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Collecting Vintage Easter Postcards

Updated on December 21, 2014

Antique & Vintage Easter Postcards Are Fun To Share As Well As Collect

Being an artist I am enchanted with vintage images and graphics. I collect old canning labels and posters as well as postcards. I enjoy both having the collection as well as framing them and enjoying them in my home. Collecting Vintage postcards is a versatile hobby which is inexpensive and because of the proliferation of postcards throughout the turn of the century, there's an amazing assortment to choose from.

The trick to collecting postcards is to focus in on an area because there are so many variations and styles. I personally like the Christmas and Easter holiday postcards as well as photo postcards of my childhood home a tiny little town of around 100 people in Minnesota.

This page is focused strictly on Easter postcards. You'll find on this page a selection of Vintage Easter Postcards to buy as well as reproduction postcards books of Vintage Easter Postcards. Also found here are some collecting tips as well as the proper care, handling and storage of your vintage postcards.

Located On This Page

Vintage Easter Postcards Available For Purchase

Print Your Own Vintage Looking Easter Postcards & Graphics

Reproduction Postcard Books Of Vintage Easter Postcards

As Well As

Tips For Collecting Vintage Postcards

Care, Handling & Storage of your Vintage Postcard Collection.

The History Of Postcards

What Kind Of Vintage Postcards Do You Like To Collect?

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How To Begin Collecting Postcards

Considerations For Beginning Any Collection

Research your collectibles to find out what has value and how to determine it's value Before you start collecting anything in earnest is is perhaps best to do a little reading on the subject. Regarding collecting vintage postcards this means learning how condition affects value as well scarcity of the image. Doing a little research before you begin collecting postcards will help you to spot the gems amongst the rubbish.

Things To Consider When It Determining The Quality Of A Vintage Postcard's

  • Brightness and color of the graphics
  • Tears, stains, smears or folds.
  • The thickness and quality of the paper
  • Look at the fine print for a publishing date

Narrowing Your Focus To Collecting What You Love. By selective collecting you create a more cohesive collection. My fist loves is horse, though I also like vintage graphics and Victorian women. So if I find a vintage postcard with a Vistorian woman leaning against a horse I am totally thrilled. It's like winning the lottery.

Good Places To Find Vintage Postcards

  • On this lens (yes, I couldn't resist.
  • Estate Sales
  • Garage Sales
  • Ebay
  • Flea Markets
  • Antique Stores
  • Etsy

Create Your Own Easter Cards With A Vintage Look

For those who are of an artsy bend this is a great way to celebrate any holiday. These cd's come stocked with all sorts of delightful vintage Easter and holiday images that are perfect for creating unique and personalized postcards, letters and what ever your creativity can dream up.

The graphics are vibrant and beautiful and the selection is wide enough that you are sure to find the graphics you want for any project you have in mind.

Tips For Caring For & Storing Your Vintage Postcard Collection

Caring For & Archival Storage Of Your Vintage Postcard Collection

Archival Storage and Display are crucial for maintaining the value of your vintage postcard collection. As with all things that are fragile and valuable, correct storage and display of your collection is paramount. I have been a professional picture framer and worked in a museum doing conservation, not to mention having been in the art industry for over 20 years I understand the importance of acid free containers and mountings and how they will affect the value of any object. Preservation of the value and the appearance of your vintage postcards is to be done using archival mountings and storage..

Storing Your Vintage Postcard Collection

* Remove Vintage Postcards From Original Mountings And Old Albums This should be done immediately and carefully.Older albums are generally not archival and often the postcard was glued into place. Remove the postcards with care so as not to tear, bend or crease your most recent addition to your collection. Try to get as much of the glue and original album paper off the back of the postcard as possible. Any remaining glue and paper left on may cause additional deterioration over time

* Use Archival Products This includes boxes, albums and pages. Fortunately these are now easy to come bu and cheap to invest in.

* Make Sure Your Album Pages Are Sufficiently Large Enough Most postcards are about the same size as a 4 x 6 photograph. Though many vintage postcards vary in size. Just be sure not to cram your postcard into it's holder. Any creases, denting and tearing will of course affect it's overall value.

* Never Use Glue or Tape Instead mount your vintage postcards using archival photo corners

* When framing Your Postcard Collection (once again) Use Only Archival Materials using This includes matting, support boards and glazings such as conservation glass or plexi, or even museum glass if the postcard is sufficiently valuable enough. Also hang it using the same rules you'd apply for hanging fine art. Thus not in direct sunlight or in rooms light porches and bathrooms.

A Brief History Of Postcards In America


The earliest postcards were merely heavier paper for which you could make a short note and mail it in an envelope. Later with the advent of better publishing technologies image and stamps were preprinted on the postcard and included in the purchase cost.

As printing technologies became more elaborate the printed postcards flourished during the later part of the 1800's through the mid-1900s. During this time period cameras were scarce and so the best way to capture or remember a place or time was to buy a postcard, whether it was meant to be mailed to friends or kept as a momento.

Thank You For Visiting My Collecting Easter Postcards Page

Mona Majorowicz demonstarting art technique at a gallery open house
Mona Majorowicz demonstarting art technique at a gallery open house

About The Author Of Vintage Easter Postcards

Mona Majorowicz of Wild Faces Gallery

My name is Mona Majorowicz I am a professional artist who has been making my living selling my work for some time now. I am an animal artist, (meaning I paint critters) who works primarily in Oil Pastel or Water Soluble Pencil.

I own and operate Wild Faces Gallery with my husband Mike in a small rural town in Iowa. There we sell my original artwork and prints, as well as do quality custom framing and offer Giclee printing for other artists as well as for ourselves. I have over 20 years in ate art and framing industry both as a business owner and as a working artist.

I maintain a blog called Fur In The Paint, as well as write a regular column for the equestrian magazine Apples 'N Oats about painting horses.

Animals are my passion and art is how I chose to express it.

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    • Philippians468 profile image

      Philippians468 6 years ago

      i think i might be addicted to all things vintage! lovely lens! cheers

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      What an awesome collection of postcards. You have done another great job of presenting them, adding your creative talent. I like this, it should have a purple star!

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

      Vintage postcards have so much charm. I have to admit, I especially like ones that have writing on them and memories attached, but the illustrations themselves are also lovely so I can also see the appeal of reproductions. Some good tips here for a vintage Easter postcard collection!