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Valuable State Quarters

Updated on February 23, 2013

State Quarters: Finding Treasures in your Pocket Change

The U.S. Mint produced 50 state quarters from 1999 to 2008. I find these state quarters a lot in my spare change, so I thought I'd find out if any of them were valuable.

It turns out that there are some error coins to look for, most famously the Wisconsin leaf error coin. There are also other errors to look for, like double strike and wrong planchet errors. Here's some information I've found.

Photo Credit Page updated 11/28/2011

2004-D Wisconsin Quarter with Leaf Error

Most valuable state quarter, and perhaps most common error quarter!

The most well known state error coin is the 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter.

There are two varieties of this error, a high leaf and low leaf version. Both are valuable. These extra leaves are on the corn. In reality, they are not actually leaves, but probably the result of damage to the die.

These error coins have recently sold between $75-$200 on Ebay.

Need help recognizing it? Click here for close-up pictures of this error coin.

1999 Delaware State Quarter
1999 Delaware State Quarter

1999 D Delaware State Quarter with Rotated Reverse Quarter Error

Very rare quarter, value could be $100-250

A rotated reverse error is spotted by looking at the front of the quarter, turning the quarter over like you would turn the page of a book, and then looking at the back of the quarter. Normally when you do this, if the front is right side up, the back side will be upside down. This is because all standard U.S. coins have their back sides oriented 180º to their fronts.

This is a good error to look for on all coins. While uncommon, if you find a rotated reverse coin, it can be quite valuable.

The only state error coin with this error that has appeared on Ebay in the last year is the 1999 D Delaware quarter. It has only sold on Ebay twice in the last year, making it quite rare! Most recently one in MS 62 condition sold for $224.

What should I do if I find one? Learn about having it examined and certified!

State Quarters with Wrong Planchet Error

Huge error, these coins can be worth a lot!

The Planchet is the blank metal disc that the coin is made from. Sometimes, the wrong planchet will be used. For example a quarter struck on a nickel planchet. The result is usually a very strange looking coin, and one that can be quite valuable.

Learn more about planchet errors here.

Recent auction sale prices:

Delaware quarter error struck on nickel planchet - $406

1999 D New Jersey Quarter Clipped Panchet Error Coin - $79

What is a die rotation error? - This video explains it best...

A rotated state quarter is an error that you might miss. It basically means that one side isn't right side up.... This video explains it better than I can.

Develop an Eye for Spotting Error Coins - This seems like the best book for beginners like me

Strike it Rich with Pocket Change
Strike it Rich with Pocket Change

The reviews indicate that this book can be helpful to anyone who wants to learn how to spot valuable coins among pocket change. It has lots of close-up pictures. Learn how to recognize valuable coins!


How are you doing today? - It's your turn to write :)

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    • profile image

      smileysmith 3 years ago

      I have a 1922 dollar coin; circlulated. What's it worth. Should I just spend it on a lottery ticket. : )

    • profile image

      David-N 5 years ago

      I guess I need to look through my change jar! Nice lens :)

    • sheilamarie78 profile image

      sheilamarie78 5 years ago

      Interesting to know. I collected coins as a kid, and have wondered whether there were any state coins that are valuable to collectors.