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Viking Horns for Drinking & Alarm

Updated on December 22, 2012

Drink Beer from your Horn and Make it Sound Loud

Few things are as cheerful as a drinking Viking Horn to consume your favorite ale. It takes you back to the good old days when Norway reigned the North Sea with their Viking longships.

If you are more into a Viking Horn to blow and sound the alarm these make for great looking items in your home as well. A beautiful Viking Horn like one of these will take you back there and if you go for a drinking horn make the beer taste all that much better. Both types are perfect for days you want to let the Norman in you loose or when you need a good prop at a party.

  • Release the Norman! With these horns you will feel like being back in the Viking Age and dominating the seas.
  • Beautiful Sound, the great and loud sound from the horns designed to sound is immediately recognizable and the citizens know it's time for their women and children to flee.
  • Beer just tastes better from an original model Viking Horn. It's quite an experience to drink a special brew from one of these and will definitely improve the fun you are having.
  • Great Looking Prop, the horns look awesome when hanging on your wall, above the fireplace or the modern equivalen: TV :)

Small Shofar: Sized Approx.CHECK PRICE

King-Werks Norway NorwegianCHECK PRICE

Viking Drinking HornCHECK PRICE

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