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Vintage Plastic and Vinyl Dolls

Updated on September 1, 2019
Vintage Plastic and Vinyl Doll
Vintage Plastic and Vinyl Doll

Vintage Plastic and Vinyl Dolls

The doll is one of the oldest toys. Little girls and sometimes boys have always wanted one to play with in order to pretend that they were grown up. This taught useful skills and the kids tended to copy adults so it is very important what example we give them.

The earlier dolls were made from many types of materials like leather, ivory, cloth wood and more. This page features the plastic and vinyl ones and there is a large selection to choose from that will enhance your collection.

Early rubber dolls had charm, even though the surface paint often flaked away.

The earliest known rubber dolls were made by Charles Goodyear as early as 1839, and by the 1850s rubber was used. Dolls made by the Goodyear Rubber Company are among the most desirable of this substance.

In the early 1900s, porcelain and plastic dolls were mass produced. In the last 100 years dolls have became increasingly popular as collectibles.

Pictured are some of my vintage dolls that I obtained at rummage sales and the one pictured here I found in one of our sheds.

Photo are my own.

Here are the Vintage Plastic and Vinyl Dolls

Vintage Plastic Dolls

Vintage Vinyl Dolls

Vintage Plastic and Vinyl Dolls are great collector’s items. Find one to add to your collection today. Photos from my own collection.

Vintage Plastic and Vinyl Doll
Vintage Plastic and Vinyl Doll

Antique and Vintage Plastic and Vinyl Dolls

In the 1800's a dolls' head was usually made of porcelain and combined with a body of leather, cloth, wood, or other materials, like paper mache.

Plastic and polymer materials became popular in the 1900s, and doll making shifted to these type of materials. The low cost, and durability of plastic materials meant new types of dolls could be mass produced at lower prices.

The earliest materials were rubber and celluloid. Around the 1950s, they were made of soft vinyl became the dominant material. The development of substances as rubber, celluloid and plastic all had an effect on the evolution of the doll, whose design changed to the new medium.

One thing that I make sure that I always have in my antique booths are cloth and vinyl dolls. They seem to be popular sellers and I think they make a great decoration for my booths. I set them on my antique chairs and in old chests with a vintage or antique quilt.

Some of the finest dolls were produced in the 1800's and it is this period that now fascinates collectors.

My Own Experience

I can remember playing with my dolls when I was a child. They would be considered antique or vintage now, which might date me but I have been around for a little while now.

My favorite was my Barbie dolls but I had some large baby dolls that I loved to mother. If only I could bring them back they would probably be worth something now if they were in good condition.

The ones you see on this page have been collected since then and I do regret that I did not save some of my toys from my childhood.

For the most part I thought of my Barbie’s and other toys as being really alive. I would be concerned if they were cold and I would always place them in comfortable positions.

While growing up in Tennessee we had neighbors that had girls around my age and we would play together. I can remember being distressed that they would leave their dolls throw wherever they landed and many times did not have any clothes on them. Many times I would get permission to rescue one and take it home where I would give it a bath and put clean cloths on it and give it a good home.

On a side note, I tended to have a high does of empathy toward my toys, creatures and my others. It would actually cause me pain to see anyone get hurt. I still find it hard to watch “Funniest Home Videos” where people are falling and getting hurt. I feel physical pain that shoots up my legs when I see this happening and have to go to do something else while my husband watches this show.

Some Dolls from my Collection
Some Dolls from my Collection
Large Vintage Doll
Large Vintage Doll

About the Large Beautiful Doll Above

One day I was checking out a thrift store and saw this beautiful doll standing outside. I asked the owner if I could take a picture of it and they gave me permission. I then added it here on this page.

I don’t remember the price but it probably was pretty high. Someone might be tempted to grab it and run off with it since it is standing outside the store. However that would attract some attention seeing someone carting this big doll around before they could get it to their vehicle.

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