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Vintage Teapots

Updated on March 21, 2015

Collecting Vintage Teapots

What are Vintage Teapots and why do so many people collect them?

First when talking about vintage or antique, many people, (myself included) use the terms loosely when they do actually have different meanings. An antique is generally an artifact at least 100 years old and in the years prior to that they go from new to old to vintage teapots.

Now when it comes to vintage, the term is harder to define. According to Wikipedia, "Vintage Clothing" is any clothing dated after the 1920s up to 20 years older than the present date, but there is not a clear definition for any other form of collectibles. So it could range depending on the seller, the demand for a collectible and how serious a collector is about an item.

So whether you love collecting Vintage Teapots, or you are just starting your collection, you are sure to find some helpful info on how to find them, where the teapot was made, what they might be worth, and how to have fun collecting!

"Collecting Vintage Teapots"

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Vintage Teapots and Teacups - Knowing what to look for when collecting...

Finding Vintage teapots and teacups without knowing what you are buying can be a challenge. Finding the right books to help you know what to look for is Easy!

Amazon has a great selection of books and guides about collecting vintage teapots and teacups. They make great gift ideas when you have a collector in your life!

Antique Teapots Review - Who would have thought how many people are interested in vintage teapots...

How much is my Vintage Teapot worth?

There are a few things to consider when finding the value of your vintage teapot.

1.) Condition of the teapot

2.) Markings on the bottom of the teapot

3.) Overall shape of the teapot

4.) Is it rare or a very common piece

5.) Demand ( how much someone else wants to own "your" teapot)

Unique and Vintage Teapots - How many do you have?

A serious collector of unique and vintage teapots, Sue Blazye from Yalding, Kent was reported to have over 6,000 teapots in her collection. The story ran in 2009 about this amazing collection which she and her husband have turned into a museum so she could share her wonderful collection.

This can either be an inspiration to keep adding to your collection or could be one of those "Maybe I'm not so crazy with my modest 300 vintage teapots." Either way it does let us know that there are collectors all over the world and we are not alone...

"Collecting Unique and Vintage Teapots"

Photo Courtesy of The Telegraph

Collecting can be Fun and Profitable

"Collectible Vintage Teapots for Sale"

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Why do you collect Vintage Teapots?

See results

Royal Albert Rose Confetti Formal Teapot - 42 ounces

If you are looking for a teapot with that vintage look but that you can also use to serve up your favorite cup of tea, this beautiful teapot from Royal Albert is a great choice. It features a beautiful delicate vintage print called "Rose Confetti Vintage" in a fine bone china.

You can enjoy your teapot for years to come taking your friends and family down memory lane with this elegant teapot. This is also a wonderful gift idea that is sure to warm the heart every time it's used.

Vintage Teapots Pottery - Other collectible ideas for vintage teapot lovers

A Little Teapot History

The teapot was invented during the Yuan Dynasty

Early Teapots were designed for single drinkers

During the 17th century ships from China to Europe carrying tea also carried "Porcelain Teapots"

Tea Consumption in Europe was reserved for the Upper class because of its expense

Porcelain was not available in Europe until around 1708-1710

Colonial America introduced silver teapots designed by artisans from four major families who controlled the silver market

Vintage Pink Luster Teapots - A Guide to Collecting Antique Pink Luster Teapots and more...

Share with us what you look for when buying vintage teapots, colors, styles, brands... Also where do you think you find the best deals? Whether you are just getting started or if you are a pro at collecting, let us know what you think!

Share Your Story on Collecting Vintage Teapots - What's your favorite?

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    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 

      5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      What a lovely selection! My mum had a lovely collection at one time.


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