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Unique Gifts for Vintage Dolls Collectors

Updated on August 31, 2017

Every grown woman had a special doll when she was young. Playing with them gave the very young girls the chance to care for and nurture little human beings.

With some, the warm love they experienced for that first quiet companion of theirs has led to their grown-up delight in the collection of wonderful vintage dolls.

They could play imaginary games with their dolls, hug and cuddle them, cry or laugh with them, sing and talk to them and dress them up. And today's most ardent doll collectors began their collections with their first doll.

There were dolls of every kind, such as the Holly Hobby dolls dressed up and wearing pretty sun bonnets, Kewpie vintage dolls with their round faces, chubby cheeks and large laughing eyes, beautiful Effanbee and Ginny Dolls with fashionable and well-made outfits, the pink-cheeked Lolly Dolly from five and dime stores and regal porcelain dolls that you had to handle with great care.

The more affordable vintage dolls are the handmade dolls such as the Raggedy Ann dolls that stood up well to rough use.

Vintage Barbie Dolls
Vintage Barbie Dolls

Vintage Dolls - The Familiar Ones

Mrs Beasley Doll - The adorable doll that was owned by Buffy, the TV child star in the 60's sitcom series, Family Affair. This popular doll of the 20th century can now be found as reproductions.

Mrs Beasley Doll - A highly valued vintage doll
Mrs Beasley Doll - A highly valued vintage doll

These dolls are back as adorable collectables, and with speech capabilities consisting of eleven phrases, just like the cherished original.

When you pull the cord in her back, you can hear her say: "I do think you're the nicest little friend I ever had," "Speak a little louder, dear, so Mrs. Beasley™ can hear you," etc.

Today's reproduction of this quality vinyl collectable doll's voice is recorded in character by the popular 20th-century actress, Cheryl Ladd.

A Mrs Beasley doll has a soft body, a vinyl head, and blonde hair, and she wears the familiar blue dress with polka dots and yellow trim and wearing the distinctive black frame glasses.

This vintage doll produced in limited quantities will make an ideal Christmas gift to an avid collector, and if you are one, it may be yours too.

Marie Osmond's Winter Glow Tiny Tot Doll - This beautiful reproduction of one of Marie Osmond's famous dolls is a little beauty.

The Tiny Tot doll is made painstakingly by hand and the special attention paid to every small detail is the hallmark of Marie Osmond dolls.

The doll is fitted in a beautiful red dress with trims and accents of gold. Her beautiful and luxurious rich brown curls have tendrils dropping loosely down the sides of her face, and the hair atop her head is tied with a festive ribbon.

The Tiny Tot dolls are in limited quantities and each is individually numbered and have an imprint of Marie Osmond's duplicate signature.

Pie Jesu Collectible Vintage Doll - Another Marie Osmond doll, the Pie Jesu is dressed in a long gown embellished with silver sequins and has a feather cape draped over her shoulders.

This 'red carpet' outfit is inspired by the dress Marie wears when she performs the song "Pie Jesu," which is a tribute to her late son Michael.

This doll collectible is not designed as a toy so it can not be used for extended play as a toy. Its production is personally approved by Marie herself, hand numbered and hallmarked with her signature on the back of the doll's neck, but concealed with the cape.

There are a limited number of these dolls reproduced and each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a doll stand in a special anniversary edition box.

Raggedy Ann Dolls -At some point in time of their lives, every little girl must have received a raggedy Ann doll. Also referred to as rag dolls, they have the most mystifying and extraordinary doll stories ever told.

Raggedy Ann Doll
Raggedy Ann Doll

And with the imaginary and celebrated tales, Raggedy Ann has achieved a height of popularity which no other rag doll can attain.

Compared to the classic dolls, no doll compares to this beloved rag doll, and collectors have been known to fill their homes with their astounding collections of Raggedy Ann dolls and their vintage memorabilia.

Today, vintage doll collections are incomplete without Raggedy Ann rag dolls, and this long-time favorite of children and doll collectors globally has been reproduced with a new look.

These timeless treasures are beautifully crafted with the same painted face and red head of hair, as well as the renowned pinafore dress, striped leg socks, and bloomers.

These collectible dolls make the perfect gift for new or old doll collectors and are bound to win hearts all over again.

Kewpie Dolls - These dolls and figurines were extremely popular in the early twentieth century. The first authentic Kewpie dolls were created by Rose O'Neil in 1911.

Red Liquorice and Sailor Boy Kewpie Dolls
Red Liquorice and Sailor Boy Kewpie Dolls | Source

The designs of these vintage dolls are based on comical illustrations made by its creator and first appeared in 'Ladies' Home Journal' in 1909.

Though she personally sketched her doll illustrations, she hadn't a clue of how to turn her sketches into reality.

She had to contract the help of a sculptor and found a young art student from the Pratt Art Institute named Joseph Kallus who sculpted the first Kewpie Doll in bisque (a pinkish brown colour). This was soon to be followed by celluloid produced dolls which were mass manufactured in Germany by a doll manufacturer and sold at affordable prices to the general public.

And in 1949, the first sets of hard plastic versions were introduced.

Vintage Dolls Make Splendid Gifts for Doll Collectors

If you are looking for a meaningful gift that will be enjoyed for many years, doll collectibles simply make great gifts for collectors.

And even though many vintage doll reproductions are produced in limited quantities, giving out one of these classic dolls will make vintage doll enthusiasts happy to have a gift that is still so popular, even after over a hundred years.

© 2011 viryabo


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    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 2 years ago

      That's a wonderful collectible you have there @PeggyW. I wonder which one of the 5 adorable dolls you have.

      Thank you so much for visiting, the up vote, and share.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I never played much with dolls when I was young as I was more of a tomboy and preferred climbing trees, riding bikes, etc. My mother loved them however. I still have one of her Dionne Quintuplet dolls now that she is gone. Up votes and sharing!

    • ShalahChayilJOY profile image

      Shalah Chayil 5 years ago from Billings, Montana

      Wonderful writing! And the dolls are so lovely. Makes me want [almost] to return to childhood, or at the least begin to add to my doll collection. Great hub, vi, thanks to you for a nostalgic read.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 6 years ago


      Now you got me scared Thranax. I remember Chuckie. That was one h.....l of a scary movie.

      Thanks for visiting.


    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 6 years ago

      Im glad it brings back those beautiful childhood memories cre8ivone, thanks for visiting.

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Personally I find dolls kind of creepy, mainly because I watched Chuckie.

      Great hub though!


    • cre8ivOne profile image

      cre8ivOne 6 years ago from Midwest, USA

      Oh my goodness! Mrs. Beasley and Raggedy Ann! Brings back some great childhood memories : )