, and beef. Which means that you might want to bring salt along to convert the cattle into milk, then to butter or cheese. Not beef because you will not make any profit, unless you just want skill gain I'd save the cows for the return trip. Beef is usually profitable in Bergen and London.

  • Levels 5-7

    Book: Livestock secrets - Sheep

    What: Sheep to Lamb, Lamb to Sausage

    Notes: Same as above, except players can sell sausage in Edinburgh for a profit.

  • Level 7 - 10 Amsterdam

    Book: Makeable Meats

    What: Sheep to Lamb, Lamb + Butter + Salt = Roast Lamb

    Notes: You know how to make lamb, and Butter, grab extra salt from Bremen and make Roast Lamb in Den Helder. If you want you can grab Cattle from Calais to make milk (for butter) instead of using sheep. London is close and sells butter to make it even easier.

  • Level 7 - 10 Edinburgh

    Book: Makeable Meats

    What: Sheep to Lamb, Lamb + Butter + Salt = Roast Lamb

    Notes: You know how to make lamb, grab salt from Bergen or Oslo and use cattle from Edinburgh for milk to make butter. Make Roast Lamb in Edinburgh. Sell to market. on your return trip to Bergen take cattle, sell as beef in Bergen.

  • Level 10 Option A

    Book: Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine Collection

    What: Wheat to Flour; Flour + Fish + Cheese = Seafood Pizza

    Notes: Porto supplies all the good needed for the seafood pizza. If you took fishing you can get your own fish, and flour and cheese should be easy to get in Den Helder and Antwerp if you wish to stay in the north.

  • Level 10 Option B

    Book: North sea cuisine collection

    What: Cheese + Pork + Milk = Gratin with Cheese

    Notes: The quick route is Sheep from Den Helder and pork and cheese from Antwerp. Or you can make your own cheese with salt from Den Helder also. Unfortunately buying pork is expensive, but you should be able to sell 1 Edam Gratin for about 3500Ð

Portuguese and Spanish Cooks have it really easy. most of their leveling will come from pigs. Pigs just so happen to be conveniently located in Faro and Gijon. So that means that Portuguese players will have access to more pigs at a lower cost as soon as they can use them. And Also access to a Porto which happens to supply everything for level 10 Seafood Pizza. Remember anyone can push pig parts if they have cooking level 3, and the port permit for Faro.

  • Level 1-3

    Book: Simple Recipes

    What: Wheat to flour

    Notes: Buy Wheat from Porto or Seville. Mill the wheat and sell flour back to market.

  • Level 3

    Book: Livestock Secrets - Pig

    What: Pig to Pork

    Notes: Buy Pigs from Faro market(recommended) or Gijon if supply is low. Sell pork right back to market. Some Players sell pork for 200Ð you can usually still make a profit if you buy around that price. Pigs sell around 50Ð from market keepers.

  • Level 4

    Book: Livestock Secrets - Pig

    What: Pig to Pork, Pork to Bacon.

    Notes: Two Steps, one animal. Sell bacon back to Market.

  • Levels 5 - 10 Option A

    Book: Livestock Secrets - Pig

    What: Pig to Pork, Pork to Ham.

    Notes: Sensing a pattern yet? yup, sell Ham to market.

  • Levels 7-10 Option B

    Book: Makeable Meats, Livestock secrets - Sheep

    What: Sheep to lamb, lamb + Butter + Salt = Roast lamb

    Notes: Just in case your getting tired of pigs, no reason to change though pigs will work. Also known as the Dutch Way.

Where to get Fishing?

London = Duckett

Amsterdam = Bicker

Lisbon = Nzinga Mbemba

Seville = Tome Pires

Barcelona = Luis de Leon

Naples = Gesualdo the Musician

Mozambique = Koritan

This type of cook combines the fishing skill and the cooking skill to prepare food dishes using the fish caught at sea. The skill requirements and recipe requirements are a bit more work than other methods, but it shows how fishing compliments normal cooking.

For a pure Fisher Cook you will want to change jobs into the Chef profession as soon as possible, to have fishing as a favorite skill, and Cooking as an Expert Skill (+1 level). Unfortunately animal trading and food trading skills will no longer be favoured. You can get the chef job quest from Stockholm, which is in hostile waters so be careful. The quest asks for 200 Wine Steamed Cod, which can be bought in Amsterdam or made using a level 5 recipe in North sea seafood. (1 cod + 1 Wine = 2-3 Wine Steamed Cod) Requirements for the quest are Cooking level 5, which you just happen to need to cook Wine Steamed cod, and 3000 trade fame. If you do not have the fame but a fleet member does, you can still do quest.

Chefs Favored Skills:

(+1 Expert Skill)

  • Level 4

    Book: North Sea Seafood

    What: 1 Herring + 1 Lumber = 2-3 Smoked Herring

    Notes: The best place for this is to Sit outside of Oslo and fish. you will catch a lot of Herring. I have never been attacked by pirates close to Oslo in the bay area, so it is a safe place to chill. When you have some Herring, go into Oslo and buy Lumber. You can add this to any trade route and get vigor while making some money. Bergen also sells Lumber.

  • Level 5

    Book: North Sea Seafood

    What: 1 Wine + 1 Cod.

    Notes: You will want to fill up on wine from Bordeaux or make it yourself with Handicrafts. South of Oslo but north of Copenhagen, you will find the best place for catching Cod.

  • Level 7 - 10

    Book: North Sea Seafood (may need other books if you are making our own butter)

    What: 1 Smoked Herring + 1 Butter = 2 -3 Smoked Herring Sauté

    Notes: I usually include this in a trade run from Edinburgh to Bergen. You can fish up herring like crazy, turn it into Smoked Herring with supplies sold at Oslo or Bergen. Then use the cattle or sheep from Edinburgh to make milk, add some salt and you got butter (or buy it from London). This is an awesome way to continue raising cooking. Using a food dish as an ingredient saves ship storage space also. Remember you can have 200 Smoked Herring in your inventory and 200 in your captains bag.

  • Level 10

    Book: Seafarers Seafood

    What: 1 Tuna + 1 Olive Oil = 2 - 3 Tuna Steak

    Notes: You will need Fishing level 8 to even catch Tuna, but that is the hard part. Sit southwest of Las Palmas or some people have great luck outside of Syracuse's port to fish up Tuna. I'd recommend getting olive oil first, and as you catch tuna convert it into steaks. You do not want to get rats and have them eat all your hard earned Tunas!! Use the other fish as food, so stock up on water.

    Tuna Steaks have a fleet effect, everyone in the fleet will gain 80 vigor and fatigue. This dish sells for around 15,000Ð

Late Game - Cooking 10 - 15

If your serious about cooking then you have it as a favorite(or expert) skill, that means you can take it all the way to level 15. You might also have an aide that has the cooking skill to give you an additional +1. Slap on a Blue Ribbon and that is another +1, See where I am going with all this? With just the bonus's that I have mentioned you can get level 18 cooking (if cooking skill is Expert skill). Sure you only need level 15, but you will notice those bonus levels helping you make more food, and level faster.

  1. Carrabean Secret Dishes

    Location: San Diego

    Cost: After Investing 300,000Ð

    Note: You will need this at level 12, and realistically it will take you easily all the way to 15

  2. Livestock secrets - Birds

    Location: Calvi

    Cost: 8,000Ð

    Note: I bet you already grabbed this book, and have been using it lots, unless you followed my guide. But at level 14 you will need it to make chicken into poultry, so you can save a bit of those hard earned millions.

  3. Chefs Meat

    Location: Stockholm

    Cost: After investing 600,000Ð

    Note: This book will help you get that final level a little bit faster.

Alright now for the "Super-Duper-not-so-secret-ever-so-special-how-to-get-the-last-five-levels" trick. You will be amazed at how simple it is, you did take fishing right?

  • Level 10 - 12

    Book: Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine Collection

    What: Wheat to Flour; 1 Flour + 1 Fish + 1 Cheese = 1-2 Seafood Pizza

    Notes: Yes, this is probably one of the fastest ways because you can find all the ingredients quickly. Head on over to Porto and make like pizza hut. Or you can do any other level 10 food and still raise up quickly.

  • Level 12 - 14 Option A (or the "just get it done" method)

    Book: Caribbean Secret Dishes

    What: 3 Fish + 1 Berry = Fish and nuts.

    Notes: If you do not have procurement skill, go get it now. Head on over to Famagusta and go find yourself a nice spot. you can procure berries like crazy outside the city, and the market sells fish. If you can fish yourself, you can fish on the way there, and save yourself some hassle. You really can do this all the way to level 15. But beware, you will have lots of fish and nuts to sell. 4,500Ð seems a fair price.

  • Level 12 - 14 Option B (or the "Raise a few skills at once" method)

    Book: Chef's Meat

    What: 1 Wine +1 Lamb +1 Rosemary = 1 - 2 Wine Braised Lamb

    Notes: If you have the Spice trading skill, sail to Valencia and fill 3/4 of your ship with Rosemary. Now sail to Nantes, and Bordeaux for some wine and lamb. If you can make wine, do so. By now you should know where to get sheep for lamb, or just purchase it.

  • Level 14 - 15

    Book: Chef's Meat

    What: 1 Chicken Meat + 1 Garlic + 1 Brandy = 2 - 3 Roasted Garlic Chicken

    Notes: For this your best bet is to buy garlic from Malaga, get chicken meat from Lisbon and Faro, and make your own brandy. Brandy you can get in Lisbon and Bordeaux. If you can make Brandy, then you have a use for any extra wine from before.


Hopefully after all of this you have level 15 cooking skill, plus a few bonus's kicking around here and there. The fun is not over there is still one other recipe to master. the "Pupuran Tree". You need level 16 cooking to even attempt this dish, and it can only be acquired through a quest.

Good luck Master Cook!

Or shall we call you "Cooky" from now on?

Games or Recipe Books?

These DSi games will help you start cooking in your own kitchen.

Please feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion.

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