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Vintage Battling Tops Board Game

Updated on February 3, 2015

Battling Tops - One of My Favorite Games Ever

The board game Battling Tops, by: Ideal, (1968) was one of my favorite games to play when I was a pre-adolescent, (back in those good old days). Yes, those were the days. Little else to worry about, other than what was the next game we were going to play. Sure, I was supposed to be thinking about school work, taking out the trash, or feeding the dog. But let's be real, at that age it was always about playing. The other duties I still had to be reminded of.

Battling Tops was such a cool game. It had real action, moving parts, "Spinning Tops" for goodness sake! Sadly I did not own the game, but fortunately our next door neighbor did. Although he was a year older than me he would often still let me come over to play, as long as his Mom was up for company, and the other older kids wouldn't find out about it.

The neighbor kid always had the newest, nicest, coolest toys. Good providers though they were, my parents were more practical with our gifts. I can't hold it against them, but it sure would have been awesome to have my own Rockem Sockem Robots, Crossfire game, and the Battling Tops Game.

No bother, I can still find many of the toys I yearned for as a kid for sale on E-bay. Ironically, in many ways not much has changed since then, now I go to work instead of school, I still have to take out the trash, and I'm still feeding the dog. There is one distinct difference though; these days I can buy my own toys and the Battling Tops game by Ideal is on the top of my list. e-Bay here I come!

How To Play Battling Tops

To play Battling Tops: You choose your top and pick a launch pad. Next you would wrap a string connected to a pull tab around your spinning top. Once you have the spinning top correctly wrapped you would place it into the launcher and ready yourself.

Upon a predetermined signal, usually a count to three, you and your opponent(s) give the tab a good pull sending your top spinning towards the middle of the plastic arena. The game can be played with two to four players, although all I ever remember is playing with just the two of us.

The arena is bowl shaped and made of a molded plastic material. The shape of the arena forces the tops toward the center where they collide into and bounce off of each other. A winner is usually determined quite easily by the last top spinning. If the last top to fall is yours, you win.

Beyblade Metal Masters

Beyblade Metal Fury Hyperblades Hyper-Strike Battle Set
Beyblade Metal Fury Hyperblades Hyper-Strike Battle Set

Cosmic Pegasus top's Cosmic I Fusion Wheel part can be configured 4 ways for defense or attack

Final Drive Spin Track/Performance Tip piece can change from Sharp Flat to Rubber Flat


Battling Tops Game TV commercial "1968"

Battling Tops Game

"The Contestants are Winding Their Tops... Getting Into Position.."

— "1968" Battling Tops Game Commercial

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