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War Metal Cheats

Updated on February 17, 2012

After you finish reading this guide you will not need to cheat!

You have started the game, you have played for some time, but it seems like you are not getting anywhere?

Then this is the guide for you!

Start reading and in no time you will have an alliance, a strong force and a good idea how to continue.

Before I begin, there is one mistake I see every noob does. Waste his WarChips.

Do not use your war chips before you are level 100, at list!!!!

What is War Metal

War Metal is a browser based Click RPG played on the facebook platform. The main goals of the game is to level up and collect more powerful units, commanders and structures to kill the increasingly powerful bosses and other players.

Now with that said let's begin the guide.

General Note

If you read this guide I assume you have already managed to find and access the game and you are interested enough to learn how to play it.

This guide will offer you an advantage over other beginners, as it is a result of research by "trial and error". It will teach you how to level up faster, how to manage your stats and how to play the battles, whether it be an Epic Boss or a player you are up against.

The Goals Of This Guide

1) Learn how to manage your stats.

2) Get into an alliance.

3) Level Up Strategy.

4) Get the basic set of strong Units,Commanders,Structures and Formations ASAP.

First Thing First

You should never, and I mean never, implement this tactics on you real facebook account. And the reason for that is, after you follow the steps you will have 1500 people writing you staff on your wall in facebook. You don't want your friends to be spammed like that.

So open a new account!

After you open an account there is one thing you need to remember: Training.

Every 24 Hours you can train(get +1 on one stat or +10 on health)

Do not forget to do it!

Learn how to manage your stats

This one is simple , you need to get your "Energy" to 120 ASAP, than you get your Stamina as high as possible.

Don't worry about the rest. Up to level 100 they will be complimented by structures, units and commanders.

Getting into an alliance

Why do I need an alliance?

An alliance in the game have no real use,but there are some bonuses.

1) You will have more units on your side when you battle another player.

2) You will have more gifts.

3) You will find more epic bosses to fight.

This is really important because the bigger your alliance, the more units you can bring to battle, the more chance you have of winning and the faster you level up.

So how do I get into an alliance of 1500 people?

Well you don't, the biggest alliance you can create in the game, that will count for you in battle, is 500. Assuming every 5 alliance members give you additional unit in battle.That is 100 units. (The biggest formation there is, is a 16 unit formation)

To create an alliance, do the following:

1) Start executing missions. When you get to the 10'th level, all the menus of the game will open for you.

2) Go to the "Forum" menu in the left upper corner of the game page.

3) Find a post that reads "Mass Add something something"

4) Read the first comment - read every letter of it , it's important.

5) Execute the instructions to the letter.

6) See how your alliance grows by the minute.

To maintain your alliance.

1) Got to the "Alliance" page

2) select Gifting than press "Proceed to send".

3) Select as many names as the application lets you , the press send.


Leveling up

As you have learned by now you can level up by executing missions. In this section we will overview other ways to level up.

By now your alliance is growing and you have finished the first few missions, now its time for a battle.

Rules of combat: There is only one rule , there are no rules.

What is a kill?

A kill is when the health of your opponent drops to 0 or bellow.

What happens to the opponent?

Nothing. In 20 minutes he will be ready for you to kill again.

What do I get?

Every time you kill an opponent you get a kill count. For some kills amounts there are achievements.

Also every 2 hours you will be awarded 20 Stamina for a single kill.

Constructing you force.

First thing before you start your killing spring you should form your force.

1) Go to the "Force" page. There you will find the Commanders , Formations, units and structures.

2) Go to the drop box and click on it. Select the lowest sitting formation, and click [Use]. (in your case it probably is a "Vanguard")

3) Click on the assault units to remove them.

5) Add the uppermost unit from the side menu.\

NOTE: When place your cursor over a units,a commanders or a structures you will see it's abilities.

6) Go to the structures and add only the structures with attack and/or defense parameters.

7) Same goes for Commanders.

Missions strategy.

As long as you have energy , use it to execute missions.

1) Every 3 missions you finish in an area(when the mission gets to 100%), a new area will open for you.

2) Every time new area opens, go directly there. Do NOT finish the current area.

3) Every time you change area go directly for the mission that gives you a new formation, if possible. If not go for the mission that will give you access to the mission in question.

NOTE: Go for the formations first.

Combat strategy.

Here I must introduce you to a new definition: Combat Rating (CR).

Combat Rating is awarded when you win a battle against other player or a boss (not an epic).

By now your alliance has grown to 10 or 15 people.

1) Go to the "Battle" page.

2) Select the person with the highest amount of combat rating and the smallest alliance.

3) Fight him.

4) After one fight. If you lose , live him and find some one weaker.

5) If you win, fight him as long as the game lets you.

6) After some time, Heal your self. (The link [heal] at the top of the page near the health)

7) Repeat the process.

When you get to your first step of Combat Rating, 200 points, you will be able to buy the first unit that will give you a great bust.

1) Go to "Barracks"

2) Buy as many "Tempest" as you can place in your Formation.

3) Place them as part of your formation.

The Tempest is a good unit for you level , but it lacks the ability to do bonus damage. So after you get the Tempest you should immediately go for the second step of Combat Rating, 500 point, then buy the "Exterminator". Use it instead of the Tempest .This should be the last time in the game you have units with no bonus damage in you formation.

REMEMBER: every time you level up , do the missions first!!

Get the basic set of strong units ASAP

By now you have your basic force and you need to get some of the more advances units in the game.

The units we will go for in the beginning, are the Combat Rating units: Mayumi(1000 points) and Command Center(2000 points).

NOTE: The really strong units in the game are in the "Collection" menu, but for them you will need tokens.

What are tokens?

To get the Combat Rating units , you will need to fight other people or bosses. The advantages of fighting players and not bosses is the smart use of Stamina. While fighting another player you use only one stamina for hit. Where is with the bosses you will use two Stamina for every hit. The advantages of bosses, on the other hand, are:

1) It will never die , you can attack it as long as you have Stamina.

2) They give you tokens and units when they loose.

3) You do not piss off other players while doing it. (There are some gentle souls out there that take it as a personal insult when you attack them in the game).

The disadvantages are:

1) The excessive use of Stamina.

2) The excessive lose of health.

The tokens collections we will go for, are: Tremor Wyrm and the Juggernaut Formation.

To start collecting tokens first we need to learn about the epic bosses.

After you get to level 25 and have your basic Combat Rating units, you should start participating with epic boss fights.

By level 25 you will have a lot of people listed as your friends and they are going to start a lot of epic boss fights.

NOTE: We will concentrate on the Tremor Wyrm and the Hatching Swarm epic bosses. For now you should ignore the all the rest.

Things you need to know.

1) Every time some one start an Epic Boss fight they set the "Cap" of damage that a single player can do to the boss.


3) The cap will be written in the message inviting you to the fight and in the first comment of the fight itself.

4) At first you will be weak , so you should wait until the reinforcement is summoned.

NOTE: If you can find no cap comments, the standard caps are: Hatching Swarm 3000 damage, Tremor Wyrm 110000 to 150000 damage.

Epic boss strategy.

1) You should start by killing as match Hatching Swarms as possible. for every Swarm you will get one Prestige token. Also you will get some relevantly strong units like the Mech Walker and the Dominated Hatchlings. You can use the Mech Walker to enhance your attacks against an Epic Boss and the Dominated Hatchlings are great against other players.

2) After you kill 20 swarms you will have 20 prestige tokens, use them to buy the Juggernaut Formation.

3) After you have the formation start killing Tremor Wyrms, until you have all 5 colors of the Wyrm Fang.

4) Kill some more Hatching Swarms. to get 40 more Prestige Tokens.

Complete the collection. Once you have the Tremor Wyrms as part of your force, you are ready to start building your Combat Rating. Attack as much as possible. Look for players with high Combat Rating , they will give you more Combat Rating bonus every time you win.

Do more missions.

Collect stronger units.

And Play The Game.

I hope you have enjoyed my guide.

Token Information:

War Metal Token Guide

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