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Trade Video Games : Used Xbox, PS3, Wii Game Trading Exchange Sites

Updated on September 10, 2014

Introduction To Video Game Swapping Websites

So, you bought the game, played it, got sick of it and now what? It becomes a $60 coaster? Expensive shelf filler? Or are your going to take it to your nearest game trading store and get ripped off for a third of its value instead?

Well, that could be the fate of your games OR you could be smart and swap it online for a new game for just the price of postage!

Welcome to the glorious world of video game swapping sites my friend!

Fasten your wallet, your favorite hobby is about to get a whole lot less expensive...

Why Swap Video Games?

Video Game Swapping Compared To Other Means Of Buying and Selling Games

For me, swapping my old video games for new ones I would otherwise have to pay actual money for, is a total no-brainer of a decision.

I get a new game, declutter my gaming shelf, help someone else get a game they want and get that warm fuzzy feeling of not being ripped off by my local Gamestop's trade in values. Seriously, $15 for a game you'll turn around and sell for $50 plus? No thanks.

I used to sell through Ebay and Amazon too as that was a good way of recouping a better part of the game's real value but the fees there and hassle involved in listing items and dealing with customers is not worth it when there is a better alternative.

Video game swap sites like are a much better way to 'buy' and 'sell' used games in my opinion. By trading this way, I find I lose very little on the price of a game. In fact, for the most part, a new game really doesn't cost more than the price of postage.

For example : My first trade online was after spending $60 on "Star Wars : The Force Unleashed" when it was first released in 2008. I hated that game and after being offered peanuts by Gamestop I was looking for somewhere better to trade it. Turns out the resale price online was pretty awful too since I guess I wasn't the only one to be less than impressed by the game and there were a lot of them out there which drove the resale price down. I looked online and found one of the trading sites I'll be talking about later. Here, I found I could trade Star Wars : The Force Unleashed for a variety of other games with no cash changing hands. I traded that game for Grand Theft Auto IV and Conan both for the Xbox 360. I basically swapped my one game I hated for two others.

After I beat those two games I traded them again on the same site and got two more...and so on, again and again. I basically stopped buying games and started swapping the ones I had for new ones. It's a superb way to save money over and over.

See the benefits? The following used game trading websites are places where you can trade games and swap your old unwanted titles with other gamers.

LeapTrade - Trade Video Games With Other People Online

LeapTrade offers gamers the opportunity to get more for their games than by the tradition route of trading in to Gamestop or Best Buy.

Here, you trade games either for LeapTrade credit or swap games one to one with other traders.

The trading site guarantees and keeps track of each and every trade done through the site so your game(s) are always guaranteed to get the value stated even if the post office screws up or something else untoward happens.

I've been trading here for a few months now and the site is going from strength to strength, with new members joining all the time and constant improvements being made by a very helpful owner. They recently added retro game trading for systems like the Sega Dreamcast, Genesis and Game Gear after users requested them with the promise of more to come and of course popular new gen systems like Xbox One, Playstation 4 and WiiU are supported along with the PS3, XBox 360 etc. which are still going strong.

I have been happy with my trading experience so far. There's a very friendly community on the forums too so if you join, stop by there and say hello and be sure to ask questions if you're not sure how things work around there, people will be happy to help you.

Join Here

99Gamers - Game Trading Done Differently

If you are looking for something a little different but still equally adept at saving you money and putting games in your mailbox then check out 99Gamers.

This site works a little differently to the other trading sites for games in that you are no queues to join.

No waiting you say? Awesome!

Here's the deal. Games are not sold for cash here but instead for a virtual currency called "coins". At 99Gamers you list the game you own at the price in coins suggested by the system, or a little above if you think there is demand for it, or a little below if you want a quicker sale. A buyer comes along and buys it with their virtual coins, you mail it and you get the value in coins to spend on games listed by other members. Coins are banked in your virtual wallet until you find something you want to buy which might be immediately, or they can be saved until that game you really, really want gets offered.

99Gamers also gives you the opportunity to buy coins and purchase games from other members that way too if you are in a hurry or don't want to give up any games right at that moment. Often you can find a great deal this way especially since shipping is free.

Obviously the big difference between 99Gamers compared to Goozex or VGFive is that there are no waiting lists or lines to join. Some people love queue systems and use them to great effect (me, for example) whereas others prefer the instant gratification of a site like this one. Thankfully, 99Gamers gives you that choice and each trade is free here too, no transaction fees or hidden agendas and it is free to join as well.

Join 99Gamers Here

Swap Games Like These!

Goozex Video Game Trading Site

Goozex Review : Swap Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and More

Update: well, it looks like the new owners had some kind of financial issue which "forced" them to close the doors on Goozex, at least for now. Bummer, but there are plenty of alternatives to Goozex out there many of which have learned from the mistakes this site made in the past and are arguably a better trading platform because of it. I would recommend checking out Leap Trade or 99Gamersif you are looking for a good Goozex alternative.

Old Review as follows...

Goozex is one of my favorite game swapping sites and one I have been trading at since 2008. It allows you to trade both games, DVDs and movies from current generation to retro game console games which can make is a great source for both the casual gamers and collectors alike.

Firstly, and importantly, let's talk about how this site is structured. Goozex is set up so you do not need to actually swap peer to peer with other gamers. You simply decide to list a game as available to be swapped and if someone wants it, you get points based upon the value of the game which you can then use to order something yourself from the titles (movies or games) available in the system.

Some other game sites are set up so you can only trade on a one to one basis with another gamer. If you don't have something they want, then you'll not be able to trade with them and vice versa. The Goozex system makes much more sense as it gives you much more flexibility in what you choose.

Game swaps are relatively cheap here too although they made the system a little complicated to explain but I'll try anyway. So, basically you buy tokens which are used for every game you request. Each game will cost 1 to 3 tokens depending on how 'valuable' the system perceives it to be. A rare game might cost you 3 tokens whilst an old PS2 game will cost you 1. Tokens themselves cost $1 each but that is halved down to $0.50 once you have completed a certain number of trades which effectively makes the cost of receiving a game $1 - $3 until you've made a certain number of trades with good feedback and then $0.50 to $1.50 once you've proven yourself a good trader. The best way to figure that needlessly complicated system out is to go use it. In practice, it's much simpler!

Games at Goozex are given a point value based upon their perceived value either through market value or how much in demand a game is. Old games no one really wants might be valued as low as 100 points whereas new and popular games might be valued up to 1500 points and special editions and rare games can cost up to 2000 points to help balance out their sometimes much higher value in the real world and encourage people to trade them.

By valuing games in this way, you can actually trade games back and forth for something approaching their real value. For example, trade in a new $60 game for 2000 points...and get 10 $5 games for 200 points each or 4 $15 games etc. It's a much fairer system than some other sites which want you to swap 1 for 1 even when the games are vastly different in actual value. In practice the Goozex algorithm can seem a little off in its valuations due to various factors but you get the picture.

Goozex makes it easy to manage your request list as well. You can set up a list of games you would like to receive and if one should be offered for trade you will automatically request it if you have enough trading credits stored up. If not, you'll wait in the queue until you do and another copy appears. Or you can put requests on hold and save your credits for a particular game if you choose.

I find the Goozex system to be very versatile and the ability to trade DVD and BluRay movies is something else to like. Since everything is assigned a point value you can choose to trade in a bunch of old DVDs and get some games or trade in a game and get movies. Or you can mix and match, trading in a higher value game to get a couple of movies and a lower value game. It's a great way to trade up your media.

The only problem with Goozex right now is the length of the queues and the wait times to receive games in return. The new management are busy working to address this though so if you do decide to join this game trading community be aware of that and do check into the forums to see what the current members are saying before deciding whether this site is for you or not.

Join Here - The Best Game Swapping Site Online

Update: VGFive was acquired by the same company which bought Goozex in 2013...unfortunately, the parent company experienced issues which cause both sites to be closed, either temporarily or permanently, the members have been left in the dark as to what exactly is going on. For now, VGFive, as with Goozex, is offline and looks to be staying that way. Again, I would recommend checking out the top two alternative trading sites on this page.

VGFive launched at the end of 2012 and has already gained an enormous amount of traction in the world of online video game trading. It might seem a little odd to call it the best game trading site considering how new it is but considering how hard it hit the ground running it would foolish to say otherwise.

The site is run by a veteran trader from another swapping site who saw a lot of the issues which were going unchecked by their owners and decided to create his own site which would avoid those problems. So far, so good as trading on this site has been literally awesome compared with the alternatives out there.

You can visit and check out the available list to see what is currently up for trading. Those aren't the only games you can get of course, they're just the ones being offered this second by other members.

How it works is simple. You list a game here you want to trade. Another member requests it and you mail it to them. When they receive it, you get points which can then be spent on receiving another game from another VGFive member. You can either go to the available list and get a game from there, or you can join a queue for more popular games and receive one of those when your turn arises. It's a very simple way to trade and it works awesomely here.

Each trade you request costs a flat fee of $1 which helps keep the site running and that's only when you make a request, not when you send a game to someone else. This compares favorably with other sites where members trade video games which charge anything up to $3 per transaction. You'll easily make that back in terms of the money you will save through trading though. It's vastly better than getting ripped off by Gamestop or hit with auction and seller fees at places like eBay and Amazon.

I can not recommend VGFive enough if you are looking for an alternative to Gamestop which isn't going to rip you off. Please be nice to your fellow traders and it is always a good idea to introduce yourself on the friendly forums where you will find useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of this and other game trading communities.

ReplayGamez Game Swapping Web Site

Exchange Games By Mail Service

*This site is now dead*

Replay Gamez is another free to join game trading site which offers you the option to trade your tired old games for new, exciting ones.

Replay Gamez is a little different to site like Goozex in that they play the middleman in the swapping arrangement. You set up a trade with another user and you both send your games to ReplayGamez. They will check you have both sent in the right game, check the disc is in good order, then ship the games out to both parties. Whilst this does offer a little peace of mind for the nervous, untrusting swapper, it does come with its disadvantages.

For a start, you pay a whopping $6.99 per swap which covers postage and a handling fee for Replay Gamez. Kind of pricey either way.

In addition, you can only send the game disc itself, not the packaging or instructions which limits the resell value of the game and means if you ever wanted to trade it anywhere else you might have a problem.

I'm also not a big fan of the peer to peer system here which also gives no retail value to a game. Here, you must set up a direct swap with ONE other user, so you need to have something they want and vice versa before a trade can happen. I find I spend more time browsing around for trades than actually doing any.

Still, your first trade is free here as a welcome gift, so you might want to check it out.

So, What Happens To Your Old Games?

I'm interested to know what you do with the majority of your games when you are tired of them. Sure, some games are keepers and we'll never,ever part with them, but what about the rest? Have your say below.

So, What Happens To Your Old Games?

See results

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Have your say below...

Video Game Fan? Like The Idea Of Swapping? Have Your Say! - Tell Us What You Think About The Idea Of Video Game Swapping

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  • profile image


    5 years ago

    You forgot It doesn't charge you anything to trade unlike Goozex.

  • BrandonCase profile image


    5 years ago

    Thanks for the info, I don't frequently trade games but I feel more comfortable looking into it now :).

  • TwistedWiseman profile image


    6 years ago

    Don't want to swap game, the ones I have are mine! I don't trade!

  • biggking lm profile image

    biggking lm 

    6 years ago

    thanks for the site James!


  • profile image


    6 years ago

    This is an interesting Idea but I am with hunksparrow with this, I like my Old Games and I still continue to play them. The Thought of Swapping or Selling them Never crossed my mind, in fact I still buy old Games and Systems from time to time! I have almost every Game System from the PS One on Down, they all work and have Games for each of them! ;)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Another popular Australian site is

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I use PLayer's Choice to trade games.

  • squidoopets profile image

    Darcie French 

    7 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

    Swapping video games is a great idea, thanks for the lens, blessed and to be featured on ,a href=""&... of Gamers :)

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Great idea for a lens! I rarely trade my games,but most of them are purchased used anyway unless they are certain titles such as Gears of War or something....

  • hunksparrow profile image


    7 years ago

    I like the idea but I also like to hold onto my games to play them again in the future. I typically buy games after they've been out a year or so when the price goes down. I will now consider swapping after reading this lens as the concept is very intriguing.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    i want to trade my ps2 for a cheap used xbox 360

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    I prefer ReplayGamez because they check the games for you. I tried some other sites but got burned on a couple of trades that were damaged.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Hey, I didn't even know that these types of sites were available - cool, thanks for the info!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!

  • sudokunut profile imageAUTHOR

    Mark Falco 

    9 years ago from Reno, Nevada

    [in reply to MD-] Sure, go ahead.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    I added to my favorites !


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